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    Spring 2018 Lucid Competition Night #1

    by , 03-17-2018 at 02:47 PM (583 Views)
    DEILD-I woke up and stayed still in an attempt to DEILD. I felt my body become heavy and began to float. I got back an the ground and looked around for something big and solid to phase through. I found a chair and phased through it. I put out my hand in front of me to summon a dolphin. I felt a beak and a dolphin formed in front of me. I got on it to ride it. We flew towards a window but the dolphin bumped into it because it couldn't get through. I got off the dolphin and crashed through the window to open it. I tried to recall to last of my 3 step tasks, but couldn't and woke up.
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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Oh, phasing through a chair is enough to get the points for advanced phasing? I think I have to adjust my scores!

      Anyway, good show with those back-to-back 3-step-tasks.
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    2. dolphin's Avatar
      My interpretation of the rule is that by "big and solid object" it means a solid object that one would normally have to go around due to its size, and by "fully phasing" it means making the body as a whole go completely through the object. Going through a counter would be enough for advanced phasing in my book.
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    3. 13WAR08T's Avatar
      When did you wake up?/After how many hours of sleep? And did you wake up to do this from another lucid dream?
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    4. dolphin's Avatar
      I woke up after about 10 hours of sleep. This was about my 8th awakening of the night. I did not wake up to do this from another lucid dream.