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    Scuba and College

    by , 07-31-2011 at 12:13 PM (487 Views)
    College and scuba (Non-lucid)


    So these dreams are somewhat linked together but skips a lot

    I am walking into a room. it seems to be a college. i see a freind with 2 strangers talking and i ask him how college is.
    skips a little
    Me and a buddy is now walking upstairs towards a room where you can get something to drink and eat. we get a slice of pizza and a soda. i am waiting for my mate but suddenly he yells at me from down the hall we should sit where he is now.. so i went there..
    I am at the pier. we are quite a lot of people and apperently we are going to swim in the ice cold water. First a couple of people jumps in, then me. after some time i ask my mate if he had one of those "slack ropes" you can walk on. He did. He asked someone to get it at his house and a few minutes after a freind comes with a white plastic bag. there is some rope attacked to something that looked like to be..intestines.. i asked him "WTF?!" and he replied it was alright and it was a strong material we could walk on
    The rope is now suspended over the ice cold water. for some stranger reason i am the first to go over and even stranger: I now have scuba gear on. Anyways i start to walk and it goes really really well. i get to the end of the rope but cant get to land again so i end up falling into the water after trying a lot !
    I am hope again and i want to take a shower. i turn on the water for the bath and i wait. suddenly the water fills the hole room! Good thing i still had my scuba gear on ! Anyways i go to the door and i wanna escape, but what i didnt think about was the water would ruin the wooden floor. Too late... the water allready slipped outta the little slit i made at the door opening and i couldnt close it. water... water everywhere...
    Having dinner with my family and some of my parrents freinds. I wanna finish my dinner fast so i can fix all the water that is on the first floor without them knowing.
    Dinner is over. i find the water vacuum cleaner we had in the basement and i tried to make my siblings help.. they didnt wanna help.. (wankers..)
    Gonna go to the first day of college.. tired after all nights work cleaning up... find new fine cloths.. socks are stil wet.. go to first day of college with wet, smelly feet.. great!

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