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    1. May 22, 2024 10:1? am

      by , 05-22-2024 at 09:53 AM
      I was watching this scene from the Belgian TV show Samson & Gert where the two meet in an apartment full of single beds and couches with Gert's girlfriend who looks like Mr Bean's date while she's studying. Her roommate walks in and strikes a conversation with Gert while she sneaks out of her own apartment. Gert is hinting at Samson to talk with the other dogs. Meanwhile I'm watching them interact while multiple people sit on the couch with me. This girl in particular borrows my phone charger and tries talking to me while I vaguely and shortly respond because I was focused on the Samson & Gert situation. She then leaves and passive aggressively points out my lack of enthusiasm of talking to her, expressing she was looking forward to getting to know me better. As I look at her, I start to realise she's pretty cute and tell her we can have a proper talk along with some drinks together, which she rejects before leaving. As I sit down, a girl from theatre school whom I did a magician act with once, comforts me. As I walk people home, I come across another theatre school classmate who asks me if I can return the backpack to the theatre school classmate who's student dorm I visited once. As I walk through the apartment complex, I hear about the student's campaign to raise funds and awareness for special "sleeve phones" that Spanish businessmen use apparently as they are shown talking to their jacket sleeves.

      It's late at night, I Google some bus rides to Utrecht as I'm around Southern Amsterdam and the classmate gives me a message while talking to me like it's therapy. I struggle to maintain proper balance as he keeps massaging me. He whispers something to me, "uncontrollable" or something and I wake up feeling a little seasick and nauseous.
    2. May 5th, 2024 4:?? pm (NSFW)

      by , 05-05-2024 at 04:05 PM
      Wasn't necessarily doing any LD technique, but I was aware that I was dreaming and I'm sad I don't know how I made it work, didn't eat, drink or do anything special.

      I first dreamed about my sibling and I staying at my dad's shop in the middle of a Tatooine-esque desert area. While they were asleep, I got this clothing brand our family apparently gots according to this dream and changed the design from some old 90s cartoon squirrel to a different design. I then traveled somewhere and saw a group of people dressed like squirrels wear the new design. I then go back to the shop where my sibling just woke up, about to give a press conference confused as he noticed a bunch of squirrel costumes wearing the new design that he has no clue what they're doing. I then take his place and tell the crowd to check their clothing's tags, which leaves them surprised. The crowd felt so real I actually felt a little bit of anxiety when I stood behind the podium facing them..

      I then see a girl carrying a passed out girl on a slide,
      I hold hold them as the three of us go down the slide, burning our asses off! As I try and hold both girls in my hand, I slowly wake up in my bed again.

      As I'm lying in my bed, two people put this glass casing around me, telling me to "go back", I touch with the casing and I can actually feel the glass.
      After consenting them to return, the glass case lits up and I fly through space, returning to the area from my previous dream!

      The passed out girl has now disappeared and I join this space crew to search for her through worlds. We first turn into fish and explore different aquatic worlds, with the female crew members having explicit sex with the fish in exchange for information for some reason (idk bruh maybe it's the abstinence) after some info, we finally retrieve the girl on one of the fish planets and as the crew returns to their ship, inviting me, I bring the girl to my own space ship. As we teleport back to the ship and return to our human forms doing so, I arrive in my Starbound-like spaceship where I see myself in the art style similar to Starbound as I speak to the space ship's computer in textbox format and use my hand to put all the items in storage, receiving a generous donation of fruit and cakes from one of the female crew members I recruited. I teleport to my home planet, the Tatooine-esque desert town where I recruit my friend who's working at a deadend job as a hotdog seller or something, but briefly teleport him back as his greedy boss hadn't paid him out yet. As my friend doesn't want to face him, I use the force choke from Star Wars to get every penny out of the boss as bystanders watch without interfering.

      I then get woken up by my dog who's loudly crying in the living room :')

      Kinda wanna play Starbound now, though.
    3. April 20, 2024 7:42 am

      by , 04-20-2024 at 07:09 AM
      Had my first two shifts at work yesterday.

      I dreamed I was still working and that there was a basement where guests could visit too, getting offered drinks and such.
    4. April 4th, 2024 8:28 am

      by , 04-04-2024 at 07:58 AM
      I had a meeting with someone that messaged me underneath a bridge, we had a meeting under the bridge before heading to the terrace of a campsite where we met up with an old acting teacher from mine late at night to pitch her app for money. I was browsing the app's website and read its about page as I had no idea what exactly the app was myself.

