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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 5/7-8/2012

      by , 05-09-2012 at 04:37 AM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Another FA Lucid

      I wake up, and go to use the bathroom. While I am in the bathroom, I am thinking about a family member who has been having some vision issues going on lately when waking up in the morning. I look at the medicine cabinet above the sink, and realize that I seem to be having problems seeing as well. I can't see the medicine cabinet, and the towels which hang on the back of the door seem to be above the sink. I look again, but things still don't look normal.

      I do a nose pinch RC and discover that I can still breathe and am dreaming.

      I think of what I ought to do, and consider doing something like eat the doorknob (lately I have been having weird ideas of what is fun in LD's). I suck on the doorknob, and then decide to leave the bathroom. I open the door, and see a big microwave hanging on the wall. About this time I wake up.
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    2. 4/5-6/2012

      by , 04-06-2012 at 09:50 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Distracted Lucidity

      I wake up, and realize that I am dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC to be sure, and I can breathe. I walk out into the sunroom, and think about what I should do. I think about visiting the first part of my latest dream/computer game, and I may or may not do so. If I do, I find myself in the white room in which it begins. Or I may still be in the sunroom. Anyway, I decide to leave the room by breaking through the window. I am a little surprised at how easily I do this, and I find myself outside on a starry night. I know I ought to do a bit of work on testing my game, but I get distracted looking up into the night sky. There is something almost irresistable about the expanse of stars, and I have an urge to fly into space. I spend the rest of the dream trying to do this. At one point, I think maybe I should fly closer to the ground, remembering that in other LD's this helped to stabilize things.
      false awakening , lucid
    3. 3/26-27/2012

      by , 03-27-2012 at 09:45 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Challenge Course Level 1

      I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Since it is the middle of the night, I think it is probably a good idea to do a reality check. I plug my nose, and find that I can still breathe. I pinch my nose harder to be sure, but since I can still breathe I realize that I am dreaming.

      I look at myself in the mirror for some reason (I don't exactly remember what the mirror had to do with it) then I go out into the sunroom. It is now daytime, and I think of what I should do. First, I try to summon monsters to fight, but nothing happens. I try this once or twice with no luck, and then walk into the kitchen. I remember the challenge course, and realize that this is a great opportunity to try it. I try to create the first chamber around me, and end up using a technique of walking out of the kitchen into the pantry, but with the idea that the next room will be the first chamber of the course. At the same time, I seem to be a little outside of the dream, because I can imagine my surroundings a bit more freely (at the cost of some vividness of the dream).

      I find myself in the chamber, but already standing on the ledge that is supposed to be high up above me. The chamber is like a large cavern, possibly with water and plants but at least very much like a cave in nature. Across the cave from me on the wall is the door to the next chamber. It it smallish, and square, more like a large window. It is also higher up on the wall than I imagined, and already opened. Around here I either wake up or lose lucidity.

      Boats and Computers

      I am driving somewhere at night. I have to park my car some distance from where I am staying, and walk along a partially wooded path. I start down the path, but then I realize that I could just as easily be driving my car down this dark path. I turn around and head back to the car, just making it as I hear some voices nearby...

      ...Somehow I find myself on a boat, in some marshy area. There are places where there is open water, and I am discussing how the boat is built so that one can use it even in the shallow, overgrown areas. In one area I stop to fish...

      ...Somehow I find myself in a store, and my father is looking at computers. He either wants to buy one, or wants to find a good video game to play. This becomes more involved, but I don't remember all of the details.
    4. 12/29-30/2011 (Various things, and a brief WILD)

      by , 12-30-2011 at 11:01 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      75mg vitamin B6 before bed.

      My friend the spy

      I am visiting with my brother's fiancee for some reason. As we are visiting, people start chasing us. It turns out that she is some kind of a spy, and there is an organization out to get her. We go running across the rooftops of some city, chased by people who are shooting.

      Later on I am discussing this adventure with someone, and reflecting on how I didn't mind running along ledges and other death defying stunts when I was being chased. I also wonder if this girl has a sister that might be single.

      Grandfather falling on hard times

      My Grandfather has lost a lot of money somehow, and is trying to raise money. Some creepy looking guys show up, and they begin discussing the possibility of him selling the grandkids as slaves. After the creepy guys leave, I make sure that my Grandfather really isn't planning to sell us to them.

      I solve a mystery

      My family and I are standing outside watching an airplane. The plane is flailing around strangely in the sky, flying way up into the air and then back down. Then it starts to shake, and fall apart. It breaks into pieces, and falls to the ground. Actually, it falls into some kind of water because it creates a small tidal wave that I am concerned will hit us. By the time it reaches us though, it just makes our feet wet.

