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    1. first attempt at DEILD/the phase

      by , 03-02-2017 at 08:22 PM
      i listened to the latest episode of "lucid dream or bust" (feb 28) where the host recounts how she used michael raduga's "phase" techniques to basically DEILD in a slightly specialized way- with his technique, instead of passively entering back into a dream or doing one technique over and over again, you cycle through a handful of techniques back to back, only for a few seconds each. ie inducing the sensation of spinning, visualizing hypnagogic imagery, imagining yourself back in that last dream, inducing feelings of other physical movements. you then cycle back to the beginning until you either succeed or fail. the difference is that you give yourself more than one shot at success per night (with cycles, you might get something like 20 attempts) and, for newbies especially, you increase your chances of figuring out what works for you, and faster.

      so this morning i tried this technique. after i turned off my alarm and went straight back into my previous sleeping position, i induced the feeling of my arm moving without trying to move my WL arm. almost immediately i felt my arm raise but in a very distinctly different way than i am used to in WL. it felt floaty. also, every time i did this (i had more than one alarm clock on), as my consciousness connected more closely with my dream body, i heard a quiet chatter of people talking- the levels were in sync. so i think that my brain was straddling the dream world (where my arms were moving and people were talking) and the waking world. the chatter kind of got me spooked about sleep paralysis (i know the fear is mostly illogical but my subconscious is more susceptible to that fear!) so i kind of chickened out of launching into it fully.

      i will try again tomorrow and remind myself i don't have to be afraid
    2. unimpressive floating

      by , 02-25-2017 at 10:33 PM
      i was in my cousin steven's room with 3 other relatives at a square fold-up table. we were packing stuff? i realized i was lucid and said something like "hey look what i can do" with the intention of doing some cool floating. instead i kind of went lop-sided and clumsily upward haha!

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    3. weak lucidity, i need to try other methods

      by , 02-25-2017 at 10:31 PM
      non-lucid: i did my reality check (nose pinch) and it worked, but i didn't really understand what it meant. so i tried again, worked again. i didn't believe it.

      semi-lucid: this went on for a few more tries until i understood i was lucid. i think it was sitting in my car in a left turn lane. i looked at my hands and they looked so real. i felt cars zooming past me on both sides and didn't want to manipulate too much because i was worried i would lose the dream. then i thought, "okay if this is really a dream, just float a little bit to prove it." i couldn't do it.

      i've been able to in previous dreams. this dream faded very quickly. i need to start trying spinning methods or something else besides the hand method because i lose lucidity quickly often and i always have weak lucid dreams.

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    4. funny street sweeping sign

      by , 02-25-2017 at 10:25 PM
      lucid: in what felt like a costco-ish parking lot, very bright outside. as me and my partner walked toward the building, away from our car, i looked up at what i knew to be a street sweeping sign (though this wasn't a residential area so it doesn't make sense after being awake) and it read:


      made no sense but it looked right!

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    5. first longer-lasting lucid-grappling hook, 'gilliam cyrus'

      by , 02-25-2017 at 10:23 PM
      this was a few months ago but i forgot to post about it:

      non-lucid: traversing through snowy, wooded area. houses were modern, cubical, and small but made of sticks and twigs only.

