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    Scrawlings of a Mad Man

    12/2/2013 A Desert Town

    by , 12-03-2013 at 08:37 AM (482 Views)
    Sleep at around 03:00, first awake at 10:00, then WILDed with my 9 minute iPhone alarm twice.

    0) Dreams I don't really remember....

    1) Walking around the outside of what looks like my high school (a place I seem to frequently dream of...), and then going inside. Lucid. I walk past what looks like a robotics room, filled with people but looking a bit grungy and full of people. I head deeper down a hallway and run into an ex, who I talk to briefly. She had longer hair than she has now.

    2) Arena / board game mix. Sandy, open air Colosseum like thing. Flat rocks were the "tiles" of the game portion, with game pieces being flipped on each. Lucid, I walked out of the building into darkness. After a moment, it faded away into the middle of a desert ruins. I started thinking of my dream goal and, as I looked around, I began to see signs of active settlement mixed in with the ancient structures. An ogre with an umbrella was walking off in the distance from what looked like a central bazaar.

    I'm hoping to get back into the habit of dream journaling as I feel it helps me recall my dreams. I find that as soon as I "solidify" them in my mind, I recall them rather well, unless I fall back asleep. Which is why my dreams before my WILD attempts are lost to my mind...

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