      We are seperated from the airplane crash by a bunch of shelving, or something like that. As I examine all of these things, I (or we) are reminded of something that happened that is in some way related. I crawl under the shelves to examine the wreck (which is now part of a satellite), and poke around looking for bodies, I think. I don't see any, but I do find an electronic device that makes something important click in my mind. I've solved the case! I seem to recall the dream starting to get creepy around now, but when I solve the case everything brigthens and becomes cheerful. I think I become Monk again, or at least I pretend that I am. "I've got it!" I shout behind me. "Here's what happened," I begin, but I don't remember what happened.

      Small WILD

      I wake up in bed. As I usually do any more, I do a nose pinch RC. I can still breathe which puzzles me at first. But as I realize that I must be dreaming I also seem to become aware that I am waking up, or am awake already and I haven't even pinched my nose. I don't know if this part happened or if it was a false awakening, but I decide to try a WILD from this point. Or maybe it's a DEILD, I forget what the exact technique is here. Anyway, a dream forms around me within seconds. I find myself walking into an electronics store with a friend. I'm not very satisfied with this dream, although I don't know why looking back on it. I try to find ways to anchor myself to the dream. My friend sits down with a sort of Iphone or IPad. I look around, trying to hold on. I can't remember what happens after this.
    5. 12/26-27/2011 (I love WBTB)

      by , 12-27-2011 at 02:48 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Sometimes I'm too lazy to do it, but WBTB is definitely worth the trouble. Another 2 or 3 lucid dreams in a row, seperated by a few FA's so it's difficult to tell how many different dreams there were. Too bad my recall isn't any better.

      Friend's house

      I am at a friend's house. I don't know what tips me off, but I do a nose pince RC and realize that I can breathe. I become lucid, and work on stabilizing the dream. I also work on trying to convince my friend that this is a dream. My friend doesn't believe it. He looks into the living room next to us.

      "I think I'll turn on a light in there, unless you can do it with your 'magical powers'" he says in a sarcastic tone.

      I think about trying to turn the lights on just by thinking about it, but I'm not sure how. Instead, I run into the room and try a bit of anti-gravity tricks. My friend still doesn't believe me. He walks to the light switch on the wall. I run up to the wall and onto the wall like Spiderman. I climb up to the ceiling. My friend is still skeptical.

      We go into the kitchen. There is a woman sitting at the table who looks like my mother. Perhaps she is my mother. Things get a bit fuzzy after this. I believe that I tried summoning Monk to try the dream avatar posession technique again, but it doesn't work too well. I also try slowly doing a 360 degree turn, examining everything around me, which I read in someone's dream journal was a good technique. This helps a little.

      Back home

      I wake up. Wary of FA's, I do a nose pinch RC. Things look normal around me, but to my surprise I can still breathe. I think of ways to increase dream time or stability, and notice a stopwatch next to my bed. I pick it up, and watch the hands ticking. Interestingly, they tick regularly, just like in real life. To be honest, they skip a beat now and then, but for the most part the watch ticks like normal. I remember someone's post on Dreamviews about watching a clock, and how it extended dream time. I lay in my bed, and watch the second hand.

      tick-tick-tick-tick, it ticks like normal. I watch it for 30 seconds, surprised that dream clock could work so regularly. I wonder if this will increase dream time. Already it has given me a stable dream for about 30 seconds.

      I get out of bed, holding the stopwatch to my ear and hearing the ticking. Whenever it stops ticking, which it does every once in a while, I point at it and say "tick" and it starts again. I keep counting the ticks trying to use this to anchor me to the dream. I concentrate on increasing the vividness and stability of the dream. On my way out the door of my bedroom, I see a hand made sign posted next to my door that says "remember to increase vividness".

      I chuckle to myself and start downstairs, all the while repeating the commands "increase vividness" and "increase stability" and now and then demanding another "tick" from the watch. I run my hand along the railing to try to anchor myself. Much of this dream centers on me walking around the house trying to increase the vividness of the dream. I try summoning Monk again, once in the kitchen and once in the living room, but it doesn't seem to work. I seem to have a mental block about controlling some things in dreams, even though I know it is a dream. Still, this dream seems to last a bit longer than dreams have been for a while. Maybe it was the watch that helped.

      False Awakening

      I wake up. I go downstairs to the bathroom and brush my teeth. As I turn to leave the bathroom, I notice something is weird with my vision. I seem to be taller than the door, and then I notice that my head bumps against the ceiling. I think something about the possibility of a dream, but I decide to do an RC to make sure. I pick up a bottle of hand soap and try to read the ingredients. Nothing makes sense. I'm dreaming.

      I leave the bathroom, and decide to go outside and have some fun. For some reason, I feel that I should be quiet going out so I don't wake everyone up. I unlock the back door, and slip out into the sunshine. I decide to try some flying, and jump into the air. I bounce around a bit on the ground, which is fun too. I realize that it helps to stabilize the dream and increase vividness by running and being active, so I run around like a mad man.