      lucid: i realized i was dreaming and wanted to stop heading deeper into the woods because i was scared. i conjured a grappling hook to swing out of there. i remember the sensation of coming back down from a swing, i felt it in my stomach. as i left the area i exited into a.. suburban neighborhood park's parking lot (<best way to describe it). i read the sign to see if it made sense. it did. it said the name of the park.
      it cut to me being in my "family's house" (doesn't exist in real life). it was a 3 story, compact townhouse with a modern feel (what's up with the modern homes? i don't like modern houses in waking life!). i was in an upper story and wanted to leave the house so i went down a flight of stairs into the kitchen where my second oldest sister. she asked me a question and i answered in passing. on my way out of the front door, there was a family collage of photographs. i concentrated on the faces to see if they were recognizable. at first, they were familiar but defintely off. the longer i looked, the more correct they got my family's features. strange! outside, i walked up a curving sidewalk. i wanted to live out my complicated gender fantasies so i tried to will myself to just turn into a good looking dude. my first efforts didn't work, so i tried a new strategy of concentrating on my physical dream body and trying to just feel myself changing. didn't work. so i thought maybe if i envisioned who i wanted to be, that would work. i picture anything, so i thought to look up a good looking celeb for inspiration. i took out my phone and typed in "gilliam cyrus" who, in my dream i knew to be miley cyrus's younger brother.. as i looked at my phone, a one direction fan-type person started following me

      after waking:
      i looked up gilliam cyrus.. he doesn't exist!
      and creepy and weird- i don't want teenaged girls to follow me but i suppose my subconscious knows the association of good-looking dude and the subsequent attention that comes with it.

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    6. "you are not the master of your own universe"

      by , 12-24-2016 at 06:24 PM
      i had just a tiny window of weak lucidity this morning, but it was interesting anyway

      [non-lucid] i was with two people and was holding a black box.. more tablet-like than cubical. i'm not sure but i think the two DCs were trying to tell me i was dreaming, and then the box spoke to me and said, "you are not the master of your own universe." (after waking i found this funny because it's super cheesey and not a way that i'd ever articulate myself, but my subconscious did.)

      [semi-lucid] i think when the box said that, i got the hint that i was dreaming and became weakly lucid. i didn't "physically" perform my RC (nose pinch) in the dream but i kind of thought about it.. it felt like did it in another dimension i was partly connected to, like i felt the sensation of a sharp inhale through my nose, but i didn't do the RC in that original setting. it's hard to explain. and then it also felt like i opened my WL eyes for a split second and closed them again.

      ^that kind of thing happened the first time i LD'd. last time, though, i really thought my WL hands were in front of my face in tandem with my dream hands when they were stabilizing. when i awoke though, they were in a position that would have made it completely improbable that my WL hands had even moved an inch. i think my brain and body (both waking and dreaming) are kind of getting confused because when i'm weakly lucid my waking and dreaming brains are overlapping.. or becoming one. or something. i don't know! .. i am not the master of my own universe.

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    7. First 2 LD's

      by , 12-17-2016 at 07:28 PM
      First RC was triggered by my dream partner saying "This is weird, it's like a movie" about the way another dream character was acting. I got so excited when it worked that my whole dream body began to tingle intensely. Things began to gray and I attempted to stabilize by staring at my hands, they were grayed out and hard to see. The funny thing is, is that I thought my waking life's hands were doing it alongside my dream body hands- there was some lapse in logic here. Maybe it's because it felt so real? When I woke up though, to my surprise, my hands were crossed and folded and stuffed in the sheets and I realized that I couldn't have just been holding them in front of my waking life face.

      During my second successful LD, I stabilized and then decided to keep taking notes (which is what I was doing before i did a RC) so as not to disturb or excite my mind too much- I didn't want to lose this one again.... Then I couldn't help myself and decided to fly . I floated upwards and soon enough, everything grayed out. Then I had a semi false awakening type-experience and told dream characters I just had a lucid dream! What I mean by "semi false awakening type-experience" is that after the dream world grayed out when I was flying, the same setting came back but I was on the ground and when I was running around telling people I LD'd I wasn't fully lucid anymore and I think that my dream brain thought I was awake? I'm not sure!
      I have this impression that dreams are supposed to feel as vivid and sensory as waking life. But when I awoke from my LD's, upon remembering them, they felt distinctly different than real life in that they did not feel as vivid, at all. I wonder, and maybe y'all will have insight to this as well, if it was because of my over-excitement and the resulting graying-out? I'm not sure what to think. Maybe I'm just prone to fuzzy dreams? Is that a thing? I hope not!

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