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    1. 2/15/16

      by , 02-17-2016 at 04:40 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in the living room flying around with some of my friends. I am a demi-god and we are trying to figure out which god is my favorite. Because of the way I am flying my friends tell me that my god parent's name starts with a T. They seem very excited about this. Then I see this lady that is stuffing these perfect looking snowballs into a little cubby hole where the fireplace usually is. She is shoving them in really fast, so me and my sister close out the cubby hole and throw all the snowballs outsideas though they are dangerous. Then we go out into the garage. I am going to be in a Harry Potter movie. Someone says "Anyone in the new Harry Potter movie come over here!" J.K. Rowling is there and I am joking with her. But she doesn't seem to be very happy. I would describe her as dull in this scene.
      I am at a wedding, and I notice that the people getting married are lesbian. Then I see Matthew Lewis and ask him if we can get a picture together. He is very friendly and agrees, but we don't have a camera. I consent to just asking for his autograph, which he willingly gives. It is not a very good autograph, barely more than a scribble.
      I am at a lunch table with my friends. Then I notice someone who looks like Hayley from Bratayley. I realize that both Annie a and Hayley are there, so I move down the table to talk with them. Annie is acting really sad and ignoring me.
    2. Doughnuts from Church

      by , 02-10-2016 at 01:31 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am at my church eating doughnuts and m&ms. When I sit down in the pews, I am next to a girl I don't recognize. She recognizes me, though, which is strange. Then all of a sudden I am outside with my dad. We are walking up a long, tall stairway. When we reach the top, the girl from church is sitting there. I ignore her. I see my friend sitting down on the streets far below. She shouts up at me, asking me if I am going to Iowa. I tell her no. Then, she throws me a snowball, and I drop it. It lands right in the center of a garbage can, and I give her a thumbs up to show her that it was a good throw. I walk around a bit and suddenly I am at the entrance of my church. There are tons of different political signs. There is a lady putting up Hillary Clinton signs really fast, and I am rushing around like crazy to take them around. I remember also taking down a Marco Rubio sign too. When I walk back into the church I go to get another doughnut. There aren't many m&ms left, but I eat them any ways. Then all of a sudden my grandma is there and my mom is telling us that we are going to go to Pizza Ranch. My grandma says that she isn't going to come with us. So, just me, my brother and my moms are suddenly at Pizza Ranch filling up our cups. I fill it to the brim with Dr. Pepper and it starts to overflow, but I drink it before it does. We are in the car driving away from Pizza Ranch. My mom makes a turn onto the highway, and I think that she did I good job driving.
      Lately either in DEILD, naps, or during WBTB's I've been able to gain a small amount of control over my dreams, but I loose control very quickly.
    3. 2/7/16-An eventful school day

      by , 02-09-2016 at 01:00 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am on the school bus on the way to school. I realize that I am standing in the middle of the isle, slowly walking to the front of the bus. Then the bus driver yells at me, and I sit down, in the wrong seat. I laugh at my stupidity and push my finger through my hand to see if I am dreaming, but it doesn't work. I move one.
      I am in my school library with my classmates. It is first hour. Rosa Parks is going to be coming to school to give a presentation. I remember thinking that she already died, but I dismiss the idea. When she comes, she is the only one standing, everyone else is sitting. I think that she should get a chair because she is so old. All of a sudden, she is sitting down.
      I am back on the school bus at the end of the day. It is my stop. I walk up to the front of the bus to get off, but I realize that I forgot to bring my backpack, water bottle, and eos from my seat. I go back to my seat to get them, but they are scattered under the seat of the bus. I do an RC, but it doesn't work, so I move on.
    4. Florida Beaches, trampolines and a question for you!

