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    Dreams of random stuff

    Some dreams that are all weird. Then again, if everything is weird... nothing is.

    1. Werewolves and fires in circles

      by , 12-22-2010 at 10:54 PM (Dreams of random stuff)
      I'm in front of my laptop in my room, it's night. I checked the clock to see the time/found situation odd, and I couldn't read the clock. Numbers were too shallow (or they weren't there at all...) I am now quite sure it's a dream but decide to check the clock again. I then say "I shouldn't have wasted time" and head for hallway outside the room.

      I shout "Light!" and light flickers for a moment before going off. I try it a few times quickly and it works.
      *Blank spot*
      I am in our living room fighting against two werewolves, other being my dad. I do all sorts of poses to make fire fly all over the place. I make outer circle of fire that one of them gets stuck, numbers go flying around indicating damage. 5, 12, 52, 3... Then inner circle which makes two of them bounce off me as they jump at me. I beat them and go out of the house.

      When I turn to close the door, my brother is there. I scream a bit from the shock, but then I am all like "I don't have to take this" and go to our yard, shouting our dog to come and attack him. Interestingly enough there was another dog, which was like the first one. (We have just one dog. I suppose it was the brother of our dog, which we had at our home sometime.)

      Other dog helps me and other helps my brother. Dogs fight (but I don't know how and what happened). Then I go to my brother, who now is a cartoon lion, grab his tail and start swinging. I notice that it has changed from night to day, thinking that I made the sun rise. My brother says that actually it just came day in the dream. I throw him somewhere and go to our front door. Someone (my mom?) comes outside and I wake up.


      Most vivid dream I've had... and well, most awesome too. No control though, I'd say.
    2. Dreams and nightmares from before

      by , 11-29-2010 at 11:04 AM (Dreams of random stuff)
      I am at my old school. It is winter. I look at the nearby skating rink about 50 meters away and see a polar bear.

      Cartoon bulldog killed me.

      Me and my bro are fleeing from a pack of black wolves quite fast, I think we had a vehicle of some sort. My brother falls off the vehicle and the wolves attack him while I continue going further.

      I am in some sword fight with some guy in some gym hall of some sort. I happen to get the guy to smash through a big window when I notice that it's my friend. He is freefalling to some river below, dunno how far the river was. I ask some fellow who was there "Has he changes to survive" or something. I get a reply: "100kg heavy metal suit... deep river... hmm, no" or something similar. I start crying and I wake up in tears.

      I enter some foggy mansion. I can't remember anything else than that, except that there was some old lady and I entered the place twice. And that it was very spooky.

      I am on some rollercoaster or something and fall to my death.

      I am on a car which is going on one of those wooden bridges with those ropes on the sides. The car steers off the bridge and falls to bottomless canyon.

      Our house is full of lava and furniture is floating all around the place. I am on some bed with my brother and some girl I know, we are in the living room. I see a table that seems to be floating to another room, so I try to jump on it. I fail and end up falling to the lava and dying, my hand appearing to the surface before going under the lava.


      These are all from many years back.

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    3. Barbossa and the cemetery

      by , 11-27-2010 at 10:13 PM (Dreams of random stuff)
      I am walking on a country road, there's trees on the sides. I notice some little house on the other side of the road and Barbossa in front of the house, holding a white wooden cross, he's back at me. I think it's best if I don't stop and continue walking. I notice another house on my side of the road and decide to enter it. It's a blank white room I enter with no doors, just two gravestones in front of me. I take a hike immediately after I see them, using the outside door, entering a white hallway I didn't remember. I use another door to exit the house.

      I am afraid that Barbossa is going to ambush me when I go out. However, he isn't there. I look at the direction where Barbossa was and see two statues walking at me. You could say they were statues of people that walked zombie-ish way. I happen to have a gun so I shoot one's head off and another's hand off. They keep walking at me, so I blast them to dust.
      *Time warp or something, you should be used to these!*

      I am at a cemetery with some gravestones and the "zombie-statues". I say: "It's peaceful..." *Statues are closer* "Quiet..." *Statues are even closer* "I think I'm going to like this." Guns go blazing as I shoot at the statues but I soon realise I can't beat them all, so I take a run for it. While I'm running away from them, some bones stick out of the ground in several places and then disappear back to ground. (I could swear it seemed like some kind of skeleton fishes fins or something.) There were loads. I flee the statues to some house, where some guy is and starts helping me. A chair in the house starts flying by itself and I shoot at it, bits of wood go flying around.


