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    Fraud And Panorama Booklet ..

    by aussiemusician on 08-19-2021 at 10:59 AM
    Dream From Aug 19 '21:
    Am with a mate, and we are visiting a newsagent in a shopping centre, somewhere.
    We are there to buy an item, be it a newspaper, perhaps a drink, or perhaps an item of stationary.
    Instead of buying anything, one of the young female staff gives me, or both of us, a long rectangular booklet.
    It's a lottery like book, supposedly worth a lot of money, upwards of $100,000.
    The design, is similar to that panorama bible study book, that i bought from Newcastle Koorong some years ago.
    We leave the newsagent, and visit another one.
    It's at this second one, that we discover the booklet contains a fraudulent prize, and/or information about the fraudulent prize.
    Then we visit a third newsagent, which by now, the staff knows what we are there for.
    And then we visit another two or three newsagents.
    The staff are unhappy that we know about this fraudulent lottery book.
    Then, i stand out front of the last newsagent, as though on the west side of the shops in Stockland Glendale, near woolies.
    i look south, so that woolies and those other shops are to my right.
    i wait out front while my mate goes inside to ask.
    while i wait, i think about having to get back to dad, so he can get me to the train station, for me to get train back to Newcastle.
    dream ends.

    Any questions or comments?

    The book looks something like this, not necessarily the exact same one:

    NCIS And Train

    by aussiemusician on 07-14-2021 at 10:48 AM
    Dream From April 1 '14:
    the location is a restaurant, probably somewhere in the United States of America.
    apparently the restaurant has been built on top of an underground train station platform.
    the actor who plays Vance in NCIS, is sitting at a diner booth, with seat going around the table.
    not sure im sitting opposite vance, but i do see his face fairly clearly, and close.
    he maybe on a lunch break or having dinner, while his colleagues investigate a case.
    the time in this is not known.
    building a restaurant on top of an underground train platform, seems a smart idea.
    next thing i know, a train has arrived, thanks the vibration sensation through the floor; that would be a "first" for any of my dreams.
    the arrival of the train seems rather impromptu or inappropriate.
    was the train supposed to arrive later?
    vance stand up and leaves the booth, walking away from me to my left, past me.
    he goes out the door of the restaurant, and down a set of steps to the ground floor level.
    the steps have a short concrete wall and handrail.
    vance, who now looks like gibbs, is going down, to the left, to talk to vance, to find out what has happened.
    apparently, upon arrival, the train was supposed to
    1: explode at the platform, causing however much damage and possibly the collapse of the restaurant floor, despite being a first floor or higher.
    2: cause an explosion.
    3: trigger an explosion.
    so, the train was being used as a weapon, by someone, or a group.
    as for the train itself, i only feel arriving, and don't see it or can't see it, from where i am in the restaurant.
    so, because the explosion hasn't happened, vance has to leave the restaurant, to find out why.
    going by the look of vance's facial expression, something has gone wrong that shouldn't have, or something else has happened, that shouldn't have.
    before vance stands up and leaves, and without him saying anything, i seem to know that an old man, or an elderly man has been injured, or killed, by the train.
    not sure the man is killed by the train itself, or whether he was in or near the tunnel, when he wasn't meant to be there.
    or, the man was meant to be there.
    and the ncis got their info wrong, or were given info that was not correct.
    my guess is that the old man wasn't mean to die.
    so, ncis was waiting for an explosion, that didn't happen.

    any comments or questions ?

    CT Scanner ..

    by aussiemusician on 07-14-2021 at 05:59 AM
    Dream From Mar 8 '14:
    Am reading a newspaper article, that features one of the male staff from the local Christian radio station, in Newcastle.
    he is shown in a black and white photo, which looks like it was taken 50 years ago.
    the man is sitting on a bench, like that of a weights bench or a chiropractic bench, and facing a device like that of a CT Scanner.
    that device is to my right, and yet im not entirely sure what it is, even though it looks very much like a ct scanner.
    the mans name is under the picture.
    as for the text under the picture, i don't quite read it all, and im not sure what is written about the man.
    because of the photo angle, he is sitting front on/side on, and i see his right side.
    he could be operating the device, or waiting for the device to finish its cycle, when the photo is taken.
    dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

    Young Woman In Back Seat ...

    by aussiemusician on 07-14-2021 at 05:53 AM
    Dream From Feb 15 '14:
    it is day.
    the location is the driveway of the Westdale house.
    not sure i have done anything inside, to then step out the front door, but i see myself on the front path, at the front door, which is where i see the dream continue from.
    from the door, i step to my left, to the driveway.
    there is a vehicle parked on the driveway, the front of car facing the backyard.
    the vehicle is a four door sedan, which is, or could be red.
    the rear left passenger door is open, or i open it.
    the occupants are female.
    the front two occupants, or the driver, is facing the backyard, like that of a character is a computer game.
    from the path, i take a step to the rear left passenger door, without stepping onto the driveway.
    my right knee goes into the car, and onto the backseat.
    and i put both hands on the seat, to support myself.
    my left leg is stretched, behind me, with left foot on path.
    while i'm doing that, i see the occupant who is in the backseat.
    the occupant is a young woman.
    she is sitting on the rear right, turned a little to her left.
    i can see her face, but she otherwise not known to me.
    so i sit on the seat behind the front passenger, on the path side of the car.
    either, the young woman offers me her right hand, or i gently grab hold of her right hand.
    well, whether she offers her hand or not, im holding it.
    its when i hold her hands, that i there is a white ring on her middle finger, that has a tiny fake round ball at the top of it.
    its fake, because it doesn't reflect light.
    with her body turned slightly to her left, her right shoe/foot is pointed to me.
    her shoes are pink and white sneakers, which could be nike, or another brand.
    she is wearing black trousers or slacks, and, is wearing a white singlet/tank top.
    seeing that her hand, is flat in my hand, i kiss her hand gently with my lips, the top or outside of it.
    her hair is shoulder length and brown.
    this unknown woman, is caucasian, and could be a little bit freckled.
    then i look to my right, and out the back window, and see the front lawn of the neighbours house, on the east side.
    not sure why it is i look, nothing there to see that i know.
    or maybe to distract myself a little bit, from this woman.
    or perhaps to pace myself, so i can ask her the next question.
    and my question to her is, what is her age.
    this woman says she is 17.
    oh what?!
    although she does speak to me, i don't hear her voice.
    going by that info, that she is 17, i steadily get out of the car.
    an attractive woman, like her, is 17.
    how is that possible?
    and then the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

    Reversing Opposite Gran's Old Place ..

    by aussiemusician on 07-14-2021 at 05:45 AM
    Dream From Mar 8 '14:
    it is day.
    am in my car, and in Brisbane Street, on the north side.
    gran's old place in brisbane street, is on the south side.
    am trying to reverse my car, to the kerb on the north side.
    instead of reversing so that front of car, is to my left, the front of the car is to my right.
    and the front of the car, is pointing to gran's place, which about two houses to my right.
    Rawson Ave is to my left, about one or two metres away.
    im parked, about in line with gran's former neighbour, who was an architect.
    my front windscreen is dirty due to dust, or there are grey clouds in the sky overhead.
    and i don't look in the rear view mirror, to reverse the car.

    any comments or questions ?