      I'm now in the grey backrooms of a classroom at what was implied to be my old school, I had finished my assignment and was reading a binder as I waited for the class to end. Two teachers resembling my community college teacher as well as my primary school teacher walked up to my table and told us to reconsider our PDFs and continue working instead of reading as we wouldn't leave earlier than 1 am.
      The teachers kept us in the room until 1 am. It was currently 11 PM and I was getting tired and had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was in the hallway and I asked if I could go leave and the teacher refuses. Mind you I didn't even have my stuff to escape, I just needed to pee. I told her and she pulled out some big transparent vase like sculpture filled with urine. Looking at how unethical all of this is, I call out the teacher to remind her that this is supposed to be a VET major, absolutely ridiculous that we weren't even allowed to go to the bathroom. As I walk back to the backrooms of the classroom, I remembered it resembles the back of my old elementary school where they had two toilets up the stairs in the back. But they were out of order and the toilets became rubble.

      It was then that I heard a student mention taking the elevator in the room that worked, so I grabbed my stuff, entered the elevator, then got on my bike as soon as I left the building and rode to the train station.

      As I rode my bike to the train station I notice that a motorcyclist has been following me for a while, I speculated that it might be a spy, as they take off their helmet, it is indeed the teacher from the classroom who's following me! I taunt her as I grab my phone, about to film her and expose her unethical practices to the world.

      I then wake up.

      Dream was in Dutch.
    5. March 24, 2024 7:02 am

      by , 03-24-2024 at 08:24 AM
      I subscribed to a Patreon type of service from a Dutch musician I like, it came with a perk that gave me access to a wooden chair that would float up into the sky. It didn't have straps or anything, I just had to hold onto the chair as it kept floating higher. Eventually it would reach the stratosphere where I would feel the burning sensation in my body as I felt my bones freeze for a split second before the chair would turn right back down, landing as if nothing had happened.

      10/10, would subscribe again!

      As I landed, I went to a German thrift store where I apparently worked as a cashier where they still paid with cash out of a small box instead of a cash register and had to calculate the change while a large queue of people was waiting. A customer gave me €150 in cash for a €38,40 book and I had to pull out my phone calculator. I woke up before I could finish calculating.

      Cashier experience was definitely influenced by my one German speaking job in Berlin where I worked at a classical music festival as a bartender where I had more problems with calculating the change than I had with speaking German.
    6. March 15, 2024 7:44 am

      by , 03-15-2024 at 08:43 AM
      Sleeping in a comfy hotel bed in Berlin with complete privacy instead of having family or roommates.

      My dream initially started with me entering a hotel room, much different looking than where I'm currently staying. Kinda like a building you'd create in Minecraft and somewhat reminded me of the hotel in Wijk aan Zee where I stayed at with my family in 2010 and drank coffee for the first time at the age of 12 which then became my to-go drink for the next 12 years.
      I constantly remind myself to not forget my card as I leave my room. Exploring the area around the hotel, it's a flat grassy land like those old videogames had, colours resembling that of retro Halo grass maps.

      I go outside and I'm in this "space park" with climbing frames and rocket statues that double as bathroom. I have to go to the bathroom so I climb up the ladder with one hand while holding my pet cat Luna in the other (while somehow maintaining my balance and not falling off while letting go of the ladder to get the next step. Each bathroom I'm attending I'm surrounded by people outside and despite the toilet being inside a spaceship cockpit with those one way reflective windows, I feel like I'm being stared at and don't go. I walk out of the space park and end up in this street from Amsterdam which is set in the 70s-90s as sound has a VHS quality and everyone speaks in a much thicker Amsterdam accent. I then see this man walk into an alley which I magically remember (in dream universe) as this back entrance for a theatre where I would go with my theatre group from 2017-2019.

      I then woke up from my alarm clock with 7 hours and 58 minutes of sleep!
    7. February 29, 2024 ?:?? am

      by , 03-01-2024 at 01:07 AM
      Last time sleeping in my apartment in Berlin, moving out today.

      Kept having the same dream about turning in my keys and catching the train home before waking up every ten minutes, except each dream the locations looked differently, sometimes I'd miss the train, or a woman being an imaginary family member of my mom's side would show up.
    8. February 19, 2023 5:?? am

      by , 02-19-2024 at 05:22 PM
      My last work day was today and I had a taxi cab to work booked at 11 am to return my hardware.

      I had several dreams about either missing my taxi cab, showing up to work and getting my hardware wrong, Or having my whole work day done already just to wake up several times.

