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    Anxious Lucid

    by , 03-14-2013 at 03:52 PM (578 Views)
    Semi-lucid/gaining lucidity

    I recall several dreams from last night.

    #1 - I had a dream, but don't remember what it was. I wake up.

    I attempt WILD but cannot tolerate lying on my back; roll over on my side, and fall asleep. While I fall asleep, I still focus on my intent to go lucid: "The next thing I experience is a dream; I am aware; I am in complete control."

    #2 - I am in a small taco restaurant. It's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant; the walls are avocado green, and the paint is chipping. There is some sort of unnamed danger or dangerous situation. I am looking for M__ , but I can't find him, and I'm getting nervous and anxious. I am calling out, "M__? M__? Where are you?"

    I have been dreaming for roughly 30 in-dream seconds when something filters into my brain. "I need to be aware. I need to be aware. I need to be lucid," I think. As this happens, my awareness increases. I begin to realize on a basic, non-lucid level that I am dreaming. That awareness increases and leads to a further desire to become lucid, until the dream scene loses its fogginess and I am fully lucid.

    I know that I am dreaming. The anxiety of the dream that led to my lucidity has not faded, however - I'm still anxious and scared, even though I know that this is a dream and I am theoretically fully in control of the environment. I don't like the taco place at all and, although I know that I should explore my current environment to reinforce my lucidity, I am anxious to get out of there.

    I remember Advanced Lucid Task I, which is "Find a treasure map and follow it to treasure". I decide that it is far better to pursue that than hang out in the creepy taco place. I attempt to do a scene change by closing and covering my eyes and focusing on an outdoor scene, but fail. When I open my dream eyes, I also open my real eyes.

    I wake up. I immediately do a reality check; nope, I'm actually awake. I attempt to WILD but I feel overheated and I can't get comfortable, I'm way too hot. I get up and turn down the thermostat. I lie back down.

    #3 - I am riding a bus alongside a canal. The road is actually level with the water, and the concrete sides of the canal rise above us. I'm riding it with a friend but I don't remember who. It's a coach bus, rather than a city bus. It connects with a ferry and a cruise line called "Olympia". I can only get to where I want to go to on the cruise line, but I'm worried that I don't have enough money. Right now, the emotional tone of the dream is fairly neutral.

    The bus reaches its destination, and we get off the bus. I read a sign that indicates where the ship we're looking for docks. It docks in a ruined old building; upon inspecting a city map (note: appearance of a map possibly has something to do with my earlier focus on a treasure map) and based on my knowledge of the area, I realize that it is an old orphanage that was destroyed by a fire.

    I take several photos of the orphanage with my camera. When I look at them again while I am showing them to my companion, there are ghosts in them; I am immediately extremely afraid, and the tone of the dream changes to one of great anxiety and fear.

    I wake up. I'm not as hot any more, and much more comfortable.

    #4 - I have a small blond boy with me. He needs to go to the bathroom. There is a van that is supposed to be a bathroom. The child climbs inside and begins to enthusiastically pee everywhere, like a fire hose. The whole thing is presented with the buzz and excitement of a 90s television commercial that is aimed at kids. The kid finishes peeing and climbs out of the van... he is soaked in urine. The woman who is in charge of him (I have switched to 3rd person) complains that he smells awfully ripe, and doesn't want to put him in their car; the man he was with doesn't seem to think it's a big deal.

    #5 - I am running a chatroom. An idiot comes into my room and is being very annoying. I ban him from the room, but am unable to block his messages. He is spamming me with messages, and it's becoming increasingly irritating. I look for a support button for the website I'm running the room for, so I can ask how to ban him from sending me messages.

    The dream shifts. I am now recording clips of myself pushing and riding a medical cart up and down a beach, so that I can edit it into one video and put it up on the website.

    #6 - I am an old man. I am dressed in a rough gray scarf, a worn gray suit, and a brown jacket. My skin is old and dry and wrinkled by age. I am now not the old man, I am watching the old man. He is walking down a city street. It is more like an urban slum, like the areas of large cities that are forgotten and neglected.

    He -- I mean, I, now -- watches a train go by. He/I meets up with a companion, a bigger guy with a shaved head. We want to go into a building, which is an orphanage, but the building is right along the train tracks and you have to walk across the tracks to reach the door. We have to time things carefully; the woman in the building opens the door, we wait for the first train to pass, and then leap before the next comes. The woman is wearing a plum-colored, old-fashioned traditional British maid's outfit, with frills along the apron. She has brown hair and looks like she is in her late teens or early 20s.

    We go through the door. The orphanage is now a restaurant. There are corrugated metal stairs leading upstairs, where the food is served. We are on kind of a foyer. The restaurant has 3 floors, we are on the middle. The door behind us has turned into one of those metal gates that shopkeepers raise and lower to open or close their stores at night. We are level with the street; the street is now paved with bricks, and the train track is gone. Each of the levels of the restaurant is level with the street. I feel the floor moving beneath me; the restaurant is actually a truck.

    I wake up. Attempt WILD, fail. My heater is distracting me. I think I will have to turn it off at night.

    #7 - I fall asleep. I am in a small town in an area with a temperate climate, although I can't say specifically where. It is summer. There are several wooden buildings, many of them shops. I am now playing a video game. I go into a shop and meet a character and befriend him. He is a large bald man who looks like a biker. I go into another shop, a leather-working shop, and there is a cutscene. A man comes in with a gun and threatens to shoot the shopkeeper. The biker I befriended shows up with perfect timing, and disarms him. I understand that if I had not befriended the first character, the cutscene would have ended more tragically. I exit the shop.

    Ninjas bound through the trees on the outskirts of town. I realize that I am in no shape to combat ninjas without armor. I re-enter the leatherworker's shop and ask about armor. He tells me to give him a pattern for what I want, within an inch of my measurements, and he will produce it for me. I have an idea of what I want, but I need to find a photo and draw a pattern. I go back outside.

    The ninjas are dancing around in the trees. There is a female ninja with long hair and a long, pale blue scarf. She is wearing some kind of dark purple 70s pantsuit/leotard. She slices off the ear of another female ninja with short, blonde hair. She springs off of tree branches, and it looks like ballet. I think to myself (semi-lucidly) that that is ridiculous and could never happen in real life because those branches would not support her weight and nobody can jump like that.

    I wake up.
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