      I find myself driving in a car. This is a false awakening, because I have forgotten all about the lucid dream. This may even have happened later in the morning, but I seem to feel that it happened after the last lucid part ended. I am listening to a call in talk show on the radio, and the man talking is broadcasting from near where I am driving. People are pulling over to talk to him, or else pulling into the driveway of a park off to the left to turn around. I pull into the park behind them.

      I do a nose pince RC for some reason, and find that I can breathe. This is rather unexpected, and I am a bit skeptical. I pinch harder, but can still breathe. "OK kiddies," I say out loud, "if these failed RC's continue I am going to have to pull over and figure this out." I look at my digital clock, which is wrong when I'm awake anyway but is consitent. It looks OK, but when I look again it has changed, and even displays the letter "F".
      I'm dreaming.

      I pull over, and turn off the car. Getting out, I think of what to do. I remember that staying active and moving is helpful in maintaining the dream, and also how exhillerating it felt in my other dream to bounce into the ground and splash through puddles. I jump onto the hood of my car, onto a picknick table, and into the tree above me. I remember feeling as though I had to prove this was a dream (I may have still had mental reservations), and I am a bit concerned because I'm not floating as well as usual. Gravity seems to be OK. But then I jump from the tree and launch myself into the air, and flying works decently. I aim for a few puddles, and splash into them, bouncing up into the air as though the puddles were springboards. Water does that for some reason in my dreams. Then I skim low across the ground until I wake up. Just before waking up, I remember hearing the man on the radio (or some voice) talking to someone. I can hear him saying, "you say you have nothing against Mormonism, so why are you talking about demon possession while you are talking about Mormons?"

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    6. 12/11-12/2011

      by , 12-12-2011 at 03:36 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I have been experimenting with peanut butter, of all things. In previous night I was taking vitamin b-6 as well, but last night I decided to just try two tablespoons of peanut butter before bed. I may not get a chance to journal for a long time today, so here are some quick notes.

      Successful WILD?

      I was attempting a WILD here. Realizing how fast I slip into a dream after the first hints of HI, I decided to forgo counting, relaxation techniques, or mind alertness methods and focus on myself in a dream. At some point (I don't remember exactly when, it may or may not have even been part of this but for some reason I thought it was) I wake up. Or I think I wake up anyway. I look at my hand as a RC. I have 6 fingers. A classic RC.I realize that I'm dreaming. I sit up in bed, and things look completely normal except that I know it's a dream. I throw off my blankets, but I can't remember anything else.

      A series of false awakenings, and some lucidity

      I have some long involved dream with gangsters. There are fish in the back of a car, and I make it seem like they have been dead a long time. Kind of weird, but it seemed vitally important at the time. After a while, the adventure takes us to an old building with stone steps. I know that if one of the bottom steps is removed, another set of steps will show up leading down into a passage in the ground.

      Somehow I find myself back in bed. The gangsters are in my bedroom. I don't know if I thought I woke up or not. The light is on, and think I had better turn it out. I turn it off, but one gangster tells me I had better turn it back on again. I try, but it won't come on. I think it must be because I turned it off and on so fast, and the bulb is burnt out. I try the switch on the wall. Nothing.

      "Must have blown a fuse," I think. But I also remember that lights not working right is a dreamsign. I plug my nose and try to breathe. At first I am confused, because I actually can still breathe but I could swear I was awake. I pinch my nose harder, but I can still breathe.
      I realize I am dreaming. I walk out into the livingroom, and look around. Things are fading a bit, but I hang onto some things to try and stabilize it. I keep saying "increase stability" over and over. I hang onto an open door, which helps a bit. But when I let go, the dream almost ends. I become dangerously aware of my body asleep in bed. Trying to forget that, I try a technique of slowly spinning and looking at all of my surroundings. This helps somewhat.

      The dream is still threatening to break up. I pace up and down the living room, shouting "increase vividness" and "increase lucidity" over and over. I walk into the kitchen, and think maybe some excitement would help. "Create monsters!" I shout, but then think better of it and say "well, maybe no monsters." I walk into the living room, and try to summon someone but it fails.

      I find myself in bed. I get up and walk out into the living room, remembering my dream. Things are decorated for Christmas, which they are in real life but not as much. I look at the computer clock, but interestingly it seems normal.Somehow though I realize this is a dream. I can't quite remember what I did in this dream (I'm losing recall the longer I am awake) but it wasn't much anyway.

      I find myself awake in bed. I get up and walk into the living room. My mother is sitting there, and I tell her about my dreams and false awakenings.

      "I just kept thinking I was awake!" I say. I make a joke about an alarm clock, and how it would be good if I had one set in case this was a dream also. How would I ever know when to wake up for real if I thought I was awake already? I don't seem to doubt that I am actually awake this time.

