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    1. May 23, 2023 8:25 am

      by , 05-23-2023 at 01:49 PM
      I was at primary school when we went to gymclass where we were all strapped onto some chair like those swing carousels had, I was at the front and was the first to leave, it was some sort of underground rollercoaster. When I was done, I didn't bother waiting for the rest of the class and snuck off to the classroom, grabbed my stuff and saw this kid from my primary/middle school who used to be a class clown back in the day and now does nothing but smoke weed all day, he suggested we ditch the class and he snuck out, I was about to follow him but my high school sociology teacher stopped me, he sent me back to the classroom and I was waiting for him to leave so I could sneak out but woke up instead
    2. May 18, 2023 10:15 am

      by , 05-18-2023 at 10:17 AM
      I fell asleep after work yesterday and been taking weird short naps throughout the night as my sleep schedule is once again screwed but saved by having a day off today meaning I didn't have to set an alarm. I fell asleep shortly after messaging Adobe's customer care team who said I have to pay a cancellation fee but told me they could waive it once

      In my dream I'm in an industrial area which is apparently the headquarters of Adobe and I misread the message from the customer support saying they're gonna force me to have a vasectomy/castration and take one of my testicles in exchange for getting my Adobe subscription cancelled. I spent the entire dream running away from them and my fellow Dutch colleague from my job was also there for some reason.

      Second half of the dream consisted of standing in a large, acoustic, cardboard coloured box with a bunch of friends who resembled the travel buddies I made when stranded at the Bad Bentheim station in Germany. My high school friend was there as well and we made a song of which the drums consisted of my high school friend getting hit in the head by a bag of nuts.

      I woke up laughing, I recorded that drum loop in my voice notes and will open my music software later to recreate it hahahaha
    3. May 14, 2023 9:34 am

      by , 05-14-2023 at 08:59 AM
      My roommate and I went clubbing last night, dope venue but the DJs sucked ass playing the most slow, random, and rhythm lacking music and there was no door policy so everyone was allowed into the club leaving the place crowded with some occasional indoor smokers and zero vibes.

      I dreamed about working as a Junior Software Engineer at this company in Luxembourg with my friend there.
      In our spare time, we would pull out 3D software similar to Bryce 3D and create some 3D environments for future animations. I tried to design the indoor of a church-like mansion with statues of a man and woman that took the role of special church bells clocks as a hammer would hit them on the head and they would chase each other before going back into their "stereotypical gender pose" (I can't remember what it was, they just stood like a "typical woman and man")
      The whole "scene felt like a Point and Click game cutscene.

      This company reportedly in Luxembourg was in the middle of a tropical forest on a hill, covered in fences and reminded me of a hospital for some reason. I sat in a regular city bus home with this girl I met at an art gig a few weeks ago. She apparently had a boyfriend for some reason who had blonde hair and a mustache, resembling an actor I've seen in a theatre play a few years ago. I fell asleep on the girl's lap. The guy woke us up a while later saying we were getting kicked out of the bus because the bus was covered in what looked like feces you'd find at the farm meadows. We left the bus through the back and even though we were still at that forest during daytime, I suddenly was at Rotterdam at nighttime while protests were taking place there.

      Male and female television reporters covered in pink and white Frutiger Metro like shirts and sparkly face paint were being harassed by protesters who asked them for glitter in a mocking way before trying to assault them. I punch this one punk guy in his face and accidentally break one of his teeth. He tries to kick me but I dodged it and woke up.

      Dream was in English up until Rotterdam when it turned to Dutch.
    4. May 13, 2023, 8:00 pm

      by , 05-13-2023 at 07:33 PM
      Nap dream after 3 hours of sleep followed by work and watching videos about the SEGA Dreamcast.

      I was with a group of friends, allegedly my roommates/high school best friends, but the people looked very different and cannot recall whom they actually looked like, but the friendship was clearly there.
      We got tickets for the Beyoncé concert in a small Y2K chrome blue looking discotheque and entered the club (I couldn't actually see Queen B, but the vibe and crowd were there and I could recall single ladies playing vaguely.

