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    Bridger's Oneironautic Expeditions

    Getting Dam Educated

    by , 09-16-2023 at 04:33 AM (97 Views)
    I'm at a river with another person. They are explaining how they are making a makeshift dam. A center block of concrete has already been poured and water running around it has washed out any loose rock so it is now just a solid part of a much larger rock. He triggers the buildup of water by moving a log over the remaining stream and the dam is put into action. I take a small boat over to one side of the water, but he releases the stream at the dam, so I'm pulled with the current back towards it. I narrowly escape capsizing and falling into the water with the help of the builder who pulls me out. Later, I'm with a group of guys who don't have a place to stay for the night up in the mountains. A couple offers beds to us in the loft of their house. I am very grateful to them but everyone else just walks in and finds their bed.

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    Tags: dam, house, water