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    dolphin's dreams

    Spellbee Comp Night 9

    by , 10-23-2016 at 05:36 PM (389 Views)
    I was in bed sleeping with my eyes closed when I started hearing some voices. I tried to get up and found it was difficult to move. Still not seeing anything, I felt my best bet of getting out of bed was to sink. After a few seconds of trying, I was able to sink through my bed. I was now in a void. I saw a wall with some hieroglyphics on it then my vision went out again. I could hear the clanking of some sort of chain lift. My vision came back and I saw I was in a narrow hallway of a rundown industrial looking building. I saw a door and slowly phased though it. I was now in a small restroom. I looked in a mirror and saw myself. I was more short and stocky, had oversized eyes and a brown afro. I went back into the hallway and tried to summon a dolphin before I woke up.

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    lucid , false awakening