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    1. WoW, Grandcharles, Vonnegut

      by , 07-15-2014 at 06:02 PM
      I have a fragment that exists before my actual memories. I'm going down a road, and meet a vendor, and he asks me if I have a particular mount already. It's a polar bear mount? I tell him that my Draenei could use it. I was up on a ridge. It feels oddly, in retrospect, like I may have been in Feralas?

      The earliest point in the dream that I can truly say I remember is me walking down a road, in a grassy, urban area in a large valley? I recall red rocks. Anyway, I eventually came to a small station, which looked perhaps like a gas station, but wasn't, exactly. There were three gnomes there, and it became readily apparent that this was a quest hub. They had daily quests available, but I was able to turn them in, as I had done them in the past. So I turned them in, and it activated a teleporter that took me to a place called Solitude. It is irrelevant, as I don't really remember the location it took me to.

      The final phase of the dream (and the only other part I remember) took place in a car, and I was driving around what appeared to be the same geographical area. Red rocks, lots of grass, valley, roads. My grandfather, and some other people were there. Man, this took place after a long and intense dream segment that's related to both of these, but that I can't remember. Anyway, I was riding in a car with grandcharles and some students. He was soon to be taking a class on Kurt Vonnegut. Or maybe teaching it? No, taking it, because I later found out that Shelly Huth would be teaching it. ANYWAY. Someone made some statement about the book (Slaughter House Five, I think) that I didn't agree with at all, but instead of attack the viewpoint, I was going to direct grandcharles to a quote in the book itself, something for him to focus on while reading. I paraphrased the quote, but someone else (another future student in the class, I assume) said that I had it all wrong, and insisted we look up the quote. Turns out it wasn't where I thought it was, it was in the back of the book, buried in fields of other quotes and pictures of space. I didn't get it just right, and when grandcharles read it, he stated that it probably referred to the marriage ritual Vonnegut had created for him and all of his descendants (no such ritual exists, to my knowledge). I remember claiming that it could be viewed as a companion quote to something that exists in the opening of Cat's Cradle. Then, my girlfriend woke me up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Coastal City South of York

      by , 07-14-2014 at 05:12 PM
      I think there was much more to the dream before this, and his was the tail end of a much longer story. Regardless, I remember looking at a map, trying to find the quickest way to Gulf Shores from York (which I was near, for some reason). York was pretty close to the coast, apparent, and gulf shores appeared to be south and west of it. As I was looking at the map, I noticed some coastal cities along the way, that I had never heard of before. One was just outside of York, apparently, in a fictional city called Roseton, or Basetown, or something like that?

      Anyway, I headed towards it, and pulled up to fictional intersection that I've seen in my dreams before. There was a windmill there and gas station, which was normal. Part of the windmill (the topmost bladed part) fell off while I was waiting at the intersection. I then noticed that there was a brand new gas station underneath the windmill (beside it and beneath it, it wasn't part of the windmill), which was exciting, because there was usually just a run down, empty lot there. So, there were two brand new gas stations. We pulled into the one on the right, beneath the windmill. We stopped, and Katie Lewis was there. She got out, said hello. I introduced her to my girlfriend, and called her by Kaia's name, but she had apparently shapeshifted into Katelyn Rew. We then got back in the car, and I figured that introducing her with Kaia's name probably hadn't been the best faux pas, and decided to not to touch the subject.

      We then took the road between the gas stations, and it led immediately to the coastal town. On my first visit, I noticed some fast food places and a walmart, and that it was directly on the coast (or a river?), and that there was ice all around. I left (I don't remember what I did during this absence, or any other absence, for that matter), and then returned. On the second venture, my family had come with me. My sister was pretty amazed that I had never noticed all of this was here before. The area had grown, and was now pretty populated with people. Also, you could apparently see Cuba from the coast? Like, close enough to swim to, very easily (not the city Cuba, the island nation). We went to a library, which was ok. I searched for Heretics of Dune, but couldn't find it (nothing but prequels, of course). We then left for a very brief period of time (again, no recollection of what I did, there honestly may have been no time shift, and my mind just made it seem like I had left in order to change the scene of the city) and returned.

