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    Task of the Month + Lucidity Power Trials Club

    by , 12-18-2010 at 03:27 AM (867 Views)
    My dream started in highschool. I was sitting at a desk along with a bunch of other students and the teacher was rambling on about something. Near instantly I realise that I am in a dream since I have been out of school for years. I stood up and said, "I'm leaving. I don't go to school anymore specially not in my dreams." The teacher looked at me and said something like, "The only place you are going is the principles office."

    I walked over to her and punched her in the face sending her flying through the wall and out of the dream. One of the students started running at me with my back turned so I disentegrated him and the other students as well then busted through the roof flying into the sky.

    Remembering the tasks I wanted to do I hit my reset button and found myself in the classroom with the teach and students again. This time I summoned snow balls which floated in the air around me then killed everyone by launching snowballs at them at super high speeds.

    I flew through the roof again but this time it was snowing outside and I found myself in a very cartoony world. This must be who-ville I thought. I flew around sucking presents up through chimneys with my mind and making them float behind me as I went around taking all the presents.

    Looking around I found a mountain so I landed there and got in some target practice by launching presents into the air and blasting them away with energy attacks. When I finished I flew up into the sky and destroyed the earth with an energy nuke.

    I summoned a space ship and had it take me to mars but it seemed to be taking forever so I ended up just teleporting there. I destroyed mars with another energy nuke then looked around for an asteroid field. After not seeing one nearby I just teleported there.

    There were a bunch of huge rocks all around but one extremely large one around the center of the field. I flew near to it and noticed a bunch of gargoyle-looking aliens swarming around it.

    I reached into their minds and digged around a bit before finding the plans for a device meant to create black holes. I summoned a computer and transfered all the data from their minds writing it onto a flash drive then pocketed the drive and wiped out the whole asteroid field with a black hole I created on my own.

    With my tasks completed I jumped into the black hole and found myself in a dark void. Then I woke myself up so that I could log the dream.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      holy shit. that is awesome.
    2. Wristblade56's Avatar
      REALLY COOL!!! i see what you mean by alot of practice.