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    dolphin's dreams

    comp night #6

    by , 08-23-2015 at 05:32 PM (352 Views)
    DILD-I woke up and saw a man walking I couldn't recognize. I got up and the man tried to talk to me but I ignored him. I jumped into the void to teleport but dropped into the same dream scene I was before. I was at a party and mingled with some guests. Next thing I know I was outside at night and some dcs were revving up a chainsaw with intent to chop off my limbs. I thought this is not happening and grabbed the revved up chainsaw from their hands. Some dcs charged me but I protected myself with the chainsaw, wounding them. I inadvertly flew backwards into the air. I could see a couple dozen dcs all lined up, just standing there. I realized the dream was about to end, so I dropped back down to tried to extend it. All of the dcs seemed to forget what happened and resumed their party. I ended up making out with a young lady as the dream faded away.

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