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    weird lucid moment

    by , 03-21-2013 at 05:35 PM (314 Views)
    Mar 21. 11:33am. Half Lucid?

    There was this big fish monster thing in these weird sea skies and it always tried to get something a small animal but I liked the small animal and didn't want it to be taken so one time I was in the seas the bif fish got mad because I kept the small animal from it and it sent out these three stages to try and stop me and one stage who knows what it was but I got past it and then the next stage also who knows what it was but I beat it then the third stage there was this big goblin monster thing and I needed to defeat it so im not sure if I became lucid or not but in my mind I wanted to create a huge fireball in my hands and throw it at the monster and I did and I defeated it and then the big fish left is alone then the dream ended

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