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    My first ever lucid dream.

    by , 03-01-2017 at 12:56 PM (255 Views)
    I had heard of lucid dreaming at this point and was interested in attempting it, but failed a lot.

    I was 14 years old.

    I was in a mall, random DC's scattered about. I was walking around, just window shopping. The mall had a glass roof, and I could see it was dark outside. Somehow... someway, I realized I was dreaming. Standard DILD. I spoke aloud, "Oh my god, I did it. I'm dreaming." and while I had no control of what was happening, I was excited. Some began to lift me up, and I pass through the glass roof. I continue to ascend until I wake up, and too this day I still think it was a fun show that my mind played out for me, as if it were my ascension to becoming a god of my own realm, right inside my own mind. My own place to have fun and explore new places.

    I'm almost 23 now. And I am strong. And if it weren't for an apparent dream entity sucking my power away not too long ago, I would be participating in the yearly and monthly tasks. I'm new here and loveeeeeee the idea.

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