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    John F Kennedy Dies.

    by aussiemusician on 03-31-2022 at 11:50 AM
    Dream From Mar 29 '22:
    Am in a room, a bedroom, at someone's house.
    Am standing in the room, the door is to my right, a bit behind me.
    I do pace around a little bit.
    In front of me, is a double bed, with a wooden frame, and some blankets.
    The blankets, the frame, and the pillow are all brown.
    Lying in the bed, is former US President John F Kennedy.
    He is lying on his back, reclined a up a little bit, with an upside down v shaped pillow.
    He is sleeping, or trying to, though not restless.
    Although he doesn't look old, he does look as though he may be about to breathe his last breath sometime soon.
    He looks content.
    Not sure he knows he is about to die.
    So, i ask him what he reckons, and, i don't give him a topic.
    He reckons, he wants his heart to fall asleep.
    So i pace a bit more, and then look at him.
    I see him, still lying on his back, a little to his left.
    He is lying rather close to his right side edge of the bed.
    So, i check his pulse, with my right palm, on the right side of his neck.
    There is no pulse, but that's ok, probably expected.
    So, i leave the room, and then enter a kitchen, which is behind his room.
    To my left, are three people, who are standing close together, front to back, not shoulder to shoulder.
    All three could be men, or one of them, is a woman.
    They are looking at something to their right, which i don't turn, to see.
    The man closest to me, is James Norton; he is wearing a grey short sleeved tee.
    Not wanting to disturb them too much, or not wanting to upset them, i ask them to check the pulse of the former President.
    So i follow them into the room.
    The former president is still lying close to the edge of the bed.
    Im pretty sure one of the three is a woman, but i don't know who she is.
    So the other man, stands behind Mr Kennedy, and crouches down next to him.
    He puts his hand to Kennedy's neck, to check his pulse.
    The man says something "he's gone" to confirm that Kennedy has indeed died.
    Well, no one is surprised that Kennedy has died.
    His death must have been expected.
    Then the dream ends.

    Any questions or comments?

    Pencils And Tennis Balls ..

    by aussiemusician on 02-07-2022 at 07:29 AM
    Dream From Feb 6 '22:
    Dream 2:
    It is day.
    The location is a backyard somewhere, in the lake mac area.
    The yard has no fence, and so the yard ends at the shore of lake mac.
    The house belongs to someone, but i don't know for sure, whose place it is.
    My cousin Joseph and i are looking for some coloured pencils.
    These are similar to, or are the same as my Staedler brand pencils.
    There are many pencils, and they have been stuck in the ground.
    So, Joseph and i collect them.
    Some of the yard is sandstone like soil, as well as standard dirt soil.
    Some are even in the grass.
    We take a break from collecting the pencils.
    Then i see Joseph, use his hands, to show someone the length of info, he typed into a document, about our actual 5 x great grandfather.
    He indicates that he typed about 2 or 3 paragraphs of info, that was stored in the pencils.
    Then i see a young male, who is sitting on a four legged seat outside, on the grass.
    I see him to my left, and he is facing the right of screen.
    He is sitting on a folding seat.
    He says someone is stupid.
    So i ask him, did he say Joseph is stupid, or did he say that both Joseph and i are idiots (for collecting the pencils).
    The young male doesn't answer me.
    Then, i step up onto a patio, from the grass, and collect another coloured pencil, from a concrete pot, that has sandstone looking soil in it.
    The concrete pot is white and looks a bit old.
    As i step up, its to my left.
    The patio, is similar to, though not exactly the same as two of my former addresses.
    Then i turn around, as though i'm going to step off the patio, back down to the grass.
    The back door of house is behind me.
    There is a corrugated like awning, covering this patio.
    Dad is to my left, and about to walk away, to go leave, to go camping somewhere.
    There is a BBQ to his right, in front of me.
    And also a set of camping chairs in their black bags on top of the BBQ.
    Pop is standing in front of me, facing me, and looks to his right, to ask dad, can he go with dad.
    Pop is wearing a plain grey jumper.
    Dad doesn't want Pop to go with him.
    Dad seems a bit unfriendly to Pop.
    I can see Pop's face fairly clearly, and he has facial stubble.
    Pop looks reasonably young, about 60.
    Although a bit age gap between pop and i'm about 20 something.
    I don't want Pop to get out of my way, nor do i try to step around him so i can get past him.
    We have a brief chat, about something.
    Maybe about what dad said to Pop.
    As i look at Pop, i see to my left, there is a young woman, Manon Blackman from the 800 words, standing on the grass.
    As though at one of my previous addresses, i see her standing at the front of that garage, on the south side of it.
    She smiles at me, but i look away, and look at Pop again.
    Not sure what else happens.
    And still daytime, am riding along a concrete footpath, past what is a tennis court.
    There is a green chainlink fence around the edge of the tennis court.
    The path is parallel to the long side of the court.
    Don't know for sure where this is, but i do stop my bike, to get off, and collect some tennis balls that have bounced over the fence.
    Also have my backpack (on my back).
    Most of the balls are green.
    Some are two tones of colour.
    As for me going north, east, west or south, i don't know.
    This particular location is not known to me, nor is it like any tennis court i have been past.
    The path, as i go along it, is on an incline, down.
    This is not a hill, though the ground could be a subtle mound.
    I try to throw overarm, even with my arm out to the side.
    My right shoulder just doesn't want to throw (which is still recovering from knots and old injuries).
    Plus, i don't think to remove my bag, because surely throwing the balls back, will only last a few minutes.
    Some of the balls i do throw, don't go over the fence.
    And, the guys who are playing tennis, appear to stop playing so they can collect the balls i have thrown, which land inside the fence.
    Some of the balls land on the outside of the fence.
    The guys didn't ask me to stop to throw the balls back.
    im actually past the tennis courts, when i see the balls on the ground.
    There is a strip of grass, between path and fence.
    So, i turn around, and throw the balls away from me (away from screen), to my left a little bit, because the court, is to my left.
    After trying to throw one ball back, and my shoulder feeling a bit tired from that, the dream ends.
    Well, i didn't have to stop, to throw the balls back.

