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    Flight of the Concerned Student

    by , 07-09-2019 at 11:46 PM (207 Views)
    I'm on campus talking with some friends on the first day of classes. I'm waiting outside a classroom they they all have their next class in, but I realize I don't. When the class gets out early, I run up the stairs to the front doors. I almost run into a girl, however, and spin around to avoid the collision. I say sorry before trying to get back to the doors but I feel really dizzy from spinning around. I manage to get outside and I feel better as I run across the open area. I get inside another building where my class is at and arrive in the classroom before it begins. It's an odd shaped room that seems too small to fit everyone in. When the professor comes in, we are suddenly all at desks in a normal room, however. She starts out speaking with a voice assist like smokers would use and it makes her hard to understand. I consider dropping the class and taking it next semester, but her voice gets better and I'm enjoying the material so I stay.

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