      This is one of the few dreams where I happen to actually fight back against my nightmare creatures. Before I haven't fought against them, but recently I seem to have guns in my dreams so I can fight back. I think it is because of my LD goal to fight back against my nightmares, it has some effect to my normal dreams.
    4. Mermaid and Elvis

      by , 11-26-2010 at 10:08 PM (Dreams of random stuff)
      (Posted these to nightmares sub-forum before, this is pretty much the same than there).

      I don't actually count these as nightmares because I wasn't that afraid in them or so (not as much as in others anyway) but I did got attacked in them. Here is a couple of weird ones.

      Deam started with a mermaid that could transform to human and mermaid whenever it liked. This required "257 dances(?)" if I recall right. It jumped to sea and started doing whatever it did to turn to mermaid again, there happened very bizarre things which I don't remember much, and what I do remember is a bit embarrassing so I skip that... anyway!

      At some point it attacked me, with it's "cheese dragon". Don't ask me what that is, because I have no clue. I wake up and feel reliefed, but not so when I notice that there is a pile of cheese on the floor like someone would have took a big chunk of cheese and smashed it to floor. (It didn't look like cheese but for some reason I assumed it was.)

      I get out from some room and I am at some warehouse harbor, with some kind of warehouses only... It's abandoned and locked down, all gates are locked so I am stuck there. There are some guards however so I start telling them to let me out (Just then I noticed I was Mr. T), telling about cheese dragon when guard says: "You seriously think I don't know how serious this is? It killed my wife!" and he starts telling how it happened and all but I can't recall what he said. I think I woke up before he finished.

      This is from two nights back. Dream starts when I rummage in the room, kicking door in maybe, and tell some girl who is sitting on sofa to leave. She just stares there doing nothing. Next thing I remember is that I make some another guy in the room disappear by clapping my hands together once. No reaction from girl still. I leave the room.

      I am in a shop, buying some Mynthons, when shopkeeper gives me wrong kinds of them and then before I know it, I have bought it. I start saying that they sold me wrong kinds of Mynthons when shopkeeper discusses with another whether they sold give it free. "It's free" they tell me.

      "Oh, nice!" I reply. Suddenly out of nowhere that girl from before attacks me from behind (Except that it is zombified Elvis Presley, white jacket and black hair at least) and kills me in a few seconds, I barely have time to struggle. Then, when I am dead in front of it, it turns it's vision to me, as it was now in 3rd person and all (as in, it turned it's attention to me observing my dead body and it).

      It smiles and tells me "You're dead". I reply: "Yeah, but I am not dead in my dreams" and do some sort of punch and it, waking up.


      Elvis dream didn't seem that scary when I dreamed it, but when I woke up, I was quite scared... not sure why.
    5. Who is there... Where is my underwear?

      by , 11-23-2010 at 02:43 PM (Dreams of random stuff)
      I am on my computer when my bro comes with his friends and wants to play on the PC. I really don't feel like letting them so I don't let them.
      He asks me about some codes through some kind of chat window in my PC. I say I don't know about any hacks. He responses: ">:I"

      He tells me to try the game(s) myself (now talking to me directly in the room), so I do. It seems there was 3 games, all being of same game series.

      In the game, some kind of shadow entity is trying to control some fleeing guy (that being my game character). There comes a pop-up with options "Give in" and "Resist/flee/run (something something)". I choose 2nd option. This is all I remember from the first two games. I don't think I played third.

      The next moment, I am laying on my bed, shivering from fear, as I am listening to my surroundings. I fear that some zombie might come through the door.
      I hear a knocking.

      "Who is there?" I ask. No answer. I close my eyes as if I would know that I am going to die in seconds.
      *Time warp of randomness or whatever, somewhere else anyway!*

      I am a Spider-Man launching my web to nearby roof to get on top of it. I get on the building and head in to dark room, changing my clothes to normal from the suit. I head down. I am in a hurry, I suppose I am late of school, as the place was supposed to be a school building. I bump to some older lady and we both fall to floor. We seem to mix up the socks we were carrying, as her were not as dark red as mine was.

      I apologise and give her her socks and run. "You can't go yet" she says, as she needs some help getting some something black out of some kind of food. "I'll come back in a bit" I say and run. (I was in my Spider-Man costume for a moment for some reason.)

      I go upstairs to get my underwear I had forgotten over there when I changed my costume. My bro(Not sure if he was there) and my bro's friend(not in RL for sure) walk past and bro's friend goes "tsk tsk tsk" at me, while I'm holding my underwear in my hand. Which were pretty huge, so to say. I just tell to him that I forgot them over there. I head down the stairs which are extremely bad made. Some other fellow complained about the stairs as well.

