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      As far as morality, I don't see any difference between LDs and Real Life. God exists everywhere and everytime, so if you are moral while awake, certainly you would want to be moral while asleep! I had to laugh to myself at church last week... we sang "Every Step that I take, Every moment I'm awake, I give my life to You" I told my wife I didn't agree... why limit yourself to just your waking time?" Anyway, that's my take. I am excited to explore the "powers" one can exhibit in LDs... teleportation, walking thru walls, shapeshifting. I think that sounds more exciting than using LDs like a giant porn factory. I feel my Christian walk greatly improved by LDs, and my faith strengthened. Although my Church might not understand LDs yet, I've found it has strengthened my faith.
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      I agree with your views on morality and dreams. I too am investigating this. Love to discuss further.
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    by cedward1 on 05-09-2012 at 04:37 AM
    Another FA Lucid

    I wake up, and go to use the bathroom. While I am in the bathroom, I am thinking about a family member who has been having some vision issues going on lately when waking up in the morning. I look at the medicine cabinet above the sink, and realize that I seem to be having problems seeing as well. I can't see the medicine cabinet, and the towels which hang on the back of the door seem to be above the sink. I look again, but things still don't look normal.

    I do a nose pinch RC and discover that I can still breathe and am dreaming.

    I think of what I ought to do, and consider doing something like eat the doorknob (lately I have been having weird ideas of what is fun in LD's). I suck on the doorknob, and then decide to leave the bathroom. I open the door, and see a big microwave hanging on the wall. About this time I wake up.
    lucid , false awakening


    by cedward1 on 05-07-2012 at 12:30 AM
    Archaeology in Caves

    I am on a trip somewhere. We are walking around a pond. The pond seems small, but after walking around a good way along a path that encircles it, I realize that it is bigger than it looks.

    There is a man in the middle of the water of this little inlet, doing something with animals. I think he is catching crocodiles, or something. I hop on some rocks out to where he is, and the rocks become some kind of a wooden platform high in the air. At the end of the platform, I find that the man has become some kind of a professor of archaeology, and the platform is at the entrance into some deep caves.

    I don't remember all the details of this dream, which is too bad because the dream was rather neat. I go into the caves in search of some interesting artifact, and by the end of the dream I am involved in some intrigue and on a train trip.


    by cedward1 on 05-03-2012 at 12:39 AM
    Cath Lab

    I am at work (the hospital) refilling the Pyxis medication dispensing machines. I have to refill the Pyxis in the heart cath lab. This pyxis seems to be located in an Aperture Science type place, with long corridors and chambers. I go down one corridor to fill one pyxis, and start to realize how isolated I am. It also becomes kind of creepy, because I think I see a body laying on a table in one of the cath labs. For some reason, I feel that this may end up being a threat.

    There is more to this dream, but my recall isn't so good lately. My own fault, since I haven't been working on dreams so much recently.

    4/14-15/2012 (More of the Stars)

    by cedward1 on 04-15-2012 at 08:55 PM
    Swimming in the Stars

    I am exploring some big building. I think my brother has an office in this building. Apparently, the place is being remodeled, because everything is torn up and looks kind of delapidated. I think that this is a bit odd, because ordinarily the building seems modern. I do a nose pinch reality check just in case.

    At first, I seem to be unable to breathe, but after I try a bit longer I find that I actually can. I realize that I am dreaming. I immediately forget about the plot of the dream, and decide to jump out the window. The window is closed, and I smash through the glass. Kind of fun. I try to fly, but lately I have been overthinking "how" to fly, instead of just doing it like I used to do. I glide down to the street below. I appear to be in a city, much like that of the dream/computer game I am building. I look up into the sky, and the tops of the buildings, and realize that all I need to do in order to fly is to just let myself float. I bounce up a bit, and look above me.

    I see the stars in the sky, and feel the same urge I had in the last LD to fly into the stars. It is like a big pool in the sky, inviting me. This time, I fly upwards, into the night sky. Instead of flying any particular direction, I just go up. This part is a bit hard to explain, but I realize that I can float in the sky, almost like I am in orbit in space. I can see the city below me, a lovely skyling against the sky. There is just a little bit of color in the sky, as though the sun had set a while ago. I let myself just drift in this state, which is almost like I would imagine someone high on drugs would be. I find a beautiful, peaceful, almost euphoric feeling in doing absolutely nothing except float like this. The world appears to float below me like the Earth turning beneath an astronaut, and I watch, wrapped up in this feeling. It's like another world in and of itself.


    by cedward1 on 04-06-2012 at 09:50 PM
    Distracted Lucidity

    I wake up, and realize that I am dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC to be sure, and I can breathe. I walk out into the sunroom, and think about what I should do. I think about visiting the first part of my latest dream/computer game, and I may or may not do so. If I do, I find myself in the white room in which it begins. Or I may still be in the sunroom. Anyway, I decide to leave the room by breaking through the window. I am a little surprised at how easily I do this, and I find myself outside on a starry night. I know I ought to do a bit of work on testing my game, but I get distracted looking up into the night sky. There is something almost irresistable about the expanse of stars, and I have an urge to fly into space. I spend the rest of the dream trying to do this. At one point, I think maybe I should fly closer to the ground, remembering that in other LD's this helped to stabilize things.
    lucid , false awakening