      My friends were all dressed in their "coolest" clothes (the clothes didn't match with eachother, things like black cap with a green spencer and white tennis blouse sweater, Osiris type of shoes and there was this huge 2010 vibe going, they generally looked like they were around 13 years old)

      They all entered the venue which was in the middle of this suburban neighborhood in what could be both my hometown as well as Berlin.

      Halfway through the show, they changed outfits (like legit went home and back to put on different quotes) and we returned to the club where Beyoncé and her fans had now moved into the basement stage, which was accessible through a hidden trapdoor and staircase on the stage she was performing earlier. This whole club, even the staircase and basement had this dark blue/Indigo and black colour scheme.

      My friends sat there chilling with girls, meanwhile I was thinking about cutting my dreadlocks, something I have been occasionally thinking about as well in real life, especially after seeing people I know as well as this musician/YouTube channel I've been watching regularly called Ocean did the same.

      There was also this older woman from Tumblr who briefly appeared in my dream because she knew about the SEGA Dreamcast of which I was talking about on Tumblr. And apparently I had once again posted work info on my Tumblr which made me search through hashtags in a state of small panic despite my workplace not knowing about my Tumblr blog.

      Dream was in English I think, maybe briefly in Dutch.

      Thanks Beyoncé for guest starring, my subconscious couldn't afford you but it was cool thinking I was in the club where you played.
    5. May 1, 2023 8:15 am

      by , 05-01-2023 at 07:35 AM
      Cannot legally disclose the contents but I basically dreamed I was at work, updating my IMDb and used [redadted] from my workplaces as proof and verification.

      Sometime later my supervisor comes in, asking me if I have an IMDb profile and shows me [redacted] which I apparently had uploaded to IMDb instead of proof. I immediately try to log in and delete it.

      I woke up relieved lol
      English dream
    6. April 9, 2923 11:45 am

      by , 04-09-2023 at 11:03 AM
      Spent the entire night wanting to party but instead ending up walking all around Berlin to see which clubs were open to not deciding to go clubbing anymore at all around 6 am.

      The dream
      We had rehearsals for a play at theatre school, quite similar to our first play, it was about a talent show, directed by the same teacher who was the director of the first play. I played one of the assistants. The set consisted of a stage as well as a river around the state, but upon having to play a scene where we save the lead from drowning and me doing a cannonball into the river, we discover that the river is actually not that deep at all, ow.
      In the river, we do a scene where we dance while the lead sings to Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys.

      I then have a solo scene where I sing Hello by Adele while the original song with vocals plays in the background. Partially as a joke as I cannot sing at all. The director said she liked it that way.

      Around this scene I wake up.

      This dream was in Dutch.
    7. April 2, 2023 10?? am

      by , 04-02-2023 at 11:49 AM
      I snuck into the office of my old job and checked their computers, to my surprise, they never updated their files and there was literally an entire folder with my name on it containing my projects from when I worked there that they were still using. I manage to sneak out unseen and notice a mysterious boy with sunglasses following me around, I briefly leave my room and come back to see that the mysterious boy now is trying to deconstruct the monitors from my home office.

      I ask who he is but he doesn't respond, I angrily grab him by his neck and legs and swing him around but he doesn't budge. He must've been a corporate spy from my old job or something.

      I woke up drowsy.

      Can't recall what language this dream was in.

      All locations were just bright white rooms, like some sort of labyrinth.
    8. April 1, 2023 6:38 am

      by , 04-01-2023 at 06:05 AM
      My school has their introduction camp and we all go to this old cinema buliding where we all get a room to prepare our bags. I'm late and hear the glockenspiel already that's announcing the bus taking off. As I go downstairs to my room to pack my bag I see two girls from high school also still downstairs and I'm relieved I'm not the only late person.

      I go upstairs and the bus is about to take off, we go to this fictional place in Noord Holland which has the same name as a chat term we use at work so I can't write it here. Apparently I was the guide at the introduction camp of the new theatre school students but I end up leaving earlier.

      I then work at a Nike store owned by an elderly couple, I want to take over their store which is only possible if they get a divorce. I go to the bathroom, which is apparently at the entrance of the store, but actually in the open instead of a private room. As I prepare for the shower, a popular lightskin dude comes and films me and turns showering into a music video while his fanbase was watching through the windows.

