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    1. crazy SP

      by , 05-20-2013 at 09:36 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      It's hitting me pretty hard. And still hitting me when I enter the dream. I'm having issues getting out of the bed. Forces are pushing right back into a sleeping position. Eventually I get out of bed, and everything is rose coloured. I step out of the room, and I see "why aren't you dead!?" written on the door. Ugh, lets just wake up, because this is horrible.
      Tags: sp*, wild
    2. lucid for no reason

      by , 05-15-2013 at 02:51 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So like....I'm walking around, and I levitate some news paper. I started making it spin around me, and then I started making it in a smaller circle, like a planet. Some Spanish girl started talking to me. I really don't remember about what. I was so out of it.
      Tags: dilid
    3. quick WILD

      by , 05-08-2013 at 06:58 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Super low quality dream. Either I was in non REM or things were super unstable because I haven't had a WILD in a while.....>> Anyways, I'm in some white building, and there are a lot of people from school there. I'm not doing much except walking around and freestyling. My intentions were to check on Kaomea, but um....I guess I forgot about all of that when I made it in. Soon the dream started clearing up, and I decided it was time for Plan B. Unluckily, the dream started fading out before I had the chance to do anything
      Tags: wild
    4. moments of lucidity

      by , 04-08-2013 at 05:50 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at a bar, or a party and some random guy comes up to me and starts talking about a time when I smeared french onion dip in his face and he beat my ass for it.I couldn't remember that moment for the life of me, and had no idea what he was talking about. I figured maybe he was drunk so I went along with it. Then he goes and retells the story to some random dc with his arm around me... I took his arm away and said "I'm pretty sure I was drunk if it happened, and you wouldn't stand a chance it happened now. He kept talking crap, and a fight ensued. I was punching him with everything, and eventually I grabbed the pool table, and broke his legs with it. There is more to this dream...I remember hanging out with some women or something, but I can't piece it together.

      I'm driving down the main street in our town, and there are all types of theme park rides set up at the car dealerships. I mean these things look like something I wouldn't even get on. One was a big ball of seats that sling slung hundreds of feet in the air. It was moving, but there weren't any people in it. I get to this rural area that I don't recognize, and talk to a few DCs. Two of the girls came with me in the van, and I told them I was on a mission. I told one of them to drive, and we get to a huge factory. They don't believe that we're going to find anything, but just when one of them says that, We come across a crack plant. It was really weird. They had huge bags of cocaine wrapped in aluminum foil. All of them went inside and came out with guns. They started shooting, but nothing was happening. I ran back and searched through my backpack for my guns (told myself they'd be in there from the beginning but they weren't). Another dc told me they were in another bag, and I searched it....no guns. woke up.
    5. I really need to journal on the weekends

      by , 04-02-2013 at 02:00 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Was lucid Saturday...something involving a theme park, and this stripper chick I dated once.

      Today I had a few frags. I remember talking to my brother about bowling. We were having a conversation about bowling not being a sport until a person who is really good at it does it.
      Tags: dild, family
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. white rabbit

      by , 03-27-2013 at 05:10 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Um...decent transition minus the fact that I'm wrestling with the demon HI that I was experiencing while trying to wild. I choked it out, walked out side and threw it across the street. And lost complete lucidity. I get back to the house, and notice trees have been moved, everything seems a bit out of place, but it doesn't trigger lucidity. I go into my room, and there's a girl who's been changed into a horse. I guess I have to take care of her or something. Finally she starts talking to me...recall is spotty so I don't know what we talked about....and then there's a transition.

      There's a cartoon about how this couple on a hot air balloon had to eat food, and the only thing the guy supplied was alcohol. Then it switches to them driving around every where in this snowy place drunk. Everyone is singing, and everyone else is drunk. Now I'm on a bus (and things look real again) and this girl starts singing:


      I joined in and she was smiling, everyone on the bus started singing. Some of the words were off, and someone said there are different versions of the song. Later on I'm at a club, and this girl I'm with is buying me drinks. She's one of those "obviously gay...has to dress more like a guy than me" types. Cat Williams was there, along with some other stars. We stayed there till it closed, and the scene faded.

      I woke up at D's house. B was there, and I think um....I can't even think of this chicks name....small petite, Puerto Rican....had her phone number, but just didn't get anywhere with her. Anyways, I spent a little time talking to both of them about last night, and how many drinks we had.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. super heroes

      by , 03-21-2013 at 02:50 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Mannnnnn...there's soo much that went on in the following two dreams that I don't know where to begin at, and how it all went together due to limited recall.

