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    WILD has earned it's name

    by , 02-17-2014 at 10:01 AM (351 Views)
    I wasn't actively trying to LD for about a year, so I occasionaly had one, maybe once in two months. Now I'm back into it and trying harder. I started about a week ago, doing all the techniques that worked before and also trying new ones, like WILD. I thought I'll be really hardcore and succeed with WILD when going to sleep in the evening, but, well, so far, I'm no yogi .

    But what happened today made me question whether I should really be attempting to achieve LD's this way. I woke up at about 5 AM, wrote down my dreams (usual ones) and was happy that I can attempt to WBTB/WILD after having some sleep. So I set my alarm to 8 AM and at about 5:30, I lied down on my pillow and focused on having a LD.

    At first, it seemed really simple. In a few minutes, I was having some pretty good HH, It was a garden with a white brick wall covered by grass and some grafitti. I was getting the usual numbness in my hands and (it's always been like that with me) I was able to feel both my "dream hands" and real ones and could decide which pair to move. So far so good, but there was a lot of static in my vision, like when you watch a broken TV. The more I tired to focus on the dream, the clearer it became, until.... I heard a cracking explosion in my right ear and everything was gone, due to me being shocked and waking up.

    Alright, I didn't expect it to be that easy, anyways.

    2nd try

    I instantly tried to do it again. Lied down, waiting, focusing on achieving a LD. This time, it was serious business. But not to me. To the "dream that didn't want me there". In a few SECONDS after lying down, I found myself lying in a different position. I was still completely conscious and was amazed by how fast it works, because I knew I didn't move in my real bed. Good. I tried to get up and found the door to the hallway open. I peeked out of the room, into the hallway. There was darkness and... A gargoyle running at me ! It started screaming horribly and even though I *knew* it was an illusion, it was pretty scary. I stood up and started shouting too (that's what works on mean DCs and HHs ). The gargoyle disappeared (or.. hid?), but I was suddenly lying back in my bed. I still knew it was a dream. Again, I tried to get up. But I was forced to THROW UP on my pillow! At that point, I was so confused that I wasn't sure if I really didn't throw up. I forced myself to wake up and check. Luckily, it really was all a dream .

    Is that how you wanna play, brain?

    3rd try !

    After realizing everything's fine, I lied down again!

    ... and woke up at 7:59, with no dream recollection. Then the alarm went off.

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    1. Coheed's Avatar
      Haha, nice little fight with your subconcious there.
    2. Sibyline's Avatar
      Wow, BJ, you had a little bit of everything in there, didn't you? A little bit of WILD, a little bit of DEILD, a few FAs, and you scared off a monster. Pretty good going, if you ask me.

      Once you get used to the "noise" it may actually change. I'm beginning to enjoy it. Last time I WILDed, it felt like sliding on a water slide, and it was a lot of fun. I couldn't help but think back to when it used to scare the living daylights out of me.