      This time, it was MASSIVE, and there was a clear eastern and western part to the city. All of it was floating on ice, though the bergs weren't really separated, they formed a large landmass, for the most part. It was also less immediately apparent, now, and required hopping over one or two small ice floes to reach the city proper. It felt like a WoW quest hub, honestly, and I remember someone doing some kind of rocket races or something? For some reason, my mind associated them with Goblins, but I don't think that they were actually Goblins. It was pointed out to me by a third party (it felt like Lindsey from Arrested Development was speaking into my mind) that the eastern (left, from my perspective) portion of the island was very politically liberal, while the western (right, from my perspective) portion of the island was very conservative.

      So I went to the eastern part, which I hadn't been to yet. They also had a library, which was much better. While I was looking for the book I ran into someone who works there, I assume, as she was going to help me find what I was looking for. She was some weird mixture of Meghan A and Haley from Birmingham. I remember us stopping to talk, and her rubbing her toes against my foot in a weird, flirtatious way. I found the book, Heretics of Dune, thanked her, and left. At this point, I left the library, and was then woken up by my girlfriend, who wanted to go find breakfast. So now, we're gonna go find breakfast.

      As a side note, every time I left the city and came back, I may have had a false awakening, because I seem to remember a sensation of relief each time I went back to the city, in that I was relieved it was still there, and perhaps that indicates that I suspected it was just a dream, due to a FA.
    3. Jumping

      by , 07-12-2014 at 04:48 PM
      I don't remember the dream, not really, only one particular scene. I'm tempted to state that I was lucid for the one scene I remember, but I think that would be a lie. I think that I was, in the context of the dream, in an altered state of mind -- a trance-like state -- and was testing my capacity for carrying out super-human actions within the dreamscape of this trance-like state. So, like a meta dream? Regardless, I remember the idea of wanting to test my abilities, in a land where I could do whatever I wanted. So I practiced my capacity for high-jumping, and I was ascending up this giant tree-like structure, high jumping to each ramp area I could walk up.

      It was fun.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Intro Class Daily Dream Snippets XPost

      by , 07-08-2014 at 12:54 PM
      Just a single fragment, really, that's decayed some since I woke up, at that.

      I had a set of abilities. One could be attained through an arm extension motion, palm down, and I think I could move and control things, and perhaps crush things. The other was attained by the same arm extension, but palm up, with my hand being slowly grasped into a fist, and it worked just like corpse explosion from the Diablo series of games, in that I could make corpses explode or (more commonly) turn into a pile of acidic bile on command.

      This entry occurred yesterday morning at about 10AM. I'm moving it over here from the dream snippets thread.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. ASMS, a Labyrinth and Hannah

      by , 08-13-2012 at 07:34 PM
      I was trapped in a stone labyrinth beneath ASMS. Nick and I got trapped there because we went to find the bathroom. We had gone down and found a room that didn't seem like a bathroom, but actually was a bathroom. In this room, though, were two fresh bodies, and I had the feeling that someone was watching this. Also, this area of the school seemed ancient. Like, medieval ancient, in structure. We turned to get out, and we went the way we came in. It was a room with a large staircase that followed all four walls up to the top. When we got up there, we couldn't get out, though, there was no door. We had to call the guy that created it, who I thought may be a villain, and we also called the front desk of ASMS. The lady at the desk had been trapped down there before, and was trying to explain to us how to get out. Something about a series of buttons and the whole staircase would rotate towards the door. You only had a short window of opportunity to try this in, though, before the door moved to an entirely different area of the alternate reality we were now in, which the dream had just shifted to. There were a few people with us now, Kaia was one of us. We didn't finish our side in time, so we had to quickly move to the other side of the dreamscape. As we left, I passed an area with some large predatory cat in it, which I had to kind of fight and push against a gate to trap it in place. The area we were in was essentially a city, and every building had the potential to hold the stairway and door out of the area and back up into the real world. But we seemed to know where it was at the time. It had moved to a restaurant on the far side of the area, inside of a store that was like a walmart, but had some other name. We went in, and a guy there told us that since we were so unhappy. We should take some free pants on the way out. I told him not to worry about that, but show us where the restaurant in the store was. He took us there and sat us down, it was actually pretty nice. He was starting to hand us menus when the dream ended and shifted to another one.