      by , 02-07-2016 at 06:17 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Absolutely CRAZY dream recall last night!!!! The one unfortunate thing that happened last night was my WBTB. I had the perfect opportunity for one last night, but when I got up I was too lazy. But, at least my recall was awesome!
      My brother, dad and I are planning a trip to New Hampshire. There is something in this dream about a parade, but this was the only dream of the night that I don't remember in detail.
      I am at a table eating dinner with President Obama and some other people. Obama says something that is funny because he is the president, and we all laugh at it. JSYK, there is someone underneath the table holding it up. using suction cups.
      At this point I'm pretty sure I do my failed WBTB.
      I am at a political event, sitting in one of the front rows. I turn around, and see my friend sitting next to the Bratayley family. She is motioning for me to go over, so I do. i talk to them for a bit and we get a picture together. There are several other people with us in the picture, but I don't know them.
      My family and I are on a beach in Florida at night. It must be some really famous beach, because I am telling my sister how cool it is to be there. Then the waves are growing higher, and dad tells us that we should go back to the hotel before a storm starts. I remember thinking that he was going to say that there was a hurricane. We turn to the left and walk down a path away from the beach. There is a little tower like thing that I decide to walk up. When I get to the top, there is basically a giant trampoline lined with a wooden deck. On my way back down, there are several kids there that won't move. I finally get them to budge so I can get through, but we keep throwing nasty remarks at each other. My last remark to them is "I have hair too!"
      I am in gym class, playing hockey on a giant trampoline. I remember feeling sad that one of my friends is not in that class with me.
      I am still in Florida, this time by the "run off water" of some sort of amusement park slide. My family tells me that they have to leave to look for something, and I should be the look out. All of a sudden I am at my house again. I am watching something going on in my backyard. My family has discovered jello out there! I start eating some jello, and it tastes really good. I tell my brother, and all of a sudden we are in a prison like thing. There is a woman(our mom?) with her hands tied together. A security guard gives me a remote control and phone, and tells me that they might be useful for me to escape with. I hide them in my scarf, and me and my brother escape from the prison. We are running up hill, faster than we ever have before. My dad is running close behind us, trying to persuade us to stop running. Finally we do. We turn back around, and suddenly we are on a nice family hike. My sister is taking pictures and we are sitting near creeks eating candy. Then suddenly I am back at my house in the bathroom. Katie, the mom from Bratayley is there saying that she is going to show us how Hayley overcame her fear of water. I get out of the bathtub so she can film.
      I am back at the beach in Florida, the same one, and my brother tells me that we aren't going to spend any more time there. I am angry at him, but we walk away, down the same path as before. As a I am walking away I can hear my grandma talking with an Asian person. We reach the tower, but this time I have to have a rope climbing competition with someone to make it to the top. As we are climbing the rope we have to answer questions about politicians. When me and my competitor make it to the top, I sit down with another girl on the giant trampoline. We start talking about Caleb and Bratayley. We then start using special crayons to draw pictures of memories with Caleb on the "trampoline wall."
      I typed this pretty quick and late, so I am sorry for any errors, And I probably forgot some extra dream fragments, but I'll add those later if I remember any more.
      Question!!!! Are Wisconsinites the only people that call physical education class gym class? Just wondering.
    5. False LD

      by , 02-06-2016 at 03:39 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am at the library, but also partially at Goodwill. The library is rearranged, so I ask one of the people there where the "double swim meets" are. The person who answers tells me, and talks A LOT. I want to ask her where the books on hold are, but she keeps talking (very annoying.)
      We are still in the library, same dream. This time there is someone, a lady talking about someone else. A boy tries to guess who she is talking about, but he doesn't know. I all of a sudden am on the deck at my house. I am smoking and I throw the cigarette into the woods. When I walk back in, I say who the person was the lady was talking about; Carly Fiorina.
      I am sitting on the staircase rail and my sister tells me that it looks like fun and she wants to try. I get off and let her try it.
      I am at a friend's birthday party, brushing out my hair with my friend's brush. Then me and my friend are taking a walk outside, walking a dog wearing sandals. We are walking through the grass, and it is very wet and squishy. My dad is there and he tells us that we should have walked on the sidewalks. We are walking under a tree and I see a box of rats floating in the air. I try to pet one, and it growls at me. "I hate rats!" I scream. A nearby lady starts yelling at me for hating rats. I try to shut her up and tell her that I really do like rats, but she just won't be quiet. I end up punching her really hard on her back and walking away. My dad gives me a horrified look and I shrug and say "don't worry, I don't do that often." We walk into a building, and I let my thoughts wander. I think about LDing, so I decide to do an RC. I do 2+2, and it equals 5. I push my fingers through my hand, and it worked. I wonder what I should do. I decide to walk around a corner so I can be alone and decide what to do there. It leads me to an elevator. (Definitely not lucid at this point.) I press the button and I can see the elevator moving upwards. I wonder what floor I should press, so I ask a lady nearby. She tells me she doesn't know and we should just go out to eat. There is a cafe nearby , so I get a yogurt parfait, and we sit down to eat. Then there are teachers and students there. The teachers are telling us about all the homework we have to turn in the next day.
      I thought it was weird that I had two dreams last night about people talking and talking and being annoying. It was weird because it didn't seem to have any connection to my waking life whatsoever. I'll have to look into that osome more.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. 2/4/16