      They finally finish and leave, I turn down the blinds and curtains so the I can shower for real, a desperate customer tries to enter as I hold the door closed. I notice a bunch of customers still needing to leave, the elderly couple walks along them, telling me they got the divorce and I now own the store..

      Sitting in the train on my way to a new job, I think about the fact that the elderly couple divorced because of me and I pretty much just ruined their lives. I check Google Maps but the layers are 3D and the route's height updates as well. I then wake up and hear my alarm clock.

      Dream was in Dutch up until the Nike store when it became English.
    9. March 31, 2023 5:30 am

      by , 03-31-2023 at 05:10 AM
      Archie from Riverdale tries to get with Veronica, in order to win her heart, she wants a photo of my Eastern European roommate and her girlfriend in front of a painting drawn on a hanging bed sheet hanging in our apartment (both of which aren't my real roommates but only exist in the dream)

      Archie asks me if I can get a picture, I come home and the painting is torn apart, but nevermind that, my roommate yells her that uee girlfriend has gone missing m, she wqs last spotted in Amsterdam.

      My roommate and I to a fashion school in Amsterdam fo check fody here. She's not here and my roommate keeps searching.
      A mysterious wonan holds my arm and starts guessing my sizes. After getting all sized correct, she asks if I wanted to last minute replace on of her models that didn't turn up. I accept and tell my roommate I have to quit the search aa I got scouted, she wasn't happy with the news.

      I go to the set, and am in a dressings room with different models. I get given w pretty normal set of clothes to wear; White shirt and black jeans, but then have to wear a Duck mask and weird flipper type of shoes with a aligned balls betheath it which makes it very hard to walk on those shoes in balance. After seeing the other "duck" models walk towards the set, I join them just to discover we're in some sort of theatre play/dinner show, and only on the first act of what's going to be hours worth of seasons (we were just at winter) After improvising to the model scouts singing scenes, I return backstage where a girl from theatre school asks how long it is until the summer act so she can finally have her singing scene.

      Meanwhile, my fictional Eastern European roommate found her girlfriend as she had her GPS tracker in her phone all this time gets closer to hear girlfriend and I can track her location through my job (not actually in real life) and tell her I know where she is but can't tell her due to data protection laws (This is like my job in real life).

      I then wake up.

      I watched the newest Riverdale season yesterday, didn't expect it to be THAT memorable lol

      This dream was in English, I think the part with my theatre school classmate was in Dutch, though.
    10. March 27, 2023 8:12 pm

      by , 03-27-2023 at 07:33 PM
      Another nap dream which was longer than needed because I had two hours of sleep today and set an alarm for the nap, but fell back asleep. Glad I got my eight hours sleep anyways

      In my dream I spontaneously traveled to the Netherlands to go to the cinema with my best friends from high school (coincidentally asked me to go to the film today) we get to the cinema and joke around, there's this goth-alt looking woman who looks like a woman I worked with before at a tech festival as well as the woman who works at a bar in Berlin who's slightly disturbed and annoyed by our behaviour and takes me out of the group because she trusts me the most. We go to a private room and she tells me she's giving me access to the projectors in the building which are big television screens with her face on it, I get to access them when her eyes on the photo are at a certain position. I get on my phone and edit the settings of the projection, having access to a bunch of trip-hop music videos she's made.

      I walk back to my friends with a smug look on my face as if the woman took me to a room alone with her to make love to her, my friends all walk up to me like "What did you do???" before my friends are being brought home by a parent, around this time I got a bit aware that things weren't adding up as 1) my friends can drive and 2) it suddenly hit me that I traveled to the Netherlands from Berlin with lord knows what money and had no idea how to travel back. I go to my family home in the Netherlands where my mom meets me normally as if I still lived there saying "Where did you go??"

      Then moments before I woke up a "scene selection" screen appeared before my eyes that looked like like this:

      • -----
      • -----
      • cinema kino
      • family home zuhause
      • -----
      • -----

      As if I hadn't "unlocked" the other locations
      I then suddenly woke up and wrote all of this down here, that scene selection screen unironically is making me wonder if maybe we really are living in a simulation or matrix as it seemed like I was placed in a scenario, which I technically was lol

      Dream was in Dutch.

