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    dream journal no.2 - bizarre adventure in wonderland

    No.4.DRM - Desperate cleaning

    by , 09-16-2020 at 04:54 PM (204 Views)
    Dreamt of desperately trying to clean up the house before my mother came home. I believe I was dimly distraught and panicking as her room alone was a complete mess, clothes covering the whole floor and the mattress physically stripped and flipped over with all the sheets and stuff half-on. I was also trying to submit a character for a roleplaying Discord while cleaning, and recall being frustrated. The dream ended when I found a prayer card with an image of a dog with a heart between its hindlegs where its genitalia would be on it.
    I vaguely remember an OC of mine, Carne, being involved - I think he sent me a text or called? I hope not because he's a total sleazebag

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