    Any questions or comments?

    Flimsy Cricket Bat ..

    by aussiemusician on 11-25-2021 at 07:07 AM
    Dream From Nov 25 '21:
    It is day.
    Am with a large group of folks.
    We are playing a game of cricket.
    One of the guys gets out, so i have to go out and play my particular innings.
    As i step out, an older woman (60 years plus), gives me my cricket bat.
    However, its floppy piece of wood, about one metre long, and about one centimetre thick.
    And, there is chicken wire attached to it.
    i lift it up so i can see it in front of me, up to, or just below shoulder level.
    Her name is on it.
    Her name is mrs g something.
    As i walk out to the field, with back to screen, and walking at an angle to my left, to the pitch, i do a quick shadow bat.
    i have to hold the edging of the wood, which is rathe awkward, given the chicken wire attached to it.
    The wire looks like the large square of construction fencing.
    The gathering must be more than 20 people, maybe 50, maybe more.
    Then i stand at the crease, and face my left, being a left hand batsman.
    One ball is bowled to me and i miss it.
    It goes past me, rather quick, to my right.
    Or there is one person to my right, to distracts me slightly.
    Then a second delivery.
    Despite the bat being rather flimsy, i manage to hit the ball.
    It goes away from me, to my left, at a 70 degree angle.
    The folks in front of me, are blocking my view of where it went, and whether anyone caught the ball.
    One bloke, who is at the back of the folks, raises his hands.
    Thinking he has caught, i quickly approach him.
    All the folks move out of my way, to my right and left.
    i want to punch him, for claiming a catch, even though i couldn't see it, because those folks were in my line of sight.
    His facial reaction to me though, indicates he didn't catch the ball.
    He says to me, or points to behind himself, that the ball fell behind him.
    oh, ok, well, i won't punch him.
    Then i face a third ball.
    This time, a young boy is to my right.
    He distracts me, as a ball goes past me.
    The ball hits the stumps and i am out.
    However, i protest because the boy distracted me.
    So, i grab him by the back of the neck with my right hand and walk him away, straight.
    As we walk, i call him a twit, but then say to him, that i shouldn't call him a twit.
    Then, im about to face a 4th ball, when some of the other guys, and i, run over to a small brick building, ahead of me a bit to my right.
    Apparently the brick building is a toilet block with faucets and soap.
    We have to wash our hands, supposedly because of covid.
    As we run to the building, one of the boys or guys says that he won't touch the ground, or that he shouldn't, because of covid.
    Then, i face a 5th ball.
    i hit it to my right, and then chase after it, to get it back to the bowler, because no one else will chase it.
    As i run, i step over two silver coins.
    Dream ends.

    Any questions or comments?

    Thanking China ..

    by aussiemusician on 11-24-2021 at 06:08 AM
    Dream From Nov 4 '21:
    Not sure where this occurs, but i am walking across a road, with back to screen.
    On the other side of the road, is a rectangular table, parallel to the screen.
    There are two men sitting at the table, who are conducting trivia.
    i step past them, so they are to my left.
    i continue past them, because i see a robot, like that of the r2d2, in the background.
    It's got a white body, and a blue head.
    In the front of head, is that of a metal slot, or mail slot, as seen in front doors in america (everbody loves raymond).
    An unknown woman is with me, to my left.
    As we get closer to this robot, i begin to clap it, sarcastically.
    Or, after seeing the robot, i step to my left and walk that way, away from the robot, and see another one.
    As i walk away, i clap sarcastically, and say out "thanks China" for the covid nonsense.
    So i walk past the wall, which is to my right and up a minor ramp.

    Any questions or comments?

    Bon Jovi Song, As A Movie ..

    by aussiemusician on 11-24-2021 at 06:05 AM
    Dream From Nov 3 '21:
    One of Bon Jovi's songs, is turned into a movie.
    The song could that of sleep when i'm dead.
    I can see the movie title cover page, on a plain piece of white paper.
    And there are several pages for this apparent movie.

    Any questions or comments?