      I remember helping R fight some super human woman. Well we all had super powers, but I think she was strong as both of us. The fight started out as just a verbal argument...then it went to rapping....and then an all out romp through the city. I think I ended up drowning her.

      Then the skies turned black and this woman I referred to as the "White Queen" arrived. Ronnie was no where in sight, so it was a fair fight. Well it was supposed to be. I ended up getting really powerful (or lucid, still not sure) and going to town on her. I had the power of earth/gravity so everything I was doing hit harder. I got her in a pile driver from two thousand feet, and reversed gravity right when I felt her trying to fly up, so in essence she ended up hurting herself worse. At one point I was sort of just playing with her...we both knew that she was going to lose, but this chick could take some damage. I woke up, and went back into the dream, and we caused a little chaos on the people in the city we were in for a bit.

      So I get out of bed, totally lucid, and I decided to look for Kaomea. I opened the door, and I thought i saw her....but she was really old. She said she needed help with something, and we teleported (I think) and ended up some place in China. I can't really recall what happened, but it was like a kung-fu flick, with a cartoon thrown in at the end. I know I ended up losing lucidity by the end of the dream though.
    8. Searching.....

      by , 03-18-2013 at 12:31 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I started out looking for Kaomea. (sure she wouldn't mind if I popped up...well that's what I was thinking) The dream started out in my room, and it was really dark. I did a backwards tucked somersault and melted through the floor. (yes, weirdest teleport ever) It was like traveling on an elevator that had no walls. I could see my room on the first three floors, and just decided to step out.

      When I did, I noticed my house was off...like even for a dream house. (I messed with something but the detail eludes me) When I walked outside, I found myself in some sort of amusement park. I was walking around calling out for her, but I didn't hear anything. I assumed that she wasn't here so I decided to do something else.

      (there's another gap in recall)

      I picked up a futuristic rifle. It had a touch screen and some DC showed me how to set it up. And just in time. All these demonic monsters came out of no where, and I was taking them out. It shot electricity, or something that looked like it. Once they all died, the other DC's start rushing he corpses for loot. I went to the biggest thing I killed and pulled out a book and some other papers. This little girl wanted the papers so bad, so I gave them too her. The book was the Bible. Some guy started talking to us about getting saved and I was like "um okay...what?" Dream faded out.
    9. Mother and daughter action

      by , 03-11-2013 at 09:08 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm walking down the street with D pushing a grocery cart that has a baby in it. This drunk guy some up mumbling stuff and some people throw something at him. Some lady yelled at the kids and said the guy had leukemia. I told them if they would have hit my daughter I would have came after them. I looked again and noticed that wasn't my daughter. It looked like a brown version of Stitch.

      D said it was his kid and he was going to marry the mother and get a house. Well from that point on I knew I was dreaming but I wasn't super aware. I went into the building and there were people watching tv and whatnot, and this one older lady probably in her 40s.

      I stated making out with her. Her husband showed up, got mad and they left. And then her daughter came up to me and said she wanted to make her mother jealous. So we started going at it. Her mother comes back and ignores the situation, so the daughter decides to take it up to the next level. We head to the back of the room and she positions this chair under a desk and some kinda way wants us to have sex there. I didn't understand it Sh turned on a radio and some horrible song came on and her friend came over and they started eating snacks.
      Tags: dild, foreplay, wtf
    10. Epic Kigndom hearts

      by , 03-11-2013 at 11:05 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      it starts out like a movie I'm just watching all this stuff happen with small cameos. And finally I'm thrown into the streets of Agrabah. While browsing through the merchandise I see the kid from the jungle book mowgli. He smiles at me, and and asks if I had any questions. I asked him where was Baloo. "He's off in another mission." he said, in broken English. Oh well. Then my perspective changes to Mowgli's, and he hops on a chimp who takes him all over through the city. Music is playing and the sun is slowly setting.

      They spy on Jafar, who just got the lamp. His wish was to create more genies (some how this translated to castles) in which he destroyed, and tons of gold and jewels would burst out. Then my POV switches to spectator inside the castle. The King is worried about what's happening to all those other castles as they get decimated one by one. For some reason he has two daughters, and one is fake, and the other is real. He's letting them both stay until they can prove it. The castle starts shaking, Jafar pops out of no where in a cloud of red smoke, and starts making demands.

      I (real me) arrived and told the king to get out of here. Real Jasmine said' she'd stop Jafar at whatever cost. Jafar say's he's after some treasure, that wasn't reproduced when all the other castles were created, so he had to personally show up there. But get this....Sora show's up and tries to hit him with his keyblade, but Jafar teleports back to the throne.

