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    Rocket Man

    by , 11-08-2013 at 09:31 PM (468 Views)
    I dreamed that I was part of a crew that was going to ride in a rocket to the moon. The capsule we were going in looked very old, like 1960s era Soviet technology, and it was very tiny. It had one circular room. 2 men were operating the actual controls, and I was supposed to navigate. For some reason, I did this with old-fashioned looking blueprints. Our first mission was successful.

    Things went a little wrong during the 2nd mission. There was another woman, Sophia, who was training to be a navigator. They assigned both of us to the capsule for the next mission, but it was far too cramped for 4 people to fit inside... when all 4 people got in, I didn't have enough space to actually do my job. Finally, it was decided that Sophia would stay behind.

    Eventually, we docked at a tiny space station with a room with several beds built into the wall.

    Then, a perspective shift. I'm now a spectator, and Captain Kirk is leading an old-fashioned-looking starship. He's only doing it temporarily, until they pick up the "real" captain. They run into a very strange colony/organism, it's a giant, translucent, organic bag of liquid with worms and snake-like creatures inside of it. It reminds me a lot of looking through a microscope at a slide full of tiny creatures. Anyway, it engulfs the ship. Kirk leaves the ship and floats into a little air sac/bubble in order to try negotiating with the creatures, but they're sort of evil. Eventually, he decides it can't be done, so he punches a hole in the side of the sac and all of the fluid drains off into space.

    Then I dream that my mother gave me 2 bowls of popcorn. One is smaller than the other. I sit and pet an orange kitten, and we both eat popcorn.

    Dream clues:
    - I do not normally operate rockets
    - It is not the 1960s
    - "Spectator" perspective
    - My mother is 2000 miles away
    - I don't own a kitten

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    1. Jerad's Avatar
      "I do not normally operate rockets" make me chuckle for some reason.

      Awesome post! Reminds me of a dream I had...Everyone in my city was gathered into the concert area, looking all scared. Someone told me we were taking refuge because a plane was about to crash in the city. I looked outside out of curiosity, and the city was being destroyed by a dramatic meteor shower.
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