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    Competing for Affection

    by , 04-18-2015 at 06:05 AM (349 Views)
    Remembered this dream this past Friday morning. My recall sure has been wonky lately.
    I lost my house due to not paying the bills, along with the fact that some greedy people wanted it for themselves. Basically, I was kicked out, and my girlfriend was with me (naturally).
    We seemingly had no where to go, but luckily enough, her Canadian friend (a guy I know IRL) owned a ranch and allowed us to stay there with him.
    Now, this was all well and good. Soft beds and beautiful outdoors weren't things to complain about. But this guy, whom I'll call E (her friend and the owner of the ranch), he started trying to get her attention away from me on him. It started to become a dastardly competition between the two of us, to see who could win my girlfriend's affections. This was basically us:
    Eventually it got to the point where we started arguing over who was the best. My girlfriend didn't intervene on the whole thing, but instead chose the more amusing option and sat on the sidelines enjoying every bit of it.

    I know there was a little more before the dream ended, but it's too hazy. So, here we are.
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