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    first attempt at DEILD/the phase

    by , 03-02-2017 at 08:22 PM (383 Views)
    i listened to the latest episode of "lucid dream or bust" (feb 28) where the host recounts how she used michael raduga's "phase" techniques to basically DEILD in a slightly specialized way- with his technique, instead of passively entering back into a dream or doing one technique over and over again, you cycle through a handful of techniques back to back, only for a few seconds each. ie inducing the sensation of spinning, visualizing hypnagogic imagery, imagining yourself back in that last dream, inducing feelings of other physical movements. you then cycle back to the beginning until you either succeed or fail. the difference is that you give yourself more than one shot at success per night (with cycles, you might get something like 20 attempts) and, for newbies especially, you increase your chances of figuring out what works for you, and faster.

    so this morning i tried this technique. after i turned off my alarm and went straight back into my previous sleeping position, i induced the feeling of my arm moving without trying to move my WL arm. almost immediately i felt my arm raise but in a very distinctly different way than i am used to in WL. it felt floaty. also, every time i did this (i had more than one alarm clock on), as my consciousness connected more closely with my dream body, i heard a quiet chatter of people talking- the levels were in sync. so i think that my brain was straddling the dream world (where my arms were moving and people were talking) and the waking world. the chatter kind of got me spooked about sleep paralysis (i know the fear is mostly illogical but my subconscious is more susceptible to that fear!) so i kind of chickened out of launching into it fully.

    i will try again tomorrow and remind myself i don't have to be afraid

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