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    1. Longest dream so far

      by , 03-26-2018 at 11:34 AM
      Part1) So, I was having a normal day and I met this guy Patrick. He also played csgo so decided to hang out with him. I later on went swimming with him and his friends but he couldnt make it so I was there with his friends. They thought I was there because of the pretty girl, I said I wasnt and went on.
      Then I evesdropped them saying they were going to kill Patrick. I didn't want that so I saved Patrick and went to the sea-shore. He said that "The sailor" is there, he explained that "The sailor" the only one was who travelled to another country. It was a medium sized "ship". So we went on the ship and he seemed fine with it.
      We went trough the mysterious cave. Were in the middle of the ocean now. For some reason I have magic and start to catch fish with it, just making them fly on the boat and also caught a flask holder. The sailor saw it and said that I shouldn't show my powers to anyone. I was okay with that. When we arrived at England we decided to go back since we didn't have any money or house there.
      When we came back we were acused for hitting the guy that wanted to kill Patrick and sentenced to a lifetime prison. We quickly went back on the boat but someone said we shouldnt because this time of the year the phonemenon happened. We didnt care because we didnt want to go to prison so there we went.
      When we came in the cave there was this purple glow that kept getting brighter and all of a sudden (creepy part 1) were in this saw like room. Only light was dark red, all blood on the walls, electronic dolls moving everywhere with a million screaming sounds. We hed to destroy all the dolls and so we did while being terrified.
      When it was all over we were at the same shore and we couldnt go to England. We were brought to jail
      Part2) The prison wasnt that big, only 20 cells which were really poorly protected by 1 lasrer about 5cm above the floor, not even a celldoor. Green laser meant everythin was fine, Orange meant that something was touching it, Red meant tresspassing. I was thrown in my cell, it was about 1 square meter. I was just writing and drawing stuff,
      and my paper touched the laser, it turned red and a guard came storming into the room and aske dme what my problem was and when it was about to hit me I quickly said, " One of my papers! ". He stopped and walked back. When he walked back I quickly ran and stepped over (over it) the laser and so did Patrick. we ran into the woods for about 100 meters and then we got caught.
      We thought this was the end but we just got put back in our cells. They said we'll be dead next time. Attempt 2, the guards are discussing what to do with a certaint child and we quitly but quickly went on the roof. But this 1 autistic anoying bastartd a of a female guard saw us and starting shooting. We ran towards the shore but we tripped. She said if we came back with her she would let
      all prisoners free. We did that and she let all prisoners free exept me, Patrick and a random guy. The kid in the cell next to me started crying and saying he didnt have a home or family. That night something happened, I dont know what but I got free. I went home and never saw Patrick again. When I came home everyone acted like nothing had happened.
      Part3) My brother was writing an essay and my parents doing stuff on their phone. I went to a building with some of my friends from school, talked a bit and went back home.
      When I came home I put my calculator on a table downstairs. I went upstairs to take a shit but first went to my room to make my schoolbag.
      (I just want to point out that this is my typical nightmare, when I was young I was very very paranoid alone upstairs and starte dmaking things up in my mind literally sprinting downstairs thinking something was chasing me.)
      So, I went outside my room and there it was, my calculator on the floor. It clearly was a sign but I picked it up and went on the the bathroom. Right before entering the bathroom
      (The most typical nightmare, Ive had this 10 times now and it never gets old) My mom, just standing like a statue in my parents chamber when I know she was downstairs and then screaming like a demon chasing me. I went to the bathroom like most times because it was a key and a lock. This time it caught up on me and I was to battle it pulling the door. Something different happened this time.
      My parents never saw the thing as if it was invisible for them so. It had to be in my head. I started fighting it with my head and trying to get rid of it. And for a moment, it was gone. Because I was terrified I lost concentration and it cvame back. I started screaming and making sounds like always so my parents would come. The End.
      non-lucid , nightmare