      Finally, I woke up somewhere at 5 am in the morning as my body's response was to wake me up just to be sure I wouldn't be late.

      It was a relaxing workday, by the way! Glad that it is now over!
    9. February 5, 2024 8:?? am

      by , 02-06-2024 at 12:52 AM
      I had a dream that my workplace decided to make e-learning videos and approached me for it through their chat.

      Boring ahhh work dreams, it'll soon be over.
    10. January 16, 2024 7:26 am

      by , 01-16-2024 at 07:46 AM
      The Break Room Sessions

      A group of workers meet up at the break room og their office to do spoken word sessions, all behind the company's back. Each employee has a poem representing a different emotion.
      This one employee is the master at it and is the one organising the break room sessions.

      A podcast becomes available with each poem. This one black guy warns the poem master that he's getting on dangerous levels as the company does not approve of the break room sessions and if they ever find out, he's in big trouble to which the master makes fun of his drumsticks that he always beings for lunch, the guy defending his drumsticks saying that they're a very nutritious meal.

      One day they all visit the break room with the master nowhere to be seen, a woman, unsure if an ally or not, calls for the employees through the intercom. In her office, she explains to the colleagues that the company found out and took some measures. Unsure whether the master got fired or transferred to a different floor, the guy takes his drum sticks out of his lunch box and enters the elevator saying that this is all his fault. The colleagues follow him trying to cheer him up as he looks at them while the elevator door closes.

      My alarm then went off.
    11. January 8, 2024 9:44 am

      by , 01-08-2024 at 09:54 AM
      I dreamt that I was sleeping in my room, but the room was several times the size, had multiple doors and an emergency exit, and it had museum artifacts inside. Meanwhile, people kept putting their stuff into my room, it started with two people whom I overheard speaking Dutch before jokingly asking if they were speaking German before revealing that I could speak Dutch too. I then notice more and more hipsters and diverse types of people (in style, they were all still white) move into my room. I get on top of the stage, but having a dry mouth from just waking up I can't reach the rest of the group. My flatmate then offers me water whilst dressed as a water bottle like one of the people moving in is, I wake up before starting my speech
    12. November 12, 2023 5:20 am

      by , 11-12-2023 at 06:04 AM
      I move into this condo, they have a pet cat named Destroy Lonely, I whistle and try to get the cat's attention. The cat gets tense at me upon seeing me, I notice but carefully stick out my hand so it can smell who I am, but it doesn't react. I then ignore it and enter the elevator. I get attacked by the cat who turned into this Belgian YouTuber, I kick him down the elevator then make a call saying I was attacked, getting sent a digital form and I check "cat attack". I awkwardly wait as I selected that then got on a bus. There's a girl in the bus whom I've never met that studies at a theatre school in Rotterdam, she looks problematic. The girl makes a fighting motion at me as I walk past her, I ignore her and look at the security camera behind in the bus, filming us.
      I exit the bus and a woman is seen at a table cutting a cake, she tells me it's a peanut butter cake, the peanut butter layer is soft while the edges of the cake are hard and feel like thick layers you'd find on onions. I know to never criticize someone else's cooking though. She cuts the cake and brings the cake to a posh suburban white family sitting at a table in a restaurant, I help her as I carry the forks. The woman and I join the family, she introduces herself and I introduce myself as her husband, much to her amusement.
      The woman from the family says her entire family compliments my "Bob Marley beard"
      I then woke up.
    13. September 30, 2023 10:10 am

      by , 09-30-2023 at 10:52 PM
      Basically, I had a dream about my day job. I can't disclose much about it due to data protection laws (even if the data in this context is fictional it would kind of give away the private information regarding my job)

      I have a lot of customers over the phone and this week was a bit more intense than usual. I've been working for over six months straight and not yet taken any vacations. I've been staring at my screen for a bit too long and have to do so much longer as much as I'm very much in the "You should quit your job and do something you love" stage. I have always been. Unfortunately from a realistically perspective, I cannot afford to do so. Since 2021 I have been paying off expensive bills and am nowhere near being debt free.

