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    Scrawlings of a Mad Man

    6/8/13 Behind the Curtain

    by , 06-09-2013 at 09:00 AM (614 Views)
    Sleep Pattern:

    Time Awake - 12:00-02:30
    Lights Out - 02:30
    Sleep - ~3:00
    No attempts or methods, just trying to fall asleep.
    First Recalled Awakening ~ 9:00
    Don't fully remember, but I think I woke up. I really need to start writing these posts as I get up instead of getting to sleep...
    Next Recalled Awakening - ~11:00
    Last Recalled Awakening - ~11:45
    Up - 12:00

    Modifiers the Day Before:

    Modifiers Going to Sleep:
    -Still sick...
    -Computer and phone...

    Modifiers Getting Up:
    -Alarm at 12:00

    1) Semi-lucid. I am being recruited into an army in a non-our world. I am aware that this is a dream, but still don't question the story and follow along. I packed a bag but forgot clothes, so I go back to get some. In the meantime, I come across my DCs scrambling around backstage, out of character. (I remember the implication of them being out of the roles they were supposed to, as I apologized to them for messing up the routine).

    -Time Skip-

    A girl from my high school is next to me in a movie theater, and I put my arm around her. She seems surprised, though not unhappy. Still semi-lucid.

    2) Driving down a highway I have never been down before, having a bit of trouble making all the lane changes and turns, realize it is a dream. Pull the wheel up and the car flies vertically.

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