      Edit: this is what the "scene selection" screen looked like:
    11. March 21st, 2023 5:34 am

      by , 03-21-2023 at 05:44 AM
      I've been feeling s little sickish and could feel that in my dream as well, I had a dream about work, and although I cannot legally disclose what I do at my job (9 to 5 office job), this dream felt like an official "first day" where I'll br doing yhe first thing by myself, but in the canteen. While talking to all other worker who exactly found myself at the same place I was standing at.

      I also moved to Austria and I met my only friend from Austria, or at least a version of him generated by my subconscious.

      I had this moment where I thought "I'm going to work and I'll be the greatest I've ever been at it" and that's when my alarm went off.

      It's almost as if they felt my brain waves lol
    12. March 7, 2023 11:20 am

      by , 03-07-2023 at 11:52 AM
      I was in the hallway at home, waiting for everyone to leave so I could go to the toilet, a high school girlfriend from my family shows up in our house because the family wanted us to stay in touch. I greet her and hug and we have some small talk as we notice both us us have grown.

      After she goes upstairs, I bunch of people are chilling in my hallway dresser in blue and orange parkas. They're film extras waiting for the shoot, but I jokingly tell them I thought everyone just had zero drip which causes them to laugh out loud. I then let them ask me questions and everyone excitedly holds up their hand, the first person whose name I guessed as "Levi" because he looked familiar (in hindsight like someone else I know, I know someone with that name but it's not him) who asked about me being German because of my family. The second guy I had trouble understanding, I feel bad that I had to ask them multiple times and walk up to them just to discover that he's from Belgium (It was a Dutch dream) and he was speaking in a very thick Belgian accent asking me if I would travel to his theatre play, I say of course as I've traveled to Belgium before and even all the way to Luxembourg. I then jump back on the bad with a crazy backflip.

      The scenario from my dream then changes to the waiting room being for a performance from the sound studies master students from Berlin, whom I've seen live in July. The performers in question come chill in the waiting room with us not knowing they have to get on stage in five minutes, they asked me about their schedule and I pull my my phone saying it's at :45 as I notice the time being :40 right now (Coincidentally also when I'm writing this) the performers rush ahead and my theatre school classmates and I walk towards the performance as well through the streets at the canals in Utrecht.

      As we walk towards the performance I brag to my former classmates about seeing them in Berlin. And they're all having this "he's talking about Berlin again face" (This has never happened in real life as I haven't spoken to most classmates in 3-4 years now, but is what my subconscious assumes their reaction would've been as I had this classmate who would always react to my online activities in person)
      This classmate asks me about the master "Oh so they were like 'Lets teach a bunch of kindergarteners some sound design' " then joked about them getting an assignment to make music out of an apple pie and later on a different pie and for some reason I was just responding with yes knowing damn well how disrespectful they were being but couldn't be bothered enough to argue. I then fortunately woke up.
    13. February 28, 2023 6:58 am

      by , 02-28-2023 at 08:14 AM

      Sleep notes: Yesterday, I got to be part of a dope project I cannot disclose about that was a ten-hour-long day, I had to wake up very early to get there, had a breakfast smoothie, and bought a sandwich at the train station to eat as lunch later knowing it was gonna be a long day. It was genuinely a great experience, but I hate to admit this, they treated us poorly on terms of nutrition; Half of the catering consisted of sugar-heavy snacks (Which I didn't eat because I recently quit using sugar) and there was an this weird sweet tasting water that was in a bottle previously used for syrup, that was the only "normal" water, any other option was either cola or sparkling water. There was lunch, but not until 4 pm, which consisted of a very small portion of food and between lunch and eating that sandwich at the end of the day I barely ate because there was nothing but candy and soda available. I ate my sandwich from earlier in the train home, and two bites from my dinner before going to bed early. Safe to say, I suffered a great headache as well as a lot of dizziness yesterday due to poor nutrition and lack of hydration. It's gone now, fortunately.