      In this next dream, I was in a bed with Hannah and two other girls. One of them was playing guitar, the other was just lying there. None of us was wearing clothing. Hannah got up to leave, and I got up to follow her. Before I left, though, I decided I want to sing some of the song that the other girl was playing on guitar. It was "The Day the Music Died," one of my favorite songs. So I sang as I was leaving to follow. And then I woke up.
    6. My Son

      by , 08-12-2012 at 08:45 PM
      I had a son. I told my wife that I would take him to school so that she wouldn't have to. Don't remember who the wife was. Son was like four or five years old, very short, black hair. He and I get in this giant SUV and we head towards his school. We get there, and he thinks I'm gonna just drop him off outside, as it looks that I'm just pulling to the front door by the road. I instead pull around to the back, and ask him if he wants me to walk him inside, and he gets really excited. We park the vehicle in the back of the building, and get out. Some guy comments on the fact that the SUV is blocking most of the road, but fuck him, my kid's almost late, gotta get him inside. We start to go up to the top floor. I would say upstairs, but there aren't many stairs involved. The building is falling apart, and we have to get up to the top. So I'm helping lift and carry him up to the top. We get to the very end, where there's a little gap you have to cross, and I step across and then put out my hand to grab his so I can pull him across. He jumps, and catches himself on some old metal fence thing, and I pull him across. I'm worried that the fence hurt him, so I lift up his shirt and there are four tiny holes in his stomach. They aren't life threatening or super dangerous at the moment, but they need to be taken care of very quickly so they don't get infected. I tell him to stay right there, that I'll be right back. I zip down the building and start looking for rubbing alcohol and bandaids. I can't find a convenience store. I keep looking all over the area, nothing. Some dude that I know who lives near there asks me what I was looking for, and I tell him what I need. He says he has it, and goes to grab it for me. At this point I wake up.

      I later had a dream about my sister being in control of the family investments, and her fucking it all up buying posters and screens and shit to promote some band. Don't remember much of it.

      And then there was another that had to do with us fighting... something. I remember even less of this one. I just remember the feeling of a general struggle against some other force.

      And then there was another where I was trying to play a certain amount of NES games to unlock some special NES game... or something. I also don't remember much of this.
    7. Flowers, Drugs, LoL, Flamethrowers, Montana and Bugs

      by , 08-11-2012 at 08:02 PM
      We were in a field training. It was very intense physical training that involved destroying a field of flowers. They were flowers of the same shape as portrayed in A Scanner Darkly, the film, which I had watched the night before, except instead of being just blue they were also red and orange, and they grew very, very large. So we would destroy these flowers, then we would all pass out from the exertion. I was covered in sweat as if I had just been swimming, and gasping and taking deep breaths, but I felt incredible. After destroying the field, a song would come on, and I'd lay there no my back and sing it as loud as I could. This was the rest period. Because the field would soon grow back, and we'd do it all over again.

      I was taking experimental drugs for some institution. A lady said that she would be offering free meals to people who were part of the study. She stated that she was a vegan, but that she would cook whatever. I took her up on her offer, and ended up going to a restaurant with her and her husband, for some reason. While we were there, I started to have some kind of freak out episode, but it wasn't because of the drugs.

      I only remember a fragment of the next dream, but I was playing mid top lane. Brand came in to gank, I believe, and the guy went hard on him. Brand died, but I swooped in to pick up the kill. Dunno who I was playing, but if I had to guess, I'd say Cho, and the opponent may have been playing Urgot.

      I was trapped in a stadium. There were a ton of people in a ring down on the field. The question was asked, "Who is not ready to usher in a new era?" or something like that. Everyone who raised their hand got flamethrowered, so of course I kept my mouth shut. A surprising amount of people raised their hand. David McClane was there with me, and so was Kevin. They had both also not raised their hand. They were talking about something, don't remember what. I remember that my seat in the stadium was facing away from the field, for some reason. I think it was going to turn into a Bane-esque situation.

