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    dream journal 2: electric boogaloo

    Second try at one of these, wooo

    1. Dream 008 :: More shadows

      by , 04-16-2018 at 12:10 PM (dream journal 2: electric boogaloo)
      Iím back with another (kind of/nearly lucid) dream. 002-007 are either fragments or are utterly unremarkable so I wonít post them, but this one was kind of scary.

      I find myself walking past this building near my house thatís under construction but hasnít been worked on in a long time. Itís basically a framework, like an unfinished garage - itís got floors and lights but not much else. Iím about to turn the corner to go home but then I hear a high-pitched feminine shriek coming from the interior of the building.

      I run to the building and jump the fence, leaving my backpack outside. Entering the first floor there isnít much besides a length of rope coiled up on the floor and scratch marks on some of the pipes. I go upstairs to 2F and find a viscous black liquid covering the walls and floor. I forget what it feels like, but it doesnít stick to me at all. Then I run upstairs to 3F...

      I see a young woman with pale skin and smooth brown hair, with odd red eyes and a beige dress. She looks distressed and is tied to a pipe jutting from the ground, and appears unhurt. I try to go over to her to help but suddenly find that weíve switched places - Iím now tied to the pole while sheís standing where I just was. She runs away after seeing something behind me.

      I feel something hit the pole and it rattles. Then 4 of the shadow beings I decribed in dream 001 come around, all unarmed but still terrifying. One of them, a big one with a red tint, crouches down and says something I donít remember. The dream gets hazy for a moment as I feel something wet on the side of my neck, as if something like a dog had just licked me, and then the dream returns to clarity for a second before I wake up.

      What a wild dream. Iím getting close to a real full lucid, I can feel it, and Iím convinced I need to get to the bottom of this. Seems like a persistent thing/story/whatever, so I want to go deeper.
    2. Dream 001 :: First ever lucid dream!!! Terrifying yet exciting

      by , 04-10-2018 at 02:10 AM (dream journal 2: electric boogaloo)
      This is a dream I had around a year ago, that recurred last night as a lucid dream. Judging by other dreams Iíve read, I think this is a pretty rare situation (first lucid being almost a copy of another dream Iíve had).

      So Iím walking through what seems to be an abandoned city, stuck deep in winter. Itís lightly snowing and Iím not wearing a winter coat, but oddly I donít feel cold at all. ThatĎs when I realize I am dreaming spontaneously. Calming down my momentary surge of excitement, I wander around and find a bright brick-red building that catches my eye.

      I walk inside and find it completely unfurnished, the walls the same color as the exterior. The whole floor is a single room and a staircase going up. I climb the stairs and freeze -

      - thereís this shadowy humanoid standing there. It is roughly a foot taller than I am (Iím 6í1) and its head vaguely resembles that of a bobcat. Itís holding a wicked-looking halberd (type of spear) in its hands.

      I back away, but in a burst of speed it vanishes and appears in front of the door. The shadow mass charges at me and shoves me against a wall, pinning me to it with the handle of the spear using only one hand. Iím rather wiry and it is much more muscular than I am, so it easily overpowers me.

      As Iím pinned there terrified and helpless, it leans in and starts to speak into my ear *very* uncomfortably. I donít recall all of its exact words, but it claims that it had been watching me numerous times in other dreams and that it had been waiting for this moment for a long time. It then says itíll ďhave some fun with meĒ which is when my state of fear really turns into terror.

      I silently hope someone or something will save me from whatever it was about to do to me when it comes to the back of my mind that Iím dreaming. Then suddenly I feel something materialize in my hand. I blindly swing at its arms and sever them clean in two - it was a combat knife. The shadow lets go and screeches as I run away.

      When I turn around to take a last look at it, its arms are already regenerating at a fast rate. It appears to have a rapidly deflating glowing bulge in its navel area. I run the hell out of there like nobodyís business!

      Thatís when I woke up. It was a thoroughly terrifying experience, and Iím both scared and excited to enter my next lucid dream to get to the bottom of this. What do they want with me? How did they see me? What are they?

      Edit: Forgot to mention, I donít know where the knife came from or where it went after I attacked it, because I didnít mean to summon it. It just kind of happened. It felt so real still ;w;

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