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    Chidori, remee and random dream sex

    by , 12-11-2012 at 11:29 PM (605 Views)
    First fragment - I am in some dream from which I cannot remember. But I become lucid, and decide to do a chidori at the nearest target.
    I conjure it up and it forms, I then add the lightning into it with my mind but there is no near target. I dont remember what I did with it.
    I then saw a girl, and came up to her from behind and carresed her body. We then began to.... Well you know.

    A dream
    I saw in this hole in the ground and I had no ammo? It was kinda like Nazi zombies because I saw a gun on the wall.
    I jumped up from the hole, and I was in a field. I came to the fence, and I was roadside. There was guys down the road
    working on the road. A group I know in real life as Fulton Hogan. Soon my brother came down the road and the fence beside me was gone and
    we were at a river that I know of, that resides back in my home country New Zealand. Me, my brother and Tawhai and Riwai all
    were in a spaced out huddle, shaking eachothers hands. My brother walked in a different direction with someone else and came back

    Another dream
    Something DBZ related. Im in a room with this couple and I was with my friend. We got on the computers in the room. I could tell we
    were in the future or something. My friend put on porn and the guy got angry. The scene changed to a classroom that was talking about
    different kinds of hearts which I knew something was up. I stole some cds and papers with info on it so i could look into it.
    I then asked that teacher what year it was. I ended up concluding that it was 600 years in the future and knew I had to do something
    about future heart problems as if I should study it or something me and my buddy were walking down the stairs he got angry for like 30 seconds then came ack. Dream changes im with friends from new zealand. I become lucid. I randomly search into my pockets and find a kunai from the anime Naruto. I see a flock of birds flying around and I try hitting them with it. I failed, so I pulled another out and I tried to hit the tree with it. I ended up throwing and it was off trajectory so I used telekenisis to make it bend back into the tree. After my friend robbie wants to fight. Like he always does. Everyone was holding me back and I made a chidori in my hand but it transformed into like a spirit bomb that was purple cuz I put it above my head. It felt like a bouncy ball.
    I was going to blast him, but figured im not the kind of person. And he just ran away like a pussy once he saw my chidori anyway.
    Dream changes. Im still lucid. Im in this house with somebody from school and I ask the for a specific hot girls number so i could bang her.
    The first part of this dream was profound for me. It impacted me in the morning as if I should really study hearts in college.
    Another fragment.
    At this weird bus stop place. Im lucid. I conjure another chidori and see a man, but I cant remember what happened from there.

    This was the first night that I tried the dreaming mask remee. It was pretty amazing because I had like 3 semi-lucids within 1 night. So I am quite happy!
    Thanks for reading, fellow dreamviewers!

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