      Anyways, here's my dream:
      I believe I was at another field trip of some sort, the same girl from the previous dream and I were once again going to share a hotel room, we hugged and made out, but we were both a little drunk so we didn't go any further than that. That and I also had to go to the bathroom really badly and found myself going though random hotel rooms looking for a vacant toilet because why should I use the one in my room. Finally back from the toilet, I get back in bed with her and we were about to sleep when a guy I knew from theatre crashed into our room to give us a college lecture through a projector which was already installed there. As he asked us questions we answered and he laughed, his laugh (and in hindsight also his appearance) resembled Eric from Sex Education.

      A blonde teacher I cannot recall walks into the room and logs into the computer and changes all her folder names to the new class she will he teaching after the head of department from my old theatre school gave her the opportunity to teach her the class she dreamed about. I'm trying to listen to her story, but the setting of the dream has now changed to a classroom whose interior vaguely resembles that of a theatre and cinema foyer as well as the Eye film museum in Amsterdam but in a dark, metal colour. In the classroom sat my old classmates from theatre school complaining about how her changing subjects will somehow affect their studies, but they were doing that while she was talking about her dream class and why she wanted to pursue that which I wanted to hear more about, buy couldn't. I got up from my seat and stood closer to listen, eventually telling the class to shut up and only have one person at a time speak, this angered the class and they all started getting mad at me which didn't help my sensory overload either. They felt threatened by my presence as I was still standing between them and the blonde teacher, who didn't step in once, and my body language seemed defensive in an aggressive way apparently.
      Kids from the class get up and tried to pull me out of class, I refuse. They then get the head of department there whom I'm glad is here so I can explain the situation to him, but he angrily grabs me by my wrist and pulls me out of class then tries to find a vacant room, opens a random door in the hallway that leads to an unknown room. We sit down, but as we're about to talk, I wake up and can't get back to sleep to dream about something else because I was fully rested with eight hours of sleep for once!

      It was an interesting dream to say the least. The girl from the hotel room from both dreams, is a girl I haven't seen in years now and barely spoken to, let alone thought about for a year now, too. The theatre school part has been more common, though. I should definitely see a therapist about that. Because although this type of situation didn't ever take place in real life, there is a lot of unresolved theatre school trauma I personally still struggle with that still lingers my mind and gets triggered at the most random situations.

      Also the hotel rooms as well as the labyrinth of hallways were all pink coloured.

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    14. February 22, 2023 9:13 am

      by , 02-22-2023 at 09:39 AM
      I slept in an uncomfortable position with my head between my pillows and bad a collection of short, strange dreams.

      • I was working different audiovisual related jobs, such as operation a radio tower
      • I was in a pop up bank in Utrecht Central Station, where a robbery started to happen and had people with rifles and RPGs shoot the place. I try to distract the robbers and make a run for it towards the exit, but suddenly wake up. I might've been shot and woke up or forced myself to wake up until realising that I was dreaming.
      • Half asleep, half awake after waking up from that terrifying bank dream, I stare into the dark as my tired brain generates psychedelic visuals of a vibrantly coloured desert where I blow away the sand, and come across strange, colourful creatures
      • I had my theatre school graduation, my family as well as the women that did my hair were there, one of my family members was playing GTA on their laptop and I've been told my classmates and school walked by during an inappropriate scene from the game

      There were more, but I forgot what happened. A lot of capitalism-themed dreams, and I know exactly why :U Can't disclose yet but I'm happy about it
    15. November 14, 2022

      by , 11-14-2022 at 08:35 PM
      Two dudes watch a sitcom, there's a scene of a kid bribing his teachers to graduate early which he successfully does. The dudes visit the set as the teacher hands a bag of cookies the child baked, then handed another bag saying "don't eat those, he likes being creative" *canned laughter*

      The dudes consider giving the cookies to the YouTubers analysing sitcoms in full length video.

      As they eat the normal and "creative" cake, they realise they's no fourth wall as they are stuck in a sitcom themselves, what happens next is a series of crazy events in the style of 2000s Wayans/Scary movie/stoner films as the dudes travel through Berlin using taxis and eventually it pans to the sky as they're on a flying train.

      They then end up at an hotel talking to a woman who rejects them, I see this happen and walk through the hotel lobby, going back realising I had left my phone behind which I couldn't find anymore.
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