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    Multiple dreams from last night

    by , 12-27-2011 at 07:47 AM (535 Views)
    -I was at my mom's church for an event where a Palestinian man and an Israeli man were doing a presentation. The church members were split into two groups on two sides of the Fellowship Hall, one with the Israeli guy and the other with Palestinian guy. I was in the Palestinian guy's group. He tried teaching us an Arabic song, but we couldn't get the words. Then he set off some fireworks for some reason, and everyone else in the group thought he had set off a bomb and freaked out. I knew they were just fireworks, so I laughed at them.

    -Alton Brown from Food Network tried teaching me how to cook something, but I kept screwing up and he got mad and gave up.

    -I accidentally slammed my car into someone else's car. Although the other car was messed up, mine wasn't damaged at all, and the cop that showed up didn't give me a ticket or anything. I just drove away. Awesome!

    -I walked into the most amazing thrift store ever. There were all sorts of awesome books, jewelry and records. There was even a huge pile of 8-tracks. I have no idea why that excited me, but in my dream I thought the 8-tracks were amaaaazing. I wandered around the store until it got dark.

    I've noticed what I think are attempts at lucidity in my dreams. I distinctly remember looking at my hand in the thrift store dream, maybe checking the number of fingers on my hand. So, that's neat.

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