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    Entry two

    by , 06-11-2021 at 06:20 AM (75 Views)
    I had multiple dreams last night.

    The first dream took place in apartment complex. It was quite large, some of the buildings were a white stucco while some others were a tudor style. Time in the dream seemed to bounce between daytime and the evening, but I didn't notice at the time. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing at the start, I think I was inside, and went out because there was a very loud alarm going off. I was with some people I didn't recognize, but in my dream I knew they were my friends.

    The air was incredibly smokey, and I could smelled charred wood. The building we had just exited was on fire, with thick black smoke billowing out of the windows. I didn't feel scared, mostly curious. We spotted a large crowd of people at the front of the complex, so we started walking over to join them. All of the buildings were on fire, thinking back on it I'm surprised we could see so clearly and breathe so well. Dream logic, I guess. We make it over to the very loud crowd, and I notice the building in front of me had traveling pink flames all over it. A random neighbor (I assume) said something about the apartments across the street, so I glance over at them and they are completely charred, as if they were already on fire. My dream ends here.

    Dream two

    This dream was much more light hearted, and delicious. I'm at a convention center in a mall, and the interior is filled with circular tables draped with white tablecloths. Each table has a large plate in the center, each with it's own kind of dessert. Being me, I am ecstatic about this. I glance at the main buffet, which is loaded up with what seemed to be meats, dumplings, and all sorts of savory things. My main focus, however, is finding the perfect dessert. One table in particular quickly catches my eye, it has a plate with 2 very large cake slices. The size of my head large. I didn't think it was strange they were decorated for Christmas at all. The first cake had cut out geometric fondant pieces in light green and red, with edible bulbs. The second looked more like a large slice of pie, and had a dark red exterior.

    A waiter came over and helped me move it onto my plate, which it easily dwarfed. It had a very nice cardamom smell, with a hint of mint. I was incredibly excited to eat this cake. I referred to it as a pie in the dream, so maybe it was a giant pie piece? I'm not sure. Dream logic. Anyway, I am about to tuck in to this cake when I am suddenly teleported outside to a picnic table, where I am sitting with- my moms late cat, Sugar. Sugar passed away over 5 years ago, but she looked very young and fluffy like she was young again. I told Sugar to stay, I was going go get my cake which didn't teleport with me. As I'm walking back inside, I see a homeless man excitedly ask about the cat, and start sprinting over to her. I rush back to Sugar, as I am worried he will take her- I wake up at this point.
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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      is stucco, that of plaster ?