      I'm living here in Montana, but that apartment is different. I've gone down the road to some shop and purchased a double barrel shotgun of odd design, and I've been practicing shooting with it. My landlord is doing work on the apartment, and when I wake up, he says hello to me. He and the guy who are doing the work walk into my room, and notice the gun, and compliment it. My landlord asks me where I got it, and the price. I tell him where it was, some place down the road that also sells used furniture and shit, I walked down the road and purchased it earlier in the dream, actually. I also tell him the price, which he said was really good for that quality and type of gun. I walk out of my room, and as I do so pass Leo, who is heading into Mekhala's room, which is across the hall from mine. They seem really happy to see each other, and are about to have sex, I believe. I then walk to the lobby, which is basically an open courtyard, and apparently my apartment is now beside a beach. I had a book with me. I remember thinking that I wish I had some money so I could fully experience the area, and a car so I could fully explore it. I turn to walk out of the lobby, and pass a little stand that is set up cooking food, that is just really a grill in the open with counter space built around it. Everyone is smoking weed down there, the cooks, the patrons, everyone, and a cloud of it hangs in the air. I make mental note of the fact that this is yet another way in which this place differs from Birmingham. As I walk out of the lobby, I come to a steep grassy hill. One of the cooks walks out near me, she was a lady who I knew at whole foods, I believe, and we pass a gated courtyard area on the back of the building that you can see into, and there are some cabinets there. She comments on how she wishes he would leave food in those things, and then we both comment on how we both live off of cheap pasta and cheap pasta sauce, and we laugh, and I keep walking up the hill.

      I'm in the same apartment as I was in the last dream, but it's riddled with spiders. Like, thousands of them. Not only spiders, though, but huge person sized bugs. Disgusting things, kind of like the bugs you fight in Skyrim but pale and flesh colored. And... squishy. Dunno how else to describe them. There are also bugs that look just like the aphids from A Scanner Darkly, and they come in varying sizes, from super small to people sized. There are webs EVERYWHERE. The walls, ceilings, floors, some of the bugs are trapped in them, literally everywhere. They don't bother me, though, for some reason. It was as if I was maybe a little annoyed by them, but not disgusted or terrified of them, and I knew that they needed to be there, so it was ok. Spiderman lives here, and he's talking with his girlfriend about something. She's complaining about all the bugs, actually, I believe. Spiderman -- who I think was being portrayed by Christopher Nolan, and looked just like Batman, but it was understood that he was Spiderman -- brings up the topic of mating with the larger bugs at some point or something, for experimentation purposes. His girlfriend seems pretty disgusted by it, naturally.

      Used SleepCycle to wake me up after about five hours and forty-five minutes of sleep, and started doing WBTBs. Most of these come from that WBTB chain period. No lucids.
    8. Waffle House, Homeless and No Car

      by , 08-10-2012 at 11:50 PM
      I was stuck in a hotel on the side of York that's near the Log Cabin. There was a Waffle House there, and a vendor attached to the side of it that was making basic Americana food. His setup was basically just a grill with some counter space around it against the outside of the building forming a loose square, no roof, just outside. I'm almost certain I've seen him and that setup in my dreams before. I ordered fries and a hamburger, and I was constantly getting accosted by people in the area for money. I later got the food, and it was actually chicken fingers. One girl approached me, and I was going to give her some money, and then I saw that she had a small pair of scissors in her right hand that I was pretty sure she was going to stab me with, so I quickly grabbed them from her. I was homeless, just wondering around at this point. I think my plan was to stay in the Waffle House until morning, but that didn't work out. The people standing around it seemed to aggressive and shady. I also remember asking a friend if I could stay at his place for the night, but he said no. I wasn't bad homeless, just didn't have anywhere to stay for that night. I believe I even had some luggage with me or something. I was somewhat frustrated because I'm pretty sure I had come to that area to do something really heroic, and HAD done that really heroic thing. And no one would take me in for the night.

      This reminds me that I wish I had a car more than almost anything else at this point in my life. The theme of either not having a vehicle and being in some predicament because of it, or driving constantly is almost ever-present in my dreams.
    9. Side Note

      by , 08-09-2012 at 08:28 PM
      I also spent about 45 minutes reading before I went to sleep, which got rid of my problem of not being able to fall asleep.
      side notes
    10. Scooter, a Car, a Girl, the Rebellion, and Lucid Monster Wars

      by , 08-09-2012 at 08:12 PM
      I was with Scooter, and she was touching me inappropriately, and I was doing the same, and it was weird because my sister was maybe someone in the area, and there was an understanding that she didn't approve of us having any kind of physical relation.

      Later, there was another dream where I was driving a car, and was from the future. My Mom was there, but she had no idea what the car was, she was basically my Mom from the past. We were in the same house that we currently live in, though. I was driving around with her in the car, and was explaining to her "know how you have horses and carriages and shit? This machine is what we have in the future?" She seemed to vaguely understand, but she wasn't awestruck. She was just pissed off about something, some fight that we had gotten into earlier. There were roads, which was strange for a time without cars. There was also a driveway at her house, which was strange for a time without cars. Before I started driving, I also asked her for a key to her car, which also was strange for a time without cars.