      I realize I need to get ready for school. I have to leave by 6:00 or 7:00, but I can't remember exactly when I have to be there. I thought for sure I didn't even need to get up until 8:00, but my mother thinks differently.

      I wake up again. There is a single mother in my room. For some reason, I don't know anything about this woman but I know that she is a single mother. She is also a pillow. It's kind of weird. I don't even know if I'm lucid or not at this point, things are a bit confusing.

      Eventually I wake up again. Unless this is also a false awakening, which RC's tell me isn't the case, I actually do need to leave. Needless to say, I woke up again from that last false awakening, and no reality check has failed so far.

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    7. Jumbled Dreams

      by , 03-09-2011 at 06:52 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Took 0.5 mg of melatonin before bed. Did a visualization MILD, visualizing my University.

      Lucid Fragment

      I am walking down the street near my university when I discover that I'm dreaming. I am able to change aspects of the landscape as I have visualized myself doing while awake.

      Beautiful Women (fragment)

      I am once again walking to class at the university. As I cut across a parking lot, a bunch of beautiful women show up. They are either African or African American, and look like models. I walk along with them, or they walk along with me, or something. Maybe this is even part of the above dream, but I can't remember.

      Kids in Danger

      I am in my own home (which also seems to be another place, maybe my old church). There are a bunch of kids with me. There is some kind of adventure going on, like a Boxcar Children story, or Tom Sawyer. I am a kid in this dream, named Taylor, or Huck, or Oliver or something like that. The other kids are out in our main living room, and there are bad guys outside. There is an adult with us, who leaves to do something that is supposedly important. I don't trust this guy.

      Upon leaving us kids alone, the man says "keep watching out this window. Don't go anywhere or do anything, just keep watching. If they come, this is the window they will come through."

      I know that there is a window upstairs that the villains may come through. I also have a feeling that the man is in with the bad guys. I decide to go watch out the back window. On the way, I stop in the closet to get a gun to take with me. I look in the closet, and see my 20 gauge and my father's 12 gauge shotgun. We have a couple of .22 handguns in there, but the shotguns are more powerful. I pick up my father's shotgun, and look for some ammunition. There is a box of shells on a kind of wooden ledge above the guns, but they seem to be fishing lures. I root through and find some shells I think will work, and drop them into the shotgun.

      I run back to the back door (also the front door of my RL home) with my gun. I look out the window, and apparently see something. I dash out the front door, snapping the shotgun shut. Then I run a little ways, in pursuit of the bad guys.

      While I'm running, I notice the shotgun seems awkward to carry. I look down, and see that it has more than the one barrell it usually has. As I look, I first count 2, then 4, and finally 6 or 8 barrells. Not only that, there are two triggers.

      "How strange," I say to myself. "I know that this gun only has one barrell. What could be going on?" Immediately the thought comes to my mind
      "I must be dreaming. There's no other logical explanation."

      I look around. Everything seems so real, it doesn't seem possible that I am dreaming. But there is no other explanation for the gun, and I know that I often think my dreams seem real. I turn around and head back for the house. "I'm dreaming," I say again, trying to grasp the idea. It just seems so real.

      On my way back to the house, the plot and the realism overcome my realization that this is a dream, and I loose lucidity again.

      Private Eye

      I am a private detective. I have an office in a large city, which is also my current university, which is also my former university. Inside this office, you can walk into a sort of screen which hides your image from the outside. While I am hidden like this, my partner goes out onto the front porch of our office with a beautiful woman. I know the woman is trouble, but it's his decision. I watch from the inside, hidden behind this screen, while the woman shoots my partner. Then she shoots a few witnesses.

      "We'd better shoot all the witnesses," her accomplice says.
      "I don't see anyboy else around," she says, "nobody is in the building. Come on, let's get out of here."

      I pick up my gun, and dash out the front door after them. They travel down the road, and turn left. I follow. They go down an alley, and I pull out my gun to be ready in case I come across them suddenly. Looking down the alley, I can see a house at the end that they are headed towars. It is one of the houses that I lived in when I was little. Apparently, this is their hideout.

      I inspect my weapon, and notice that it is not a gun at all, but my set of throwing knives. I guess that's better than nothing, so I pull one out in case I need it. I look again, and I see it is once again a handgun. Then I remember that I never put bullets in the gun. At first I think that I keep the gun loaded, but upon closer inspection I see that the chambers are empty. I grimace with disgust at my oversight. What kind of detective am I?

      I turn back towards the office. As I walk, crowds of people fill the street. The street is also a hallway now, I am at one of my colleges and classes are just letting out. I turn towards my office, which is now the maintenance section where I used to work. I need to get back, but some girl I know comes up to me. She wants me to look at her pictures, by which she means she wants me to go to her adult website. I don't really want to do this, but she keeps insisting. She shows me some rather obscene pictures of herself, but I manage to push past her to my office. Around here the dream ends.
    8. Better than nothing, I guess

      by , 02-23-2011 at 03:55 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I was probably up too late last night. My dream recall is bad, and the one lucid I remember was very short. I seem to remember being lucid a secondd time during the night, but I remember nothing else.

