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    Mostly Nonsense

    by , 03-30-2013 at 09:45 PM (357 Views)
    I had a LOT of trouble falling asleep, possibly due to weaning myself off of decaf (which still has a very small amount of caffeine in it).

    I dreamed I was roaming around Seattle, only Seattle had grown to the size of New York and a lot of the buildings were in ruins. I was on my way somewhere with my brother and mother and traffic was so heavy that we couldn't get onto the main road at all... it just didn't let up. We were in a parking lot and mom announced we were leaving, but she and my brother left without me.

    I had a black pickup truck, though, and I tried to drive that out of the parking lot. I ended up driving into an area that was nothing but steep inclines and loose gravel, and I couldn't keep my truck from sliding all over the place, so I got out of it and slung it over my shoulder so I could try to climb up the hill.

    The whole place (which was inside of an alleyway) was full of archaeological digs, but they were all digging up stuff like old dog tags and license plates. I accidentally blundered through one of the digs and then found my way in through some tunnels to a hidden homeless shelter. I asked a woman there how to find my way back onto the street and she told me I had to navigate back through the dig site, or through the building we were in, which was full of labyrinthine hallways.

    I decided this sucked and did a non-lucid rewind back to the parking lot. This time, I got into the truck with mom and my brother BEFORE mom pulled out of the parking lot.

    Things got blurry. I was no longer in a truck, I was in a white car with a broken window. My friend A__ was driving. It was difficult for him to drive and steer because one of the wheels was missing a tire. I had a large kitchen knife with me, and I had it in my hand and was dangling it out the window. Part of the road was made of paper, so I was running the edge of it along the road.

    I thought maybe that wasn't a good idea, though, so I hid it under the car seat as we passed a group of squad cars. Suddenly, everything was dark, like it was nighttime, and we were explaining to the cops what we were doing in the parking lot.

    I was no longer with A__. I was with the Doctor from Dr. Who and we were running through the city on some sort of mission... I don't remember. I woke up.
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