      Trapped in some area, by a lake. A lady there had had a younger child, maybe 9 or 8, and a baby. They were there because some government research was being done concerning the lake, I'm not sure what it was. But everyone was living in tents said up by the lake. I got the feeling that the lady that had lost her kids was a kind of lead researcher on the project. I developed a relationship with her older daughter. She had black hair, a little taller than me. We became fast friends. Near the end, we were resting together in her tent, while her brother was there playing videogames. Her Mom came back and walked into the tent while we were together. I asked her if this was ok, she said "it's fine." Her brother looked freaked out after she left and told me to run. He said that his Mom was drunk, and would chop me into pieces. I walked outside, and the Mom was there with a machete. We started to fight, and the fight teleported to a boat, I believe. She had this ability to make me see insane and horrifying things, much like the Scarecrow from Batman. I was able to turn it against her, though, and at one point got the machete from her and chopped off her hand. I woke up during the last parts of this fight. I don't remember much about life at the camp beside the lake. just that I was very glad that girl was there. I was very, very happy when I was with her, and she was no one I knew in real life.

      At this point, I was woken up by Sleep Cycle. It woke me up during the last dream, and it worked really well. I sat up, voice recorded my dreams, then laid back down. My intent was to WILD, but Mike had woken up and was showering and people were awake and right outside my window, and I quickly got frustrated. So I decided to just role the dice and do a WBTB, telling myself that I would have a lucid when I fell asleep.

      So I have a dream. I'm part of some resistance group fighting against an empire of sorts. The color yellow is associated with the resistance, the color purple with the empire. We were slowing pushing the imperials back through a series of room and cave-like chambers, using blasters. At one point we found a desk, that we decided needed to be taken apart because it had been stolen from the imperials. Anyway, we keep pushing up to this area that is a walkway that is open on one side, then someone opens a fridge while we are there? And that makes them realize we are hiding there, and they surround us. To denote that we weren't going to fight them, everyone put down their weapons and... grabbed a frozen burrito from the freezer. I wasn't about to do this. But Robert Downey Jr. was with us, and he finally decided that he would do it, but that he would choose the flavor burrito that no one had gone for yet, so I did the same. The imperials then expected everyone to eat the burritos while they were still frozen, as part of penance or something. Anyway, either it all died down and/or we escaped, don't remember which. I ran into Kaia, who I ended up following through some deep woods to some place. I kept following her, and we kept going around this island, which has this giant statue of it that was raised by the imperials, maybe? Eventually, as we were walking around, we moved out of the jungle into a populated city area that was almost a part of Birmingham, but not quite recognizable enough to be called a construct caused by memories of the place, while in this area, the big statue was torn down. It seemed to have an "oh-no" look on its face as it was being destroyed.

      Later, I'm in my parents' house. I'm fighting some long line of creatures that is trying to get to my bedroom in the house, which is like my base, and I have to destroy them as they come by. I become lucid during this, I don't remember why. I for some reason didn't record this dream right after I woke up when it happened, and decided to try another dream. This was very foolish of me. Anyway, I'm lucid, and I realize that some had gotten to my room where the base was. The leader of my group of monsters is a plus serpent head thing. So I grab it and charge into my room, getting ready to bash them. As I'm charging, I remember thinking that I can't believe how absolutely stable the dream is staying, as I'm dashing around in this ridiculous situation, attacking these small monsters. I'm able to look around at every detail of my surrounding without losing any stability. I get to my room and try to stop them, but it's too late and they win. That's fine, nothing bad happens. I walk out of my room and towards the front of the house. I decide I want to try to teleport. I close my eyes and start to do so, and right before I go to teleport I remember that I foolishly haven't set a destination, so I just think the words "grammy's house," but don't actually form any image of it at all in my head. I realize what has happened and open my eyes. The whole dream world kind of does a lightning fast blip around me, like a tv station where you are getting shitty reception from an antennae and the image cracks for a second, and I feel the entire reality of the dream not exist at all for just the briefest fragment of a second, then everything comes back and I'm in the same place in my house, but everything is a little more blurry and less stable. The teleport was a whiff. I gather myself and realize I'm starting to lose stability. In an act of desperation I set a location in my mind and try to teleport there. I don't remember where it was, but I tried to make it as specific as possible. That being said, I only spent like two seconds forming it in my mind, and I was already losing stability rapidly, so this one also whiffed and I went through the same sensation of reality blinking out again. I tried this twice in rapid succession, each attempt failing, each failed attempt making me lose a little stability. I wasn't able to teleport, though, and in the end I was in den, not very stable. I realized I had fucked up, and tried to look around and stabilized. I was willing my mind to fill in sensory data from everything around me, to sharpen everything, and I drastically slowed the process of destabilization, but I was too far gone to stop it, and I woke up.
    11. Rachel, Arkham Asylum, V, Warhound

