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    3 Powerful Lucid Dreaming Techniques

    by , 07-24-2011 at 07:21 PM (883 Views)
    Below are three powerful techniques I have personally used to induce lucid dreams:


    Use a tape player or MP3 player with your voice recorded on it that tells you to check to see if you are dreaming, or that reminds you to realize you are having a dream. Turn on the player when you go to bed or even better turn in on when you awaken in middle of the night or when you wake up from just having a dream. When you go back to bed after awakening you are more than likely to have a dream. I usually record the affirmations about one minute apart so when I go into REM sleep the tape recorder reminds me to check if I am dreaming. At first you may have difficulty falling asleep since every minute or so you will hear the affirmations, but soon you will become accustom to the sound of your voice and fall asleep. Your voice on the tape recorder will remind you check to see of you are dreaming while you are having the dream and will help you become lucid.


    Check to see if you are dreaming during the day while awake, especially if you find yourself in an odd or unusual situation. Checking to see if you are dreaming while awake will translate into doing a reality check while you are dreaming. Don't pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming, or jump in the air to see if you can fly: All that may happen if you do this type of reality check in a dream is you may feel a slight pain from the pinch, or if you jump in the air and try flying you may end up just coming back down from the jump. The best way to do a reality check is to ask the question:

    "How did I get here?"

    Since the dream environment is constantly changing and evolving, if you are dreaming you will suddenly find yourself in a dream but will not be able to logically retrace the steps you took to get there. If you can retrace your steps you are more than likely not dreaming. However if you cannot retrace your steps you are having a dream.


    Repeat the following affirmations before bed or when you wake up from just having a dream, but plan on going back to sleep right away:

    I awaken within my dreams
    My waking consciousness goes with me into my dreams
    I am consciously aware of my dreams
    Lucid dreaming is easy for me
    When I dream, I am aware I am dreaming
    I remember my lucid dreams
    I have the power to control my dreams
    I do reality checks while dreaming
    I notice the dream signs that help me become lucid
    I become consciously aware of odd occurrences in dreams
    I am determined but detached while dreaming
    My dream intention is strong
    I visualize becoming lucid in my dreams
    Tonight I will recognize that I am dreaming
    Tonight I will have a lucid dream
    I have a greater awareness of reality
    I recognize I am dreaming while dreaming
    I remain emotionally calm when dreaming
    I check to see if I am really awake often
    I know the difference between reality and dreaming
    I do reality checks often
    I have the ability to lucid dream at will
    I am the master of my dreams
    I am a master at the art of lucid dreams

    Article Written by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Tony Dosanjh: Founder of MindMaster Subliminal Messages and Images

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    1. jarrhead's Avatar
      The tape player method has never worked for me. I made an 8-hour MP3 which told me to check in a low-pitched voice with obnoxious language to really make it stick out, and it has never once even been transferred into my dream. Though it has woken me up once.
    2. jarrhead's Avatar
      And you're using a dream journal, not for dreams.
    3. dreamcatcher81's Avatar
      Yes I use "my" dream journal as a source for lucid dreaming information.