      Not Fooled by a FA

      I wake up, and leave my bedroom. At the top of the stairs, I remember to do a reality check. I realize that I am dreaming. As soon as I realize this, the dream fades to blackness, so quickly that I don't have time to do anything about it. Now in the Void, I decide to hang on until the dream starts again. Then I think perhaps I may be awake. I'm not sure which it is, but I decide if I'm awake to try to WILD or do a DEILD. However, while attempting this I lose lucidity.

      I'm now dreaming that I am attempting to WILD. I remember something about "vibrations" occuring while doing this, and I think that I am supposed to shake around a lot. I am sitting in the basement now, trying this. Some other people are there coaching me...

      ... The fake WILD must be successful, as I find myself in a dream about war. We are fighting a battle on a snow bank. I am cracking jokes with my superior officers. There is more to it than this, but I'm having a hard time remembering. A girl is there, and we are fighting over her (?)...

      Shopping for Camping Equipment

      I am in the local outdoor sports store with my family. They have added two staircases that go up to a new floor. There is one in the clothing wing to the right, and another in the camping and fishing wing to my left. My father has bought a giant tent (in real life he just bought a fancy new boat) and I am going to check out camping supplies to go with it. Upon entering the camping section, I see that things have been moved around. I then see that things have been moved to make room for the new stairs. I decide to explore, and climb the stairs.

      The staircase is really narrow, and people are bumping into each other. Towards the top, it is so small you have to turn sideways to get up. Another guy is on the stairs, and we remark about the narrowness of the steps to each other. I say something like "I hope no fat person tries to get up here". At the top is another part of the store, with more outdoor supplies.
    9. Dream Avatar Technique

      by , 02-22-2011 at 12:53 AM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Before bed I took a vitamin b supplement, as well as some vitamin b-6.

      Dream Avatar Technique
      I am walking from my car to the university in Cleveland where I take classes. I am following a girl who is talking on her cell phone. Even though I am following her, I can see her face. I look at this for a while, as she is nice looking and since she is turned away from me she won't be able to see me. I wonder how this can be, since I can see her face. I then realize it is because she is walking while turned a little to the side, moving forward with her head turned so as to see me.

      False awakening (?) I continue walking, and thinking about the dream I had "last night". Then I realize that I haven't done an reality check yet today.
      I question whether or not I am dreaming, and find that I am dreaming. When I realize this, the dream begins to fade, and I either drift into waking state and then WILD back to the dream, or hang on even though things black out a bit. It isn't so much a matter of stabilizing the dream now, it is just that the dream is more like a daydream, or I am only half asleep. I remember something I read somewhere about trying to identify with your body in the dream. I attempt to do so.

      I am still walking to class. I reach the building, and find myself outside the building and walking next to some large stone pillars. The girl is still with me.

      "Transport yourself to your dream body", she says. I know that she means another DC, which represents myself. I also know that this DC is Monk (the detective. I have dreamed a couple of times now that I am Monk. It is kind of a dreamsign.)

      "How am I supposed to find him? There are so many people, and he could be anywhere." I say.

      "It's your dream," says the girl. "Put him where you want him to be."

      I imagine Monk around the next pillar. Sure enough, when I reach the pillar, he is standing there. He is around the corner of the building, standing still in the street as though he is examining something. I approach him, and study him for a moment. In doing so, I assume a Monk-like attitude. Then I turn around and walk backwards so that I am standing in the exact same spot as him, facing the same direction. This is not hard to do, as Monk and I are one and the same anyway, just in two different places. Then I will myself to take his place.

      Suddenly, everything becomes vivid. It is amazingly vivid, as I have often seen people describe their LD's. I look up at the sky, and see how vibrant and real the color is. Everything around me seems so real, and there is none of that "tunnel vision" that I often get in lucid dreams. Along with this comes a sense of exhilliration.

      "Wow!" I shout with amazemet, "This is really vivid!" A guy walking by me in a suit and carrying a briefcase looks over at me, a little startled and amused. "Sorry," I say.

      It is so vivid that I begin to wonder if I am really dreaming. I know that I am, but it all seems so realistic. I do a "finger through hand" and "nose pinch" reality check. Niether of them work, as RC's don't seem to work anymore in my dreams. Still, I know that I am dreaming, even though there is a tiny doubt in the back of my mind (small enough of a doubt for me to still consider this to be lucid).

      Intoxicated with the exhilliration that seems to have come with the vividness of the dream, I race up a set of stairs on my right. There are lots of people around, but I don't care. I run about about 3 or 4 flights of stairs, and pause at the top.

