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    1. LD for Lucidity Power Trials Club

      by , 12-29-2010 at 04:52 AM
      My dream started with me in a 2d game called tibia. I was killing some ghouls, zombies, and stuff and got attacked by a swarm of hydra. In tibia it takes forever to level and the death penalty is crazy harshe and my character can't even take on a single hydra yet so a swarm like that would mean certain death if i didn't escape. But I don't hunt near any hydra yet so I observed my environment and there wasn't much to it (the only thing in existence was the 2d screen with my character and the monsters on it) so I realized that it was just a dream.

      Since it was a dream I just sat back and watched the hydra pack kill my character knowing I would't take any losses. I didn't feel like wasting my dreaming time playing tibia so I better stabalized the dream and teleported to one of my own planets and flew around building giant castles out of rocks and tweaking the landscape here and there. I played around with dna for some of my creatures on the planet and made some new critters just for fun. After a while I spread my awareness over the entire planet and just spent some time watching my creations.

      I teleported to earth and spread out my awareness to notice that there was an insanely large tree growing out into space. I looked at the moon and turned into a giant oozaru. I asked out loud, "Who put this thing here?" and for some reason Goku appeared and said he did it. He dashed behind me and was about to strike at my head when without turning around I grew a big furry fist followed by a furry arm out of the back of my head and punched him in the face. I grew some extra eyes in the palm of this new hand and watched him through them. He dashed around again but this time I dashed at the same time and caught him with a kick that broke him in half at his belly then blasted him away with an oozaru mouth cannon. I turned and blasted away the tree too then changed back into a human.

      I summoned Sonic and asked him if he wanted to race. He started to blink and things slowed way down. Before he could open his eyes I had already dashed around the planet without him noticing. Then I said, "Nevermind you are way to slow" so he got angry and said, "Race ya to the great pyramid" and started running off. I followed him running circles around him for a while then got bored of playing with him so I dashed to the finish line and waited on him to get there. After a few minutes of waiting I thought he might have gotten lost so I teleported him to the pyramid and asked him what was taking so long.

      He gave me a strange look and wouldn't talk to me so I kicked him into space like a big blue football then dashed around him and kicked him again but this time I kicked him towards the sun. I made a blunt appear in my hand and lit it with my finger then enjoyed smoking while I watched Sonic float helplessly towards the sun.

      After getting stoned and watching sonic melt to nothingness I reached out and grabbed the sun and smashed it into the earth then woke myself up to record everything.