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    Possible shared dream? No way that was a DC...

    by , 03-04-2017 at 12:04 PM (251 Views)
    I awoke in a room with three doors(I have been having WILD's and DEILD's all night, cause I have woken up at least 5 times tonight and have successfully chained together dreams! it was AWESOME. This is the fifth dream.), One huge, like a blast door, the other two were normal. The Blast door had a window on it so I could see out, and it lead to a beach. The two normal doors had windows too, but I couldn't see anything beyond the one to the left, and the right door lead to what looked like an excision concert. Naturally I tried that door immediately lol. But it was locked, and something was preventing me from using powers, immediately making me think it was a shared dream or my dream entity that's been giving me issues. I see no way to open the big door so I try the one on the left and it's open. As it opens it turns into my elementary school cafeteria and I recognize several people from highschool. One moreso, my Ex. I go to investigate her, look at her and decide it's nothing, and fly towards a door behind me to leave. Then she STOPS me mid-air. I've now realized this is most likely a shared dream and I have been pulled into her dream, would explain why I couldn't do certain things. Only thing is, Whoever this was wasn't my Ex. She just used a mirror to change her appearance to LOOK like my ex, but she didn't know how to ACT like my Ex. And unfortunately for this woman I pay attention to women I like... Especially this one. Her mouth gaped as I turned around, and she began walking away. I could tell from her exasperated look and the way she walked it was not who she wanted me to believe it was. Then she fucked up and gave me attitude, a very specific attitude. This woman was not my Ex at all, but someone I've missed for a long time. She sat at a different table in the lunchroom and I sat a few seats down, watching her. She spoke of a few words that only I will know, and then from a sitting position began to pinch the table into an upside down U until it snapped in front of us. She flew off and I followed... And so did DC's. She changes her appearance... She's wearing a black dress now, and it solidifies who I thought it was cause this woman appeared to me before in that same dress... But she wouldn't make eye contact with me now, nor let me see her face. I turn around to close doors behind us to stop the DC's, then I turn around and she's using a door as a teleport and shuts it behind me. As I reach the door and try to follow, I wake up.

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