      "Paging Dr. S____," I hear a voice saying over a PA system. I begin to get confused now, thinking that I am supposed to be a doctor but at the same time thinking it is a dream. I know in order to perform surgery I need my backpack, which I left down on the street. "Even if I am dreaming" I think, "I don't want to take the chance of not responding to this page". I turn to go back down the steps, and
      open my eyes to find myself in bed.

      At this point I look at the clock and realize it is past 9:00 am, and I had an engagement this morning. I feel like I could have returned to the dream, but I had to get up. I did a few RC's, but I was awake.
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    10. D'ni and The Dukes

      by , 01-06-2011 at 05:04 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Finally! New content!

      I am playing Myst Uru. At the same time, it is real life. It begins to rain in the Cavern (from here on out I will write as though everyone knows what I'm talking about, even though they probably don't). Apparently, it has rained in the cavern on previous occasions, but this is a hard rain. More like a storm. And it continues for quite a while. Suddenly, a Bahro swoops down out of the sky and attacks two fellow explorers. They are killed. Then, while the rest of us continue to contemplate this, the Bahro return and kill three more exlporers. Everyone goes into a panic! I run towards the Hall of Kings, hoping to hide in the shelter. I know this is a little futile, but it is better than being out in the open.

      Other explorers had been chatting, even when the first Bahro attack happened, but now they too begin to realize that something different is happening. By this time, I make it to a flea market someone has set up outside the entrance to the Hall of Kings (obviously not there in real life, another one of my dreamsigns). I decide to try and hide among the clutter. All the while, the rainstorm continues.

      The Dukes

      I am with my family at Lake Erie. My father and brother take our 14 ft aluminum boat out, even though there seems to be a storm (maybe this is part of the above dream). My mother and I go out on a small inflatable raft not much bigger. As she starts the outboard motor we have fixed to this raft, I look back at my father and brother, a little worried. The waves are really big. Then our own motor revs up, and we are zipping along top speed through the storm.

      We come to a cove, full of dead trees and debris. I warn my mother to slow up a bit, but she doesn't want to. Then we go over a large tree, and come down on the other side with a noticeable crash. We keep going a bit longer, but I can feel the air leaving our raft. We have been punctured.

      Mom steers us to shore, and gets out. However, before I can get out the raft sinks. All of this occurs within seconds, before I have a chance to put on my life jacket. Fortunately, I am somehow able to climb from the bottom of the lake up to the shore.

      Standing on the shore, I see two people chasing after us. It is Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane. I now find that I am one of the Dukes of Hazzard (I used to dream this all the time. I don't know why). Bo, Luke, and I run up the shore, until we cross into Canada. Boss and Roscoe catch up, but I warn them not to come any farther.

      "Not unless you can extradite us," I say.
      "Roscoe, arrest them anyway!" Boss orders. "They don't need to be extradited from Canada!"
      "You'd better not," I warn, "Unless you want to be in a lot of trouble."

      Boss Hogg seems to fall for the bluff, but Bo and Luke and I decide we had better seek asylum from the "Governor". We walk to the governor's office from where we are, to find that the governor is none other that Huey Hogg, Boss Hogg's nephew. We speak to him through a small window, and explain our case.

      "Suppose you started out in another country," I say. "In, to be exact Hazzard County. That's in - wait a minute, what state is that in. Hmm, Wyoming? No, it has to border Canada."
      "Hazzard County's in [Wisconsin?]" says Huey, "and don't you forget it!" (I don't know why I couldn't remember Hazzard County is supposed to be in Georgia)

      The dream gets a little off track here. Bo and Luke and I have to wait outside a while in folding chairs, and then Bo and Luke go into a warehouse to check on some illegal activity while I act as lookout. As I'm sitting there, I see a "Journey Cloth" (from Uru) on the wall of the warehouse in front of me. Even in this dream, the Journey Cloth seems so wildly out of place that I blink and rub my eyes. Then I get up closer to it, finding out that it is in actuality only a metal cover to something.

      I sit back down, and look at a television. The Dukes of Hazzard are on. Not only that, but the episode playing happens to be the one I am living out right now. The episode seems to be a condensed version of the "real" thing, so I see the ending on TV before it happens. I suddenly realize what I am supposed to be doing.

      At that moment, Boss Hogg and Roscoe show up. I have a vague impression that it is a little odd that I should be here with these people at all, but shrug it off. Then Boss and Roscoe disappear, and it's night. I know that Bo and Luke will get into trouble in the warehouse and I am supposed to rescue them. I try to run, but obviously that doesn't work. I walk down to the warehouse and see a dark van show up. A few hoodlums get out and enter the warehouse. It is some smuggling racket run either by Boss or Huey. I enter the warehouse behind them, knowing I have to warn some people inside. I am forgetting who at this point, other than Bo and/or Luke. I see some guy who winks and gives me a thumbs up. Thinking this must be a signal, I say "we've gotta warn Bo and Luke and get out of here!". He nods, and says he will.