      by , 02-06-2016 at 03:00 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I only remembered my dreams from later in the night.
      I remember a fragment about Gov. Bobby Jindal dropping out of the run for presidency. I know there was more to the dream but I can't remember it.
      I am in my church basement playing volleyball in my gym class. One of my friends walks up to me and tells me the results of the Iowa caucuses. I take my friend by the shoulders and say to her, "I knew what the results were about two seconds after they came out. Ok, probably more like five minutes."
      I'm at Hogwarts in one of the classes. Harry asks Dumbledore a question and Dumbledore answers, "whatever you say will be your punishment." Then we are outside near Hogwarts and the Forbidden forest. There is a giant crow laying on the ground next to us. (Harry Ron, Hermione.) Then Dumbledore says something about Voldemort never seeing death before, and someone lights a match and throws it on the crow. We are all very horrified at this.
    7. Poison

      by , 02-04-2016 at 05:05 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in my literacy class. In that class we all have nicknames made up by the teacher. My nickname is Poly sci. The teacher is talking to me about "poly sci" and "mono sci" and how poly means many and mono means one.
      It is the same dream. A few of my classmates are opening late Christmas presents in large boxes. I don't feel jealous that much. We go to the school library, but it's the library that was in my Elementary school. One of my friends is there with a box full of cookies. I ask her if they taste good and she says that they do. I take one and eat it. It is blueberry flavored. My other friends take cookies too, and I wonder why they have chocolate cookies and I have blueberries.
      We are back in the classroom again, sitting at tables with atlases. My dad then walks up to me, and I start yelling at him. I am extremely mad at him for some reason. Once I am finished yelling at him, I see my mom in the distance shaking her head, and my friend seated next to me, a surprised look on her face.
      I am at my house, a different dream. The plot is that there's something going on with people getting fed a poisoned drink. I am in the basement, and a man is trying to talk to me. I start walking towards the stairs when he collapses, dead, against me. I ask my brother who the culprit is, and he tells me something about the maid from the book/movie "The Help". I walk upstairs and hear the doorbell ring. Seconds later I can hear the man outside the door talking, telling me that he is going to break into out house. I wonder if I should hide and tell dad. At the last second I race around into the garage and tell dad. (Although I wonder if I should talk to him because of how mad I was at him before.) Dad slowly walks to the front door where he tells me that he recognizes the man at the door as one of his friends.
      My mom is telling me that my cousin is sick again. She seems angry at him because she is talking in an irritated voice. She tells me that my cousin is worried about his later careers (he's only eleven!) Apparently he is lactose intolerant and people don't hire lactose intolerant people. Then my Aunt buts in and says that he was worried about his careers because of "The Rummage." I know she is talking about the rummage we had last summer. She says that the rummage was "the king".
      I thought it was kind of cool that I remembered my anger at my dad from a completely different dream. Hopefully it's a sign of being more observant
    8. Hectic night

