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    by , 11-16-2013 at 07:32 PM (506 Views)
    I don't recall much of my dreams last night.

    I recall a group of children, and one of them had a chainsaw, and I was trying to warn them that the chainsaw was dangerous, but they weren't taking me seriously. I looked away as the one with the chainsaw started swinging it at the crowd.

    And then... people who turned into cans of mush? Looked kind of like canned pumpkin. I don't recall why, except that some of the cans were diseased, and they were needed to defeat some sort of evil ghost by piling all of the mush on top of it, and all of this was taking place on a boardwalk above a nasty polluted pond. I also recall a very gaunt woman with stringy blonde hair.

    There was a lot of blood involved. Otherwise, my dreams were disjointed.

    Then, I dreamed I was buying a bike. The store I was wandering around in also had a grocery section. I was looking for something specific there, but I don't remember what, and then my mother was grocery shopping with me.

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