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    1. Long dream

      by , 04-21-2018 at 09:11 AM
      Part 1:
      Normal day, Im in the very nice virtual reality game where everything looks amazing, its in an apartment with other people and you can hold everything, the physics just work.

      The game is called game of the unknow or something and I keep telling the other guys how good everything looks for a vr game and they keep telling me to shut my mouth. When I look to the left I can see the window in the real world and every now and then someone cycles by.

      Back in the game, I dont know what the game is about but Ill find out soon enough. I grab some cash and it just looks so real and physics amazing.

      I enter some more rooms and from now there are mannequins in every room some even holding knives. And
      After a couple more rooms I understood the game. And it happened. The mannequins turned into people and started attacking I quickly evaded a knife strike, took the knife and stabbed someone then took a knife from someones throat and got an axe by killing another.

      Its now 1v1 Im up against this giant dude with an axe attached to a knife. I keep blocking the strikes with my axe but keep getting pushed further in a kitchen where a teammate stabs him from behind,.

      Part 2:
      We take the run. We get in a car and drive away. Were safe after a while of driving and everyones calm and Im asking myself some things about lucid dreaming and CLICK, I realise Im in a dream. I fly out of the car and over the mountains like really just feeling the wind on my body amazing. It was morelike really far big jumps at first. After a while I came to a farm, some mix between zoo and farm and japanese. I ly on this porch and enjoy the evening and wanted to see the sunset.
      Part 3:
      I look to the left again again and see theres little girls running around. I take of my headset and Im moved 5 meters from where I started the vr. Its eve again and it seems to be christmass.

      I go outside and see theres a christmass place with statues of jezus and stuff next to my house. And everyone was having fun. It was snowing aswell.

      The girls seemed to know me but I didnt know them and they took me somewhere in the back with a small ladder in a small room where they asked me to go trough a door to go to "The circel" but I refused because they had this look that wanted to lock me up.

      When I went back out there was a girl discussing with me about making a language by using only 4 letters in each word.p

      Part 4:
      Im back home all of a sudden but I dont notice. Theres some girls from my class and some cousins theres at my computer theyre watching anime and discussing some things about a ceetaint video.
      Part 5:
      Im in the mall looking for some products and theres thid black girl I asked to show me something. She said I couldnt buy it tho so I wanted to steal it. I put it in my pocket and she guided me out till at roght at the entrance she asked to give it back and I ran.

      The mall was ontop of a hill in the alpe and I started gliding on my shoes like skiis and there was this guy from the mall chasing me. We did some jumps and I landed on his back. It was some sort of game and a voice said combo or something. Then a big wooden plate came under us and we skiid on that too.

      Part 6 ("continues" part 4)
      Im in this room that with 1 big table and some chairs. Theres this older guy and a teen. Im with the girls from back home and the older guy asks me to sit down. He gives me a plate and chops some chicken and gives it to me with some sauce. The girl said she had something to tell. She said she was the girl from the video and showed us the clip. "My" girls went crazy.

      Part 7:
      I wake up and have that amazing feeling after an amazing dream so I go on my phone and tell hormoz about my amazing dream.

      I wake up amazed that that last bit was a false awakening and enhanced the feeling of the amazing dream.
      Tags: idk, long
      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    2. 3rd LD

      by , 04-12-2018 at 11:40 AM
      Im in the queue waiting for the teacher to come ots grey outside and everything looks normal. Theres this new very pretty girl in our class thats rubbing my back slowly, so I look at her and she goes away to the toilets. Were going away from the building but the rainroof thing seems to get closer and closer to the ground. Its not the roof getting closer to the ground but me getting bigger. Were on the playground now and Im about 15 meters tall. Everyone is laughing at me and all of a sudden I realise, Im in a damn dream. So I go to the other school building and shrink again. My dream control was very very limited.
      I went in the building and started roaming the hall to check for the girl but no luck on the way a teacher asked me. Are you asleep and I said no because I think she wanted to know if I was lucid and shes my worst teacher Ive ever had. After a while I go back outside and start flying. The flying was way better than last time and worked pretty well. This time everyone was clapping and cheering all over the place as if I was the most famous man on the planet. I flew to the big building and 30 were climbing up to the top. I went and flew around it and hid for a miment trying to change my cloths but drream control was too limited. I just went with it and flew a couple of times across the building and high fived a guy. But he grabbed me so I took him straight to the ground safely which was a struggle. I went back out and I didnt hear anyone cheering anymore I looked and there was a giant piece of road on the place where they stood, I accidently did that... i went back down and everything was different.
      There were a lot of soldier. Like were in thus military quarantine thing. I saw a gate that was pretty old and flew trough. Im on a car and went in. Guess what. Chewbacca, old princess "layde" and hans solo were in the front. Im in the back they started driving at full speed till we crashed. Im in spectator mode viewing my dead body with a sort of timer. I thought okay this is the end of the dream but no. The timer finished and Im in a new body. Im at a beach, still lucid and there are these mermaids. Theyre trying to kill me and they got me stuck, after a while of fighting and my company got captured to we defeated some and made a sort of golfbal machine to shoot us out. The end. Feeling sensation of waking up.
      Quick notes:
      Con: almost no dream control.
      Pros: I was very deeply in so I wouldnt be waking up anytime soon and I met chewbacca.
      Tags: flying, starwars
    3. First LD after trying to get one after 1 week of training

      by , 04-02-2018 at 01:08 PM
      Im comming out of the water already knowing Im dreaming for some reason, I just felt it. I went on the beach and admired the view of the mountains. I was just looking at how good the details of everything were. Like just amazing. I went on the pavement next to the beach and in a clothing shop because I was all wet. I went inside and just saw the way everyone was minding his own business without me having to think. And the way they replied aswell. I bought a T-shirt but they didnt let me get a towel for some reason. I just went along with it. When I came outside it seemed that we went on a group excursion with school and I just walked trough the mountains with them for a few minutes. When we came tona porch I created a sort of gate or just chanved the scenerie idk and it worked. Im at a big castle (Here it went wrong) I decided to summon a sword and did so by "closing my eyes because it would be easier" when I opened them my actual eyes opened a bit aswell and farewell lucid dream. I think this was a MILD.