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:47 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am super sorry for all the late entries. They will probably always be a few days late on the weekends, or when I am on trips.
      I was coming back from a short day trip yesterday, and fell asleep in their at about 10:00. I woke up at maybe 10:30 to have a soda and muddy buddy break. I went back to sleep at probably 10:30, and got back home at 1:00 after being disrupted multiple times. I tried to use that as a wbtb, but I didn't try very hard. My hectic night resulted in the worst dream recall ever. All I remember is being in Iowa and seeing different political candidates.
    9. 2/1/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:41 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am looking pictures of bettas online. I find a picture that looks like mine but then realize that it doesn't look like my at all.
      I am knocking on peoples doors and find myself in somebody's house. Dear basement is Rusty, concrete, and full of water. I walked into it to grab my Eos and ice breakers.
      I go into a hot tub with a man in it. Another man(husband?) comes up behind me and gets angry at me.
      I am in orchestra class. My orchestra teacher s giving out thank you notes to people who gave him Christmas presents. He doesn't give one to me which makes me mad. Then I start making jokes, and a girl I absolutely DETEST starts giving credit to another girl for them. That makes me even madder.
    10. 1/31/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:31 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am walking on my neighbor's lawn. I see a guy from a commercial and wonder if I should get his autograph. I walk into my neighbors house and see my brother. He is supposed to watch their dogs, but he doesn't want to. I tell him that I can but I really don't want to. (I don't tell him that I do n't want to.) Their two dogs are eating popcorn from a bowl and I want some.
      I am walking in the school hallways but they are wider and empty. I walk into the literacy room with my parents for parent teacher conferences.
      A teacher is questioning a sort of stupid boy why he got nothing wring on the past few tests. He says that he didn't cheat, and the teachers believe him. The teachers tell him that when he gets married, his babies will be very smart.
      Tags: dog, neighbor, school
    11. 1/30/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:24 AM (My Dream Journal)
      My family and I have moved to a new house. My sister and is still share a bunk bed, batt for some reason the too bunk isn't even high off the ground. I open the shades in the room to make it lighter, and turn on a lamp. The lamp then breaks.
      I am in Spanish class and we are making models of different places and events such as the colloseum and men in the revolutionary war. The bell rings when we are still working on the models and I am annoyed at the teacher for not giving us time to clean up.
      Me and my dad are walking down a street. My dad walks up to a person and tells him that we are going to save a baby today. The man is let down by this.
      I am looking at my betta in her tank, noticing how there are no sides to he tank, and wondering how the water stays in. I pour some water into the tank, and it stays in.
      I leave my house to catch a plane two minute before it takes off.
      I am in my school gym and I see someone that looks like Annie from Bratayley. I tell my friend about the girl, and follow the girl around a bit mor. I notice that her hair is too light to be Annie.
    12. Politics

      by , 01-30-2016 at 01:04 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in my Literacy classroom after a political event, cleaning up. I see Ted Cruz's daughters and think that if I clean up everything quick enough I will be able to talk with them.
      I am in the hallway at school, talking with a boy who says that he's seen Hillary Clinton at a political event. I tell him that I was probably there. I then try to explain what happened there, but I find that I don't remember it.
      I am in a pool with my sister and my dad. My dad then gets out to go to the bathroom, and I get mad at him because he doesn't flush the toilet.
      I am hiding with my cousin behind my parent's bed, holding a baseball bat. We are hiding from a group of people in eh house next door that are terrorists. Mom then comes in the house, but at first I don't realize it is her, because of course all I hear is footsteps. she finds me and my cousin. Pretty quickly, though, and asks us something about lucid dreaming and eos. For some reason she is a bit annoyed at us.
    13. Globes from Goodwill

      by , 01-28-2016 at 10:54 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am trying to take a picture of one of my bettas flaring. He is staring directly at the camera. For some reason when I take the picture, the clicking sound isn't there, although the picture takes. Because of that, my mom rudely tries to take the camera from me.
      I am in school with one of my friends who says that she was the illustrator of a book. At first I don't understand what she means.
      I am in the basement of my church, running around doing cartwheels and stuff. I then run at the wall and jump, hitting specific places on the wall with my hands. All of a sudden I am in the car with my family. My mom tells me to return some things to Goodwill, so I run in and put them randomly on the shelves. I start to walk towards the exit when I see two globes. One is $41, so I ignore it. But, the other is $8 so I think I can get it. I take it off the shelf and start looking at it to see if it is worth the buy. I decide it isn't because it looks like the continents/countries have been painted on. I walk back to the car and tell my family sorry for taking so long in the store. (They don't really care.)
      I don't have very good memory of this dream. In it, I along with several others are taken to a special room. No one else is allowed there. I can't remember what made it so unique.
      I am driving home with my dad, and I wake up right after this. Right away I wonder how I got from the car to my bed, and then I realize that I had just woken up. (I do a RC just in case.)
    14. Lucid thoughts

