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    Shadow Man [LD] [DG]

    by , 06-15-2016 at 11:22 AM (226 Views)
    [CENTER][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B]
    After walking around my school for a while, the dream scene randomly changed into my house's living room. There, i noticed the sudden change and started asking about what happened. My father told me something that was too strange to be real.. Upon hearing that, i hurried down the stairs to exit the house. Along the way, i lifted my left hand and looked at it when i noticed that my hand looked weird.

    [COLOR=#0000ff]I became lucid[/COLOR], and with that came the usual way of hurrying over doing my goals. As a result, i forgot to stabilize the dream and straight away rushed for summoning a Dream Guide.. Yelling and stretching my arm hoping for results and i got none. I proceeded by reaching out for the DG with my hand towards my back. I felt a soft hand grab into mine and then i headed towards the door nearby and let go of that hand as i got through. I stopped and looked back to see who it is that i was grabbing the hands of. To my surprise, a distorted shadow person slowly passed through the door. At this moment, the dream started collapsing. I desperately tried to keep it stable but i ended up in the void anyway. In there i heard someone say something that i forgot by now, something related to numbers..

    In the end, a game save screen appeared and it saved on slot one.. which was then followed by everything going to black and me waking up.[/FONT]

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