      Thanks for listening to my rant, sick of this "chapter" of my life and my work infiltrating my dreams.
    14. August 5, 2023 9:30 am

      by , 08-05-2023 at 09:41 AM
      I was browsing YouTube when I came across this now-defunct collab YouTube channel by two guys from Groningen that was called BROERS (In my dream it was, the channel actually exists under a different name, but my memory couldn't place it) but because there's a really crazy Dutch podcast called BROERS, I went to check the channel to discover that it was now renamed BLIEP (Dutch for bleep), probably to prevent copyright troubles (funnily enough there's a phone company called bliep* as well) I check the YouTube channel and, to my surprise, it has the 2.0 channel layouf (beta channel as it used to be called in 2009) from 2009-2012 (or 2011 I forgot) before they came up with Cosmic Panda and every current ugly design that they have.
      Confused (and excited) I try to figure out how these channels have the old layout again, I come across this account of a Dutch guy, then come across the channel of his girlfriend, who has an English speaking video where she talks about her boyfriend, who's nentaly ill, and her own mental health.
      Next thing I know I'm walking past an industrial area with the couple, kinda similar to the IKEA area in Utrecht as well as the IKEA area in South Berlin (both 030) the boyfriend is walking steps ahead because they're on they're way to an isolation chamber for their mental health. Meanwhile I'm talking with his girlfriend in English, she tells me that she met her boyfriend abroad in the UK, I ask her where she's from and tells me that she's actually Dutch to which I reply with "Leip!" (which is Dutch "slang" for crazy)
      We then arrive at the isolation chamber, which is a tiny gym room covered in mats. We sit on the mats while I'm still joking around with the girlfriend. The boyfriend angrily yells "You guys annoy me!" before walking to the door to let more people in.
      Me, who suddenly realises that we're in the isolation chamber, tells the girlfriend I'm gonna wait outside so everyone can concentrate (and I also don't have the concentration myself to sit in a small room full of strangers in silence for lord knows how long)
      I walk out the room into the hallway, the interior of the building is similar to that of a kindergarten, doctor's office, or just a local wellness center as the halls had dry beige walls, bookshelves witj this books, and benches. Kinda like the hallway of my old primary school when I studied there in the mid to late 2000s. I walk around and the hall is apparently also a sauna as a bunch of middle aged blonde Dutch women are sunbathing in their short, light yellow bikinis on the floor.
      I'm trying to find a place where I can sit to wait for my friends, where I can still see them leave, but also make it not look like I'm peeking at the sunbathing women who are in the same area as the room I'm paying attention to.
      I bump into a sauna going woman and she goes "Sorry, Cesar chocolate milk!" while giggling before introducing herself as "Elvira van der Voort" (Not a real person as far as I know, any person with that name is coincidental or how they say that in movie credits) I then introduce herself with my first and last name as well (which I rarely do unless necessary) she starts laughing and pointing at her teeth as she realises my name is actually Caesár. I then realise she may not have called me chocolate milk because I'm black as I suddenly have a flashback of me drinking chocolate milk before leaving the isolation chamber and the chocolate milk brand apparently being called Cesar. I try to check my teeth, but suddenly realize I have trouble physically opening my mouth, I then wake up as I had about seven hours of sleep.
    15. April 15, 2023 10:16 am

      by , 04-14-2023 at 09:42 AM
      Working late shifts this week, they may start three hours later, but for my routine and body clock there's not any more difference other than the day being three hours longer. Woke up tired yesterday, and went to bed right after the shift ended which caused me to wake up at 2 am and stay awake until 6 am. I then set alarms for an hour every hour until my shift started, I woke up before the alarm went off each time.

      The first dream I've had convinced me that my roommate was a fish, I woke up confused because I have nothing seen him in water at once. Although he does work in the kitchen and occasionally goes to the bathroom...

      I can't recall the second dream, but the last dream consisted of me playing in a Dutch television series. The series was set in the 80s about a white wealthy family who owns a bed and breakfast at the beach. I play their adopted son. My "sister" was played by a theatre student who actually came from a blue blood family.
      The show was a mystery show, a boy and his monkey (probably the son of the family) go treasure hunting. He tells his friend and shows him a book before running off with his monkey partner. The friend reads the book and discovers his own family owns treasure here at the beach. He goes to the spot and discovered that his friend with the monkey partner already dug it up. He then angrily runs and climbs up the sand hill where the BnB is located.

      Meanwhile, my character wakes up and walks towards the elevation to go to the cafeteria. His sister asks him from the stairs if he thinks peanut butter is good for you. Confused by the completely random questions say "sure" before getting handed a breakfast coupon by her just so I can eat the hotel breakfast.

      I then zoom out of the world map from the 80s to which I started using Photoshop's magical wand tool to highlight Northern Europe. It keeps messing up and then I go to Wales before I wake up in real life.

      I don't know anything about Wales, might be an interesting vacation destination.

      Dream was in Dutch, the second one at least as I don't recall any dialogue in the first dream.
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