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    Meaningful Dreams

    by , 01-27-2016 at 02:15 AM (339 Views)
    Ugh, I accidentally deleted this, so I have to re-type it. Why does it always happen to me?????
    I am dressing up for church, putting on a short black dress. There was some significant reason why this was important, but I can't remember why.
    I am in a room, and my church youth minister comes up to me. She tells me that they are going to inject me with something that gives me a "sub-power" which is basically a super power. She tells me that it won't hurt, which I am afraid of. In the dream I have a memory of them injecting me with something in the past. I remember that it only hurt a little, but I am still scared to be injected. Anyway, the youth minister is leading me through hallways, and she tells me the different categories of the powers. A nearby girl asks what type of power she has, and the youth minister says "convention." The girl responds, "cool!" I ask the youth minister for some examples of powers in the different categories. She tells me that I don't understand how it works. We then make it to another room, where there is a riddle waiting for us to read. I know it has something to do with the power injection thingy, and suddenly I understand why the youth minister said I didn't understand.
    I am in the car with my brother and dad. My brother is in the driver's seat, and my dad is in the seat next to him. We are driving into a parking lot, and you can either park in the right parking lot or left one. My brother chooses the right. I get annoyed at him because apparently we went in the left parking lot last time. When we are turning into the right parking lot, I realize that my dad is doing all the steering even though my brother is the one sitting in the driver's seat. It ends with us turning into a parking spot.
    I know this probably sounds weird, but all the dreams I had last night seemed like they had lots of meaning to them.

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    1. gab's Avatar
      If you delete something or you accidentally leave the page before posting, you can get your text back.

      Just go back to the thread/DJ, open a new window as if you were to make a new post and on the left bottom corner of the window, click on "restore saved...".

      About your dreams - maybe they did have a meaning and If so, I hope they help you. Happy dreams
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    2. annabeau's Avatar