      I find my bro in some room with some guy who is roped to chair. It appears that my bro had roped the guy and made him eat something. There was a police outside the room(I was outside the room too) and he was holding some kind of list with 4 different things, first was about making the guy eat some food, other I didn't see. Police guy is wondering what to do. My brother says: "I think the first part of that list covers it all up" just smiling there. I was shocked.

      Police guy leaves and I see someone from my school I know and other fellow eat pizza, there being 3rd pizza next to them but it being full of black circle things, looking pretty un-eatable. My bro shows some piece of paper to his friends that he is going to get to jail for 1 day. Suddenly I say "Wait a moment, This is a dream"BAM.

      I wake up.


      I am not sure if I really did become aware that I was dreaming, as I woke up instantly after saying that.

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    6. Everybody is against me

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:13 PM (Dreams of random stuff)
      I am teaching my younger brother and sister to steal. We enter some house in a city which doesn't seem to have anyone in it.
      *blank spot*
      We stole something from the house and were going to another, when I notice there's lots of people. I tell my brother and sister that it's over for now and we go on our way. Several days later, I am on some computer watching a flash movie about ice mario/bowser blowing up a tower when I am poked to my shoulder.

      I turn and it's my school advisor, plus some old lady. I instantly think "Oh crap I am caught". They just smile there, like being happy for finding the thief and then school advisor calmly takes a cellphone, puts in numbers and says to phone "Could you please connect to (my father's name)".

      I am freaking out, for I am going to be put to jail for the rest of my life. I think my life is ruined. "Why I went to steal in the first place? Who made me do it?"
      *Time warp or whatever, later anyway*

      I am walking on a snowy road, it's winter. There's a lake right next to road. I fall to it for some reason and try to get back up. I see someone on the land. "I'm drowning!" I shout. Character: "No you're not!" and pushes me further to lake to deeper waters (there was snow on the bottom of the lake).

      I manage to get back to land, shouting help once. I ask the character to get my stuff, for all my stuff had spreaded to lake from my bag, including the clothes I had on me. He starts getting them when I hear some sirens of a incoming emergency car, not really an ambulance, some kind of mix between that and a fire truck.

      The car stoppes next to me, I feel like I am freezing. Suddenly the character goes in and the car leaves without me.
      *Time warp or whatever, later anyway*

      I am on that car, with my clothes on. Student from school is in front of me, seemingly angry. He tries to kick me to my b****, which I manage to dodge. Annoyed by this, I stomp on his toes. This gets him berserk and in turn, he tries to stomp on my foot.


      For some reason, I don't really count this as a nightmare, although I was about to be putted to jail forever, almost drowned and got attacked.

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    7. Secret bases, mouse and random blabber

      by , 11-17-2010 at 06:47 AM (Dreams of random stuff)
      Hi, this is my first DJ entry here on DV. Thought I'd share a dream from a few nights back. Please leave comment.
      (Not sure if the first part and the second were connected somehow but I think they were...)

      I am at some place where I happen to go near my school to play games. I have installed some demo on the console and ask the place owner (who happens to be my Dream Sign): Is it okay that I installed this?

      *Both look at TV, blood fills half the screen with all action*
      Owner: "Yeah it's fine. I'm more worried about this thing here..." and we start talking about some PC game.

      Some black guy with a white business jacket and red glasses is smiling there with a mouse on his table. Apparently this is some kind of super intelligent mouse, some kind of secret weapon of his. He talks to the mouse but I can't remember what.
      Suddenly, some guy in a blue suit and blue glasses which has word "Happy" comes out of nowhere like over-excited fan, slamming the boss guy to his back with his arm and just going around randomly. Glasses go flying around and at some point, boss guy wears blue glasses and at some point, red and blue (which interestingly resulted to violet view of the situation).

      Mouse started acting differently when this happened. I think the red glasses were needed to control it. Well, after a while of all this, a woman in orange suit comes (out of nowhere) and starts shooting around with plasma pistol, saying: "I finally found your secret base bla bla bla" focusing more into talking than shooting, accidentally hitting the boss guy, breaking the red glasses. She then either:
      a) kidnapped someone (mouse?)
      b) stole something

      Guy in orange suit and orange glasses appears and the woman and him fight. They seem to have a crush on each other, because the bombs they used in the fight were shaped like hearts (plus they talked to each other in a certain way). Woman flees to the elevator while the guy follows.


      Who is this woman?
      What is this secret base?
      What is the thing with almost everyone wearing glasses?
      Where is the mouse? Captured by the woman or on it's own way, plotting it's own schemes?

      Edit/side note: Was interesting how when the boss guy was wearing blue and red glasses and the vision became violet, that blue and red actually do equal violet. I didn't know that. Guess my subconscious did?

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