      The center floor starts opening up and there's a green rock free floating in it. Sora jumps, grabs it, throws it to me, and I jumped and threw him my car keys. We both caught each others items at the same time. Sora's keyblade got more powerful and I gained the power of magic. Aladdin shows up with Genie, and we all rushed the throne.

      Instead of straight action, we're fighting turned based (ala old final fantasy). Sora and Aladin are in the front row, and I'm in the back with Genie, and Jasmine. Sora and Aladdin's attacks are pretty quick, and we have to wait a while for magic. It took me a while to think of any attacks until I heard Sora say "Thungaga". The attack stunned Jafar, and I went on to cast Blizgaga. Ice shards pelted him over and over. Then I yelled Ifrit. He came out from above curled up and set him on fire. I was just about to summon Peter Pan, and something happened.....

      I ended up at some random store with M, and we were talking about a whole lot of nothing. When we left it, I realized we were in Disneyworld. I was so disappointed that the dream ended shifted like this. I just wanted to go back even if I lost lucidity. The next thing I know, Genie shows up riding on carpet with Jasmine, and Aladdin and Sora arrive out of the crowd. He says he knows where Jafar is and he needs our help. Then he asked for everyone names. Sora says "I'm Sora, this is Aladdin, and Wade". Genie says "oh we don't need wade, he wasn't much help". I told him he was probably jealous that I was doing the most magic damage. Some of the people in the crowed laughed, and Genie told us to make sure we're ready before we head out. I came back first, and woke up while waiting on the others to arrive.
    11. Lucid Theme park

      by , 03-05-2013 at 03:25 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So this was the first time where I experienced the transition from waking to NREM to REM. I'm assuming I was aware the whole time, but as always it's possible that I wasn't.

      I'm laying in bed, in the darkness and certain things would wake me up up. Like all of a sudden I would be able to fee my body in bed, and hear sounds. This happened a couple of times, and finally I was asleep (I guess).

      Everything was black, and I wasn't sure if I should open my eyes or just think of something to do. So I pretended to light a cigar and smoke it. The dream cigar materialized in my hand, and I lit it with my thumb. All it took was a lighter like motion. I put it up to my lips, and inhaled, and my vision got bright red. I ashed in my hands, and could feel them, but they weren't hot. Then the regular dream started forming.

      I feel a flying sensation, and I see bars moving everywhere. Everything is still black and gray at the moment, so I open my dream eyes. Things started forming more and more, and I find myself climbing the side of a roller coaster at a high speed. I climbed to the top, and waited for the coaster to come by.

      When it arrived I jumped up into it, and went on a wild ride. This thing was doing 90 degree drops over and over like it was nothing, and it would follow them up with super fast vertical climbs. As I spiraled down the tracks I couldn't help but think how awesome this was.

      The coaster came to a stop (the dream had obviously fully formed by now) and I found myself in a jungle themed park. I had to find out who worked here because that was the most intense ride I've ever been on. I walked around a bit, and found myself in a big open waiting area. The walls were brown, and it looked like it was composed of diagonal 2x4s. There was a blonde woman wearing safari gear behind the counter.

      She had the biggest smile on her face as she greeted me. I told her about how awesome this place was, and that I wanted to know a few things. She said that she would be happy to assist me.

      Me: Who created this place?
      Her: Mr. W.
      (I was so shocked when she said this)
      Me: Who's Mr. W?
      Her: Why he's the wonderful person who convenes us all. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

      (I wanted to tell her that she was talking about me. I was still pretty shocked that she actually knew who was pulling the strings.)

      I thanked her for her time, and headed out. There was a Marriott hotel joined to the theme park. I entered, and there was two people at the desk. One Indian guy, and I'm not even sure who the other DC was, but there was a line for people waiting to check in.

      I walked past them down the hallway, and the Indian guy yelled "hey". I turned around, and he told me I had to wait in line like everyone else. I walked over to the counter, and jumped over it into his little space and said "do you know who I am?" He didn't have an answer, so I filled him in. "I'm Wade", I said. He spoke back to me with this thick Indian accent. He's always doing whatever he wants in these places and it's getting on my nerves. I told him that he could shoot me if he wanted it. Then the guy pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger.

      Him: "It's just that you seem to mess up things all the time"
      Me: "Look I love this place, so I really don't have any problems"
      Him: "You're always trying to do whatever you want *click* (yes he's still trying to shoot me at this point) and I'm getting sick of it.