      by , 08-08-2012 at 08:58 PM
      Hanging out with Rachel at Whole Foods. She has a job where she draws pictures for the customers of whatever they want. A lady comes by and asks for hers, and Rachel said that she's sorry, it hasn't been done yet, and the lady complained that she had put in the order a long time ago. Rachel tells her she will do it right now, and the lady walks off. Rachel then hands it to me, and tells me to draw it. I can't draw anything, and tell her this. She tells me that it's easy, to do it. Becca walks up, luckily, and says that she'll do it for me. The drawing is of what is supposed to be someone's Dad, but a super hair almost werewolf version of him, standing on a little deserted island? He's in some weird pose like he's dancing or fighting as a robot, dunno.

      In a castle, comparable to the mansion in Arkham Asylum. Part of it is a sidescrolling dream, like in the Scarecrow aspect of the game. During this part, I hit an enemy, and his head explodes. I'm also kind of fly-gliding like batman does.

      Here I wake up to try a WILD, and fail.

      Some guys is doing research into being able to enter peoples' dreams while they sleep. Basically, you become a DC in the dream. I go into the dream that he tells me not to enter, because I'm dumb like that. It's a hostile environment, there are three people with huge swords, three evil people, and I can't get out. I had to pretend that I was helping them fight some person that they were fighting, so I also had a huge sword and started slashing. After that, I was able to pull myself out of the dream by using concentrated bursts of willpower, that slowly phased me out of it. It was a crazy experience. I think the guy doing research on this technology was the guy from V for Vendetta. V, that is. While I was in the dream pretending do be a bad guy, Kaia was there as a DC to help me get out. Aside from the dream I went into, there were tons of chambers containing people who were taking place in this experiment. The area was a long network of caves and tunnels.

      Here I wake up to try a WILD, and fail again. Just keep falling asleep. Probably because I didn't actually go to sleep until 7AM.

      In a castle trying to find something. Maybe a person. I'm very small, toy sized. We find a dog, hold it off a little, then I free it and I'm able to ride it like a horse. That's the last thing I remember before waking up.
    12. Notes on the Dream

      by , 08-07-2012 at 08:03 PM
      I should mention, the dream where I was moving to New York, almost the entire dream was spent just driving around talking to my family. It felt like a pretty long dream, and I spent the entire duration of it driving. I miss having a car. = /
      side notes
    13. New York, Mary Jane, Sex

      by , 08-07-2012 at 08:00 PM
      I don't remember much, but I know that I was moving to New York, with Kaia, and that my Dad had resurrected my old car, Mary Jane. I was beyond excited, like... so excited. I don't think I've been that happy in or out of a dream for a long, long time. Spent some time driving MJ around GTA style.

      Then I shifted to a different dream, which was a sex dream, but I have no idea who it was with. Then I woke up.
    14. The Black Ranger

      by , 08-05-2012 at 06:57 PM
      The black ranger appeared. He was a new ranger, a special ranger. At one point, while standing outside of a car, he was portrayed as Darth Vader. He goes on a car ride with the other rangers, which are just a large family. Weird, otherworldly stuff starts happening, and they assume it's because of him. It isn't. Instead, it's some ghost inside of their home. At this point, he is both in the car and in their home? He finds the ghost and destroys it, and the weird stuff starts happening. The bad ghost turned out to be Morgan Freeman on a pair of skis. Breaking the skis broke his powers.
    15. Proximity of Moment of Lucidity to Time of Falling Asleep

      by , 08-04-2012 at 05:01 PM
      My alarm went off at 7:30, I called Kaia right as it did. Then I made a 1.5 minute audio recording of my dreams throughout the night up to that point. My next alarm was scheduled for 7:35, and I probably went to sleep at 7:32. The lucid scenario occurred within three minutes of falling asleep.
      lucid , side notes
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