      Talking about my dream (lucid, sort of)

      I "wake up" from the Dukes dream, and decide to post my dream journal on Dreamviews. While I'm typing, I question reality and discover I am dreaming. I have a hard time holding onto this, though. I try various things to anchor myself, but it doesn't help too much.

      New Job

      I get a new job, working for a rotund and rather gruff man. He is not exactly mean, but when he gives me a vague job to do and says to have it done by tomorrow I get a little nervous. The job involved copying text from greeting cards, but I don't know how or what to copy the text to.

      On the positive side, my job seems to involve working with a beautiful nude model. I don't have any idea why, but I have her pose while I take a photograph. Then, working together, we use a computer to copy text from the greeting card onto the scene she was poing in front of. Then we put her picture in front of the text.

      We realize that we can't see the text now. I make a text box on her torso (now it is partly on the computer and partly in real life). The text box is too small. I try to resize it by hand. Now it is big enough, but it covers too much of the model. I reposition it a little so it only covers her stomach area. Then I accidentally do something, and it resizes the model. Now she is really skinny and out of proportion. Fortunately it is not too hard to reset this.

      Now one greeting card is finished. I still have a whole stack to do "by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon". Well, at least I know how to do them now.
    11. Doggone False Awakenings...

      by , 12-04-2010 at 03:29 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I'm a Toys-R-Us Kid

      I am at Toys-R-Us with my mother, father, and brother. We are looking around, and split up. We are supposed to meet up again in a few minutes, but I get lost. Some type of adventure befalls me, though I don't quite remember what. Finally, I meet up with my family again.

      In this dream, Toys-R-Us looks like a greenhouse. There are many rooms in it, connected to other rooms. There are tropical plants around. (And fireplaces?)

      Letters to Lincoln

      We are talking about Abraham Lincoln. Our family (in the dream) has letters that were written by Abraham Lincoln's wife. We don't know exactly where they are, but apparently we were descended from her. We have a bunch of her old stuff, actually. I wonder if it is worth anything.

      The Church

      I am visiting a new church. It starts out with me listening to the church on the radio, but then I actually end up there. At first I think it is a good church, and well founded in scripture. But then the pastor begins to talk. He is dressed in some odd uniform, and his whole message seems to be about how he doesn't think Christ is the only way to heaven. He hints that Christ may actually not be God. "What kind of a church is this?" I think to myself.

      The preacher decides to show a movie to the congregation. It is about Barak Obama. As soon as Obama appears on the screen everyone stands up as though they were going to sing the Doxology. I am a little disgusted by this seeming idolatry. I had been standing out in the hallway watching through a door. I sit on the floor in a sort of a protest. People in the sanctuary decide to sit, too.

      Grandparents (fragment)

      I seem to remember something about going to my Grandparents' house.

      A Series of FA's

      Have fun sorting this one out:

      I wake up and check the clock. It is 8:45. I usually do a RC upon waking up, but I always assumed looking at the clock was good enough. Then I wake up. Not to be made a fool of again, I look at my hands. I rub them together. Nothing looks odd, so I must be awake. Then I wake up. I look at the clock again. It is a little hard to make out, but it looks like it's 1:45. Good, plenty of time to do a DEILD (I'm pretty sure this was a FA too. This set of dreams took place around 8:00am). I enter into a dream about Toys-R-Us. I pinch my nose and can still breathe. But then the dream changes so that this is actually not occurring, but is a memory of me doing a nose-pinch reality check in the past.

      I am walking down an aisle in Toys-R-Us. There are characters from Star Trek there. They seem to be advertizing a sale on Star Trek merchandise. There is also food and apple cider. I stock shelves a while, and see Angela Lansbury. She seems to know me. I try to think of how I know her.

      An announcement comes over the loudspeaker system, referring to the town we are in. I am reminded that I work in Wintersville, Ohio (I don't in real life. I don't even live near there). That is hard to believe for me that I actually work there.
    12. Experiment with Valerian + Vitamin B-6 + Melatonin, and Incubation

      by , 11-29-2010 at 04:44 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Before bed I took 400mg valerian, 50mg vitamin B-6 and 0.5mg melatonin. I woke up at 3:30 am and did a WBTB. I also performed a MILD before sleeping. In addition, I attempted to incubate a dream about Myst Uru.

