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    by , 04-02-2014 at 11:46 AM (726 Views)
    I am walking towards home, coming from nowhere. I realize I am walking across the wrong street, so I undo my steps and choose the right one, after waiting for a car to get out of my way.

    I am in front of my house and I hear my mom's voice calling me. I look for her with no result, thinking how weird it is to hear her voice being that far from her. I realize I am probably dreaming, so I do a reality check and confirm it before entering into the house.

    What should I do? I think and find myself in front of a big mirror which ends up turning into a computer screen.
    I push my right hand on the mirror's surface, trying to break through it. My hand starts to appear in the other side and I do the same with my other hand. Then I push my whole body to the other side, feeling some weird sensations while crossing the glass.

    I am in the other side and everything is the same. I feel disappointed but then I realize that if I look in detail everything if formed with tiny fractal patters which seem to move.

    I wake up.

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