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    Letting Off Steam [lucid]

    by , 05-01-2014 at 12:02 AM (590 Views)
    I don't recall my dreams prior to waking up. Maybe not noteworthy, or I've just gotten out of the habit, which isn't good.

    I also vaguely recall being lucid, but the dream was so fuzzy that I'm not sure. I wish I'd written down my other lucid before I "lost" it, but it may come back again. You might think "How could you forget it?" but it happens from time to time.

    I woke up. Decided to lie back down and try a WILD... I would say it was maybe 7 in the morning. I haven't gotten to sleep in for a long time.

    As I lay in my bed, I let myself drift. It's true that WILD gets easier and easier the more you do it... these days, it is, anyway. I've been struggling with it for years, though, and it's literally taken years to get to this point.

    Anyway, I began drifting. When I say "drift", I do mean it... I sometimes feel like I'm floating on gentle waves. My attempts at WILD used to be unpleasant and frustrating. The "wind tunnel" is no longer really an issue, even though it used to be an extremely unpleasant part of the experience. My ears don't pop and my eardrums don't spasm any more.

    I drifted gently on the "waves" and decided to let dreamlets come and go until one of them stuck. I was now floating in the gray fog I've become familiar with. Sort of a 3 dimensional fog.

    The first thing I saw was... sort of a motel. An old and run down one, sort of like one we would have stayed in
    near the casino when I was a child, except it had 2 levels instead of the one I remember. It was hazy and distant, and quickly faded away.

    More drifting and fog. Some glimmers of things, but they didn't turn into anything.

    Then, I was standing on a beach facing the ocean. The environment was semi-tropical... not really fully tropical, but warm. The ocean was very calm.

    The sun was setting on it, and had become a bright ball of light sitting right on the rim of the horizon. It sparkled and glimmered on the waves. The clouds were ablaze with light from the sunset. For some reason, as I watched it, a series of chills ran down my body from head to toe. I was lucid, but it was beautiful, and I was content to watch the sunset.

    The sunset faded. Eventually, a hazy scene began to materialize out of the fog. I was back at work again - ugh. I was standing in front of a shelf full of medicine, sort of in the pharmacy.

    I decided that if I kept ending up back at work, maybe this time I ought to just roll with it and let off some steam. I decided to do everything I would normally never get to do. I began running from the pharmacy to the clothing department, running my hands along the shelves and knocking all of the bottles to the floor.

    Everything was still foggy, but got slightly more solid as I ran into the womenswear. The whole dream mostly stayed foggy, despite my efforts to make clearer. As I ran past some racks of clothing, I saw that the lingerie section wasn't where it should be. "This isn't what would normally be here!" I exclaimed.

    I grabbed a green polo shirt off of the shirt displays - instead of womens' shirts, the displays had mens' polos. I scrunched the fabric up in my hands and tried to make the woven fabric of the shirt look clearer and more vibrant. Then I rubbed it all over my face. It smelled sort of like mothballs or stale cigarette smoke. I decided that I was sick of things smelling like they ought to smell, and that these shirts smelled like strawberries.

    I tossed the suddenly strawberry-scented polo away, and began grabbing armfuls of shirts and throwing them all over the floor and other displays, then ran toward the jewelry rack, knocking as many dresses off of the racks as I could on my way there.I remembered that I almost never speak out loud in my dreams, and I decided to change that. And instead of simply talking, I decided to sing. I grabbed jewelry off of the jewelry rack and began putting on as many necklaces, bracelets, and rings as I could grab.

    "ALL OF THE JEWELRY!" I sang, and began tossing necklaces and bracelets into the air. "And only DIAMONDS for me!" I held up my hands, and all of the rings on my fingers now had gigantic sparkling diamonds on them.
    I guess I was mostly satisfied with the damage I was done, because I decided to change the scenery. My scene changes almost never work, but I decided to

    try a variant of "closing your eyes". I closed my eyes and felt around for what I wanted to find - the bed in my cottage. I found it and opened my eyes. The bed was semi-solid, but was surrounded by the gray fog. I tried to see the room's windows through the fog. I saw some window-shaped blobs of light, but the dream began fading and going dark.
    I tried to hold onto it, but the sound of the garbage truck outside was leaking through as it faded, so I let it go.

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