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    first longer-lasting lucid-grappling hook, 'gilliam cyrus'

    by , 02-25-2017 at 10:23 PM (224 Views)
    this was a few months ago but i forgot to post about it:

    non-lucid: traversing through snowy, wooded area. houses were modern, cubical, and small but made of sticks and twigs only.

    lucid: i realized i was dreaming and wanted to stop heading deeper into the woods because i was scared. i conjured a grappling hook to swing out of there. i remember the sensation of coming back down from a swing, i felt it in my stomach. as i left the area i exited into a.. suburban neighborhood park's parking lot (<best way to describe it). i read the sign to see if it made sense. it did. it said the name of the park.
    it cut to me being in my "family's house" (doesn't exist in real life). it was a 3 story, compact townhouse with a modern feel (what's up with the modern homes? i don't like modern houses in waking life!). i was in an upper story and wanted to leave the house so i went down a flight of stairs into the kitchen where my second oldest sister. she asked me a question and i answered in passing. on my way out of the front door, there was a family collage of photographs. i concentrated on the faces to see if they were recognizable. at first, they were familiar but defintely off. the longer i looked, the more correct they got my family's features. strange! outside, i walked up a curving sidewalk. i wanted to live out my complicated gender fantasies so i tried to will myself to just turn into a good looking dude. my first efforts didn't work, so i tried a new strategy of concentrating on my physical dream body and trying to just feel myself changing. didn't work. so i thought maybe if i envisioned who i wanted to be, that would work. i picture anything, so i thought to look up a good looking celeb for inspiration. i took out my phone and typed in "gilliam cyrus" who, in my dream i knew to be miley cyrus's younger brother.. as i looked at my phone, a one direction fan-type person started following me

    after waking:
    i looked up gilliam cyrus.. he doesn't exist!
    and creepy and weird- i don't want teenaged girls to follow me but i suppose my subconscious knows the association of good-looking dude and the subsequent attention that comes with it.

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