      by , 01-27-2016 at 11:49 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in my bedroom, cleaning my two betta's tanks. I put them in a cardboard box without water, and then pour water in it, on top of the fish. I put my hand in the box to keep the bettas apart, but my brother tips over the box. I get really mad, and look for the bettas to put them back in the water. But I can't find them, so I assume that they are dead.
      I am running with Annie from Bratayley. She is ahead of me, and she runs through my neighbor's open garage to the trampoline. My neighbor is there, but she isn't mad, like I was afraid of. In fact, she tells us to jump on the trampoline because it reminds her of her deceased husband.
      Me and some classmates are on a hike, walking over a bridge over a creek. One of them is grossed out by the water, so I jump in to show them that it's no big deal. Everyone else follows me right away. Then we start having a water fight with some of the people on the edge of the creek.
      I am by my school locker and there are lots of different types of sports gear in it. I ask my locker neighbor if it is his stuff and he tells me no. I put the stuff on top of my locker and decide to just leave it there.
      I am at Goodwill shopping for ice cream with my family. My mom suddenly notices the floor splitting, and she says, "I knew it!" Then I am with my Literacy teacher from last year, and I ask her if the floor was cracked like that in "the last chapter."
      I walk into my elementary school's gym, and see from something on the wall that says Bratayley's amount of subscribers. I notice that it is the same amount as it was from when I checked earlier that day.
      When I wake up, I eat breakfast, and then go back to bed for about twenty minutes before school. During this time, I enter directly into a dream. I am outside with my friends, but we aren't really having fun, we're just standing there doing nothing really. This next part, I have know idea if it happened while I was awake or asleep. Here's what happened. I though, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" I then fly up off the ground, and make the people below me disappear. I start jumping around from ball sphere-like things in the sky. I then remember something I had read yesterday about why some people have difficulties flying. (They are too worried and try too hard.) Because of this, I wonder if it will work for me. I jump off one of the balls, and slowly fall, but I am not falling to the ground, It is slow and graceful.
      I honestly have no idea what exactly the last dream was all about. I still can't remember if the thought, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" was in the dream or when I was awake. But, it was an interesting experience anyways.
    15. Meaningful Dreams

      by , 01-27-2016 at 02:15 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Ugh, I accidentally deleted this, so I have to re-type it. Why does it always happen to me?????
      I am dressing up for church, putting on a short black dress. There was some significant reason why this was important, but I can't remember why.
      I am in a room, and my church youth minister comes up to me. She tells me that they are going to inject me with something that gives me a "sub-power" which is basically a super power. She tells me that it won't hurt, which I am afraid of. In the dream I have a memory of them injecting me with something in the past. I remember that it only hurt a little, but I am still scared to be injected. Anyway, the youth minister is leading me through hallways, and she tells me the different categories of the powers. A nearby girl asks what type of power she has, and the youth minister says "convention." The girl responds, "cool!" I ask the youth minister for some examples of powers in the different categories. She tells me that I don't understand how it works. We then make it to another room, where there is a riddle waiting for us to read. I know it has something to do with the power injection thingy, and suddenly I understand why the youth minister said I didn't understand.
      I am in the car with my brother and dad. My brother is in the driver's seat, and my dad is in the seat next to him. We are driving into a parking lot, and you can either park in the right parking lot or left one. My brother chooses the right. I get annoyed at him because apparently we went in the left parking lot last time. When we are turning into the right parking lot, I realize that my dad is doing all the steering even though my brother is the one sitting in the driver's seat. It ends with us turning into a parking spot.
      I know this probably sounds weird, but all the dreams I had last night seemed like they had lots of meaning to them.
      non-lucid , memorable
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