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    Wild Con

    by , 03-29-2014 at 01:49 PM (405 Views)
    All the big dream signs were present in this one: girlfriend, girlfriend's mom, and conventions.
    The three of us were headed to a big con, and for some reason we were riding on a large platform that grinded over a sort of railway system. It was a very intense experience, but it felt good, sort of like riding a roller coaster. The platform eventually stopped, and we left it, entering a small jungle-like area. This was apparently the entrance to the con. I noticed a kangaroo nearby and walked up to it. Probably the dumbest decision ever, since it ended up kicking me in the nads.
    A snake fell from a tree to the ground nearby me, and a grizzly bear also sauntered over from nearby. It was clear that this was no ordinary convention, but my non lucid self was like 'Not again!'
    We ran away from the animals and made it to the con. Most of what transpired during it is blurry to me, but I do recall walking by myself towards the end of it when the convention center was empty. I ended up getting a text from my girlfriend saying we had to leave.
    I ended up at my house, resting after a tiring con, and heard my grandma outside. I walked out there, and for some reason there were red colored fireworks shooting up all around us. It was almost nighttime, but not quite yet; that time of day where everything is a dark blue.
    My family and I gathered around a bonfire in our yard and discussed multiple things, and I intently drew a picture of Rust Cohle from True Detective.

    And that's all I remember. The day prior to this dream was pretty worry filled, due to work and me messing up. However, for the past two days, I've been waking myself up at 6:00, or around that, after going to bed at about 11:40 or so. This seems to be a period of time where my recall is high, because for the past two days, both times I ended up recalling a dream in vivid detail. I think I'm gonna try waking up at 6, jotting down a dream, then sleeping for another hour and waking up at 7, which will hopefully result in more dreams recalled. Wish me luck!

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