      Me while making an ottoman float: "I can do whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this place. I

      I told him that I was waking up and we'd have to continue this conversation at a later date.
    12. Day lucid

      by , 03-04-2013 at 04:15 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Transition was weird. Vision was jacked up. Like part of what I was my room and the other part was a dream. I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands. When things became normal, I headed outside. There was this party going on right out there and I had no idea who it was, but everyone was getting wasted. I headed over there and got a few brews and they said that the beer ran out I told them "don't worry a keg is on the way". Two people came up carrying it and obviously it was awesome. I downed an entire pitcher and actually got a little dream drunk. The scene was tilting back and forth, and then the DCs were like "we're gonna hit another spot". We left and like things got weird. It was like playing a JRPG. We got random encounters and everything. I told them that were not gonna make it, and said maybe we'll go next time because I feel myself waking up.
      Tags: beer, wild
    13. swept away

      by , 02-25-2013 at 11:05 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm in my bed trying to go to sleep, when all of a sudden SP kicks in. I feel like I can't move or breathe, and I'm trying to convince myself not to break it. Finally those feeling subside, and then I feel myself floating out of my bed. "ZOMG epic flying dream incoming"I think to myself, as I feel my soul is leaving my body.

      The problem is, no dream really starts. I think I'm just probably in a NREM state, because I keep seeing shadows, and shades of blackness....nothing is really materializing. Suddenly I'm awakened by a sharp pain in my ribs.


      I'm at the supermarket with some guys, and I see one of my classmates. She's looking beautiful, and I don't hesitate to let her know....I'm about to have sex with her right there, and of course I woke up.

      Stealing cars

      I'm at car dealership in a corvette, and I'm thinking of ways to steal it. I drive it outside of the lot, and try to replace it with another blue car. When I came back to the corvette, it was a different car. I opened it up, and there was some venomous snake there. I was thinking it was a Pigmy rattle snake because I didn't hear the rattle at all, but I saw the fangs. I backed off slowly, while facing it, and then once I got away from striking distance I took off. All of a sudden it starts chasing me. "This has to be a dream" I think, but I'm not going to take my chances.


      I'm in my room. I get out of bed, and head to the bathroom...I think I'm dreaming but not sure. I do a nose pinch....no pressure, but can't breathe. Still not sure. I check the mirror. Boils are on my face, and other things don't look right. I do another RC...it doesn't work as expected but I know I'm dreaming. The damn dream fades.
      Tags: car, dild, foreplay, snake, wild
      lucid , false awakening
    14. Emmika Rodriguez

      by , 02-20-2013 at 02:26 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      3 lucids over the past three days...I probably should hit the journal more.

      1. Old battle buddy of mine needs help with something. I think a ride. She also says she's lucid.

      2. NREM...it was pretty sexual, but nothing visually going on.

      I transition into an arcade, and I'm talking to this girl I feel that I met in a previous dream (unrecorded probably within the past few days) We leave the place, and there's a casino area as well. We're walking talking, flirting, and kissing. She got a phone call and said "I'll go, but I have to take him with me. Otherwise, I don't want to. She got off the phone, and I asked her for her full name, and she said "Emmika Rodriguez". I said "Errrmika?", while rolling my tongue. She quickly corrected me and told me that one of her friends wanted to meet up another casino. I told her that it was sweet of her to stick around, but I had a feeling that the dream was going to end. I told her I hopped to see her again.
    15. Agent Smith and company

      by , 02-05-2013 at 09:01 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Recall is a bit bad because I tried to DEILD after the dream, and slept for another hour or so.

      Anyways, I'm in a bathroom, and suddenly a pipe bursts and water starts gushing through the wall. I try to turn off the water, and the faucet head breaks off, and then the shower head breaks off. I did a nose pinch, and it didn't totally fail, but I had to remind myself that I needed to focus on head pressure.

      The second one did the charm. I left the busted up bathroom, and quickly left the house. Ugh, being totally goalless I looked at my surroundings for a bit, and saw low hanging dark clouds. It kind of reminded me of a scene from the Matrix. I decide to think about Agent smith, and he came running from the distant wood line. I rushed towards him, and we both met in the middle of the empty field, punching each other. A light drizzle started and the fight went on. I can't really remember the fight itself other than how it felt. He wasn't too good, but it was cool to fight him.

      Things get more fuzzy, because I don't know how I got to this place I'm at. I remember knife fighting, and earning kinves if I won, and seeing Jenny McCarthy. I asked her to take off her shirt, and she did. I also remember having some profound conversation with a female DC. She was asking so many questions about herself, and I was explaining to her, that she's essentially me.
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