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    Bridger's Oneironautic Expeditions

    Packing Out

    by , 09-10-2023 at 06:10 PM (126 Views)
    I'm packing up my camping gear inside a building. Some friends are there as well and one hands me some trash to take out. As we all finish packing, we start walking out and enter a new building. This one resembles a cafeteria and has quite a few people sitting or walking around. Our group decides to do something crazy to get everyone riled up. We end up running around and eventually back outside. It feels like we're now in a car of some kind as we navigate through a construction zone towards a stadium. As we start walking again, I notice that it's rainy and dark outside. Because of the rain, workers at the stadium are limiting the number of people walking down the stairs to the entrance. I wait at the top as the other group descends and then they allow us in. The stadium is also dark and not covered so it is still raining. The stage towards the middle though is massive. I find my group sitting together on the right side actually just underneath some coverage from the rain so that the seats are dry.
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