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    1. Geek Squad Taco Bell 10/5/10

      by , 10-06-2011 at 08:18 PM
      Sleep 10:00 pm

      Smoked last night, terrible recall.

      Was driving on a motorcycle to taco bell (could have previously been lucid, I don't remember if the dream started like that or not). I was driving on the main road in my town, and I didn't have my permit for a motorcycle. I quickly zoom through traffic, but the bike was not accelerating. I end up trying to find a parking spot, and I think I can't fit because the space was too big? Anyway, a geek squad car just corners into the parking lot and steals my spot. I was pissed and then I realized I was inside the building. I was walking around trying to find the bathroom or something and someone was with me.
    2. Space Travel 10/4/10

      by , 10-05-2011 at 08:28 PM
      Went to bed 10:30 10/4/10
      Supplement: Melatonin 5 Mg

      I was on a different planet, that resembled a flat cratered moon with the color of mars. There was a contraption that looked like an L and it held a special suit. In order to use it, you were strapped in. I was standing in line with a ticket in my hand. I looked at the ticket, and then around the landscape. I realized, I've had this dream before. The planet's landscape looked way to familiar. I looked back at my ticket, and it looked very strange, almost as if the text was caved in on itself. It was different than before.
      The oh so familiar feeling flooded me, and I felt pins and needles in my hands and feet. I wasn't sure what to do in the dream, and i forgot how it went. As I turned around and looked behind me, I saw a line of people going as far back as the eye can see. "Dave." I hear my name called. I turn my attention to the sound, and I am next for the contraption. I decide to play along, and see how the dream turns out and be lucid at the same time. I go up and stand on the platform of the L contraption. A suit was strapped on to me, and I felt compressed in an air pressurized suit. It confused me still because we were surviving in an airless environment, and they are giving me air. I heard a "Go!" and I blasted off. Involuntary flying was a very weird feeling, and I didn't control the contraption. I just went... up. As I look down at the crowd, I see my mom goodbye. I feel extreme sadness, and I lose my concentration. My lucidity was lost, and then
      I woke up to my alarm with blurry and watery eyes.
      6:00 AM
    3. October Cognac ToTM 10/3/10

      by , 10-05-2011 at 08:15 PM
      Went to sleep at 11:30 PM, 10/3/10
      Melatonin: 5mg
      WBTB 2:30 (feeling groggy)

      Lay down, buzzing SP at what felt like ~10 minutes
      Thinking about Halloween, costume ideas
      After the trip, I find myself in a dark room without lights.

      As I walk around the room I feel like a piece of my brain is missing.
      Something feels different. Suddenly, a feeling overtook me.
      The room takes a different shape, and now I can make out a light switch in the dark. As I approach the light switch, the room begins to distort and twist while I stand still.
      Fearing the worst, I default landscape into my driveway.

      It's night time. A slight breeze tosses and turns my hair. I am walking with my friend down my driveway. As proportion and relativity becomes clear, he is talking to me about my Halloween costume. I am wearing only my swim suit. I don't feel cold, but experience occasional shivers as we walk further down the street. A pillowcase in hand, we make our way to the first house. I decide that I want to be alone, and my friend dissipates from the dreamscape. As soon as the thought had crossed my mind, it had happened so quickly I realized just moments later. I walk up to the door, and it appears to be your average colonial style frame. I start to say "trick or tr-" and the door opens. A middle aged man confronts me, and asks for a trick. The idea of being a god and using a super power pops into my head. I began to remember about the ToTM and grew excited about remembering this task. I decide to be Dionysus because I had never been drunk in a lucid before. Soon a bottle of hennessy in one hand, and a pillowcase in the other had me satisfied. As I conjured the cognac, the man at the door grew weary of my so called "trick" even though I thought it was the coolest thing. He grabbed the cognac, and shut the door on me. I was bewildered. I decided to get angry and open the door, but the handle was no longer there. As I ponder how to retaliate, ideas flooded my mind, but they were cloudy and I could not make any sense of them. I was losing grasp of lucidity, and decided not to fight it.

      The next thing I know, I was awoken by my alarm.
      6:00 AM

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