      Uru Marker Quest
      I am in D'ni, doing a marker quest (this takes a while to explain if you don't know what I'm talking about. You can google these things if you're curious). I am in a big room "upstairs" (a vauge dreaming impression, I don't know what building I may have been in). I follow the markers "downstairs" into a large dark blue grey room. It is a little reminiscent of somewhere in Kadesh Tolesa. The marker quest is describing a murder mystery (taken from waking memory. I was on such a marker quest before going to bed, and it was a location I was at during this quest that I was trying to incubate). The markers tell me about a group of people who "explore the walls". They seem to be suspicious, and I look around the walls of the room. I also call someone on the telephone. One guy in particular does not have a telephone. For some reason this makes him even more suspicious.

      The County Fair
      In this dream, I am back at my old job with the Army Corps. I am working at the public relations booth at a local county fair.

      My former boss is supposed to call me (taken from waking life. I had to call my present boss this morning because he was supposed to call me and didn't). I am at home, but I know he is talking to someone about my phone number. He can't remember my number, and therefore can't call me. I somehow walk into his office as he is saying this.

      "You need my number?" I ask, surprising him. We exchange greetings, since we haven't seen each other in a while. Then he sends me out to the county fair.

      It is cold and rainy, and many vendors have pulled out of the fair. I myself am a little disgusted with the fair for some reason. I am hungry and decide to get something to eat. I stop at a booth selling hot dogs. I order a hot dog since it is only 75 cents. Then I decide to order french fries too, even though I wasn't going to at first. I fall into conversation with the vendor while he prepares my food, who is also disgusted with the fair.

      "This fair ain't like it used to be" he says, squirting ketchup and mustard into a plate and then dumping fries in. "Look at all the people who have pulled out".

      "I know," I say, "I think this is going to be our last year here." In fact, I know it is, because I am the one who schedules the fairs. He hands me my food. The fries have onions and peppers mixed in with them. It looks pretty tasty.

      I walk for a while, and come to some railroad tracks. There are some people walking on the tracks. What they do is wait for the warning lights to flash on the track signalling a train is coming. Then they jump on the tracks and walk, as though that is the safe time to walk. I try to warn them not to do this (though I seem to be walking on the tracks with them). I describe to them how "two of my relatives - or ancestors, I guess" were killed doing this.

      The above dreams were recorded at 3:30AM during the WBTB. The following dreams I recorded this morning.

      Western Christmas Carol

      I am with some bad guy, in a sheriff's office of the Wild West. The bad guy has a rather distinctive face, looking like a typical bad guy. While we are waiting for the sheriff, another guy walks in and leans on a counter in front of us. Those of us waiting in the office are startled to see how much this new guy looks like the villain. They could be twins, except this new person is much younger. Then a second person walks in and leans on the counter next to the first person. He too looks exactly like the villain, but he has a big bushy beard. Those of us waiting (the villain, myself, some other person, and Peter Lorre - I don't know how he fit in) talk about the coincidence. Then the villain starts reliving past memories.

      The past memories are brought on by the fact that the first look-alike reminded him of his own youth. It is like the Ghost of Christmas Past for him, and he begins to soften up by remembering how he used to be. Then, when he sees the second look-alike, he thinks of the present, and how things could have been different. This then, is the Ghost of Christmas Present.

      Then the sheriff walks in. If we were surprised before, imagine our shock at seeing the sheriff - an exact double of our villain, except for the badge and hat. This is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, with the ominous foreshadowing of a hanging.

      Sad Dream

      This dream may have been part of the Western Christmas Carol dream, as it started out in a similar scene. It deals with some issues from the waking life that are sad and personal to some close friends, so I won't go into much detail in the first part. It cheers up a bit by the end, though.

      A man, falsely accused of a crime or imprisoned for a petty crime, has a heart attack while in prison. They could have let him out to go to the doctor, but they didn't. He dies. This makes the following events even more tragic and frustrating for the family. Some other things happen (taken from waking memories) that add to the family's grief. There are some scenes of sadness.

      Somehow the scenes above lead into a story of three guys who go to Russia. They send a letter to the United States' government threatening to do something extreme. This causes the government to go into a tizzy, and then reports come that the three guys have taken over Russia. What actually happened is that they claimed Russia and nobody bothered to argue with them. It was so silly that it wasn't worth Russia's effort. However, the newspapers pick up the story and blow it out of proportion. Some of us get a big laugh out of that. "Then violence spreads" as it was said in my dream. I am sort of writing this as a story and living it at the same time. Everything disintegrates into a big fight and mass destruction. I buy candy.

      The Minivan in the Kitchen (Lucid)

      I am walking down the hallwau in my house towards the kitchen. I enter the kitchen, and on the left where the table is supposed to be is a large minivan. This isn't right, and I realize that I am dreamin. This realization seems to cause me to jump, and I wake up...

      ...But it's a false awakening. I find myself walking down the same hallway, and enter the kitchen again. I look to my left, and there is the minivan sitting there. This reminds me that I'm dreaming. Once again I jerk when I realize that, and either wake up, have a FA, or something. I can't remember anything else.