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    Reality Assassins

    by , 06-12-2012 at 02:22 PM (375 Views)
    Sadly, this one's a fragment, which is really too bad, because the premise was cool.
    I packed my bags and headed to this new college that sounded kind of cool. When I got there, I went to class, only to discover that we were being attacked by...something. The teacher told me to hurry back, but when I tripped on the way, he stopped in front of me as he helped me up and explained that they were assassins who could alter reality. I was in disbelief, but then he showed me by firing a crossbow after making the two enemies in front of him go in slow motion. It nailed both of them in the heads.
    It gets pretty fuzzy after that, I was in a class teaching you how to warp gravity, and then I was travelling through this odd locker room that didn't seem like a normal locker room...

    Too bad I didn't remember anymore of it.

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