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    I transform into different animal

    by , 02-16-2015 at 05:58 PM (748 Views)
    I wake up with a weird feeling, as if I can't move. I try to get out of bed but can't. I push harder and am able to force myself out of bed. I continue to push myself to walk and this feeling goes away. I'm at my grandmas house. I notice my grandpa in the family room and say hi to him. I remember my next dare and look for a mirror. I see a small mirror on the wall, but a big screen tv next to it where I can see my reflection. I look at myself. My mouth is stretched out about 9 feet. It starts to recede but I get the idea to transform into an elephant. I grab my outstretched mouth and pull it down. I focuse on making my ears grow which they do. I focus on making a tail grow which it does. I see my shadow and it looks like a small elephant. Next, I focus on the legs. I imagine my elbows and knees being hooves. I walk around but can still feel my feet a bit. I wake up. I forgot the tusks. I count this as a partial transformation. Very near to full, though.
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    1. Tihiti's Avatar
      I gotta try this sometime! Very cool.