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    1. Pants, but No Earthquake

      by , 07-07-2016 at 08:19 PM
      Bedtime: 10:30 pm
      WBTB: 4:00 am (awake about 20 mins)
      Technique: DILD
      Notes: This dream occurred before my WBTB alarm. This is the second time in the last couple weeks where I used an induction technique WITHIN a dream to become lucid. Very strange.

      I am at my dad's house. I am with my family in the living room. I decide to see if I can fall asleep on the floor (in the dream) and have a lucid dream. I use an LD technique to enter a lucid dream. As I enter the new dream, I become fully lucid.

      I am in an unfamiliar city. I remember I still want to cause an earthquake for the bonus task, so I ask the dream directly for an earthquake. Nothing happens, so I tell myself to give it time and explore the dream. I wander around a junk yard full of old cars. I see an attractive man in one of the cars. He has a large dog, possibly a pit bull, in the back seat. I climb in the car to pet the dog and talk to the man. I feel attracted to the man, so decide to kiss him. The erotic feelings cause the dream to begin collapsing so I get out of the car quickly before I wake myself up.

      I ask the dream again for an earthquake. Again, nothing happens so I continue to explore. I enter a large office building. I go up several levels and look out the windows, hoping to see some sign of an earthquake. Nothing. I try to remember the other July tasks. I recall the task to prank a DC. I don't feel comfortable pranking my DC's, but decide to give it a try anyway since I can't figure out the earthquake situation. I see a man dressed in a suit standing by a drinking fountain. I walk up behind him and pull down his pants. He turns to me surprised and perplexed. I apologize, and explain that I am working on my LD tasks. I then offer to let him pull my pants down so we are even. He agrees and pulls my pants down. We laugh, then I experience an awkward moment of erotic feelings. I immediately leave, again afraid of the dream collapsing.

      I go downstairs to what appears to be the company cafeteria. I see several familiar faces. I decide to approach another male DC and ask his opinion about monthly LD tasks. He seems interested, and goes on to explain how interesting it would be to explore religions symbols for the TOTM. I am intrigued, but wonder if that is too philosophical for some people. I ask another DC what he thinks would be a fun TOTM. He says he would really like to see people picking raspberries. I consider this, amused. I then continue approaching people. I ask the next DC if she has heard anything about an earthquake. She shows me a newspaper with a headline saying scientists expect an earthquake to occur sometime that day. This encourages me. I then see my ex-boyfriend in the crowd. I tell him we are dreaming and we can do anything. He is amused and agrees to go exploring with me. I show him how to jump and fly over the tables to exit the building. The DCs get agitated by our flight and begin a food fight among themselves. I am then woken up by my alarm.
    2. Attempt to Summon Earthquake TOTM

      by , 07-05-2016 at 03:32 PM
      Bedtime: 11:00 pm
      WBTB: 4:00 am
      Technique: DEILD
      Notes: Brief lucidity x 2 this morning between wakings (woken by cat and husband)

      Dang.....I became lucid twice this morning but kept getting woken up before I could try the bonus task of the month (summon an earthquake). In both dreams, I became lucid in a courtyard of some kind. Once I stabilized the dream and the scenery was crystal clear, I ran around looking for a wide open space. There were large buildings all around, and several tall trees. In the first dream, I was woken up at this point (either by my cat or my husband making noise in the kitchen). In the second, I returned to this same point and I decided to test my "strength" by defying gravity. I jumped up high into a tree. Feeling comfortable that I had some control, I then got back on the ground and ran to a large area between the tallest buildings, thinking it would be safer to summon an earthquake there with less to fall on my head and wake me up. I tried speaking out loud to the dream to summon the earthquake. At first my words didn't come out right, but my voice grew louder and more confident as I continued to speak. I asked the dream directly to create an earthquake. Then my cat woke me up. Sigh.
    3. I'm a Ghost

      by , 06-26-2016 at 08:21 PM
      I am in what looks like my grandfather's Boise house. I am with several other people, include Mike A. Somewhere in my interaction with the group, I realize I am dreaming. After I become lucid, I realize I am no longer an active character in the dream, but rather, an awareness observing the dream. This is unusual so I decide to experiment with this new "ghost" state I am in. I see Mike in the kitchen. I approach him and whisper in his ear "I am right here." He reacts as though he does hear me but he looks confused because he cannot see me. He leaves the kitchen, but I stay, trying to decide what to do next. I opt for a dramatic dream exit. I consider spinning, but decide to try to sink through the floor instead since that has worked for me in the past.

      I sink down through a vortex in the floor and find myself in a large, crowded building with many hallways. I begin walking around, looking at the dream and hoping for something interesting to present itself. I see dream characters but am reluctant to approach them for some reason. I feel as though this maze of dark rooms and hallways is endless, and I don't really like it. I've found myself in this kind of maze many times, and I always want out. I consider ways to locate an exit, but I wake up before I try another technique to change the scene.
    4. WILD from a Theater Seat

      by , 06-26-2016 at 08:05 PM
      I am in a large movie theater. Somehow I am both aware of the details of the theater as well as my physical body and the sound of the fish aquarium in my bedroom. I decide since I appear to be "halfway" between worlds, I want to try to go deeper, so I sit down in one of the theater seats and attempt a WILD, or at least a hybrid version of WILD since I'm already dreaming. I feel my body begin the usual distortions I experience with a WILD. I am also aware of the sound of my aquarium growing dimmer as I go deeper into the dream space. Twice I feel myself transition into the void until my aquarium is no longer in the background, but then I am pulled back by the sound again. Each time I snap back I am in the theater again, not my bed, but still holding the awareness of both my physical space and the dream space.

      On my third try, I finally push all the way into the void and disassociate completely from my body and the background noise of my bedroom. As my vision becomes clearer, I realize I am looking at bright red geometric shapes against a background that looks like outer space. I am enthralled by the scene, wanting to go further into it to see what I am really looking at. I move further "into" the scene, watching the red glowing shapes swirl all around me. I wonder if I have somehow moved into another dimension because everything is so abstract and alien.

      Unfortunately I woke up in my bed before I could explore any further.
    5. A Talking, Flying Fish

      by , 06-23-2016 at 03:04 AM
      I wake up in my bed early in the morning.....or rather, I think I wake up in my bed. I decide to do a reality check on my RC tattoo on my arm before going back to sleep (it did not occur to me that it was dark and I wouldn't be able to see it). When I look at my arm, my tattoo is glowing and does not say "Dream" like it's supposed to. I am shocked to realize this is a false awakening and I am now fully lucid! Excited to be in my real bedroom, I carefully climb out of bed trying not to wake myself up. I decide to exit out my bedroom window to go explore.

      Outside, the scene is clear and gorgeous! The sky is lit up with swirling stars and colors, and I see fish swimming in the air. I feel awestruck by how beautiful it is. I remember that I set a goal last night to stop and sit down in my next lucid dream (I usually can't seem to stop myself from moving forward constantly when lucid). I find a log to sit down on, feeling confident in my ability to relax and fully enjoy the beauty around me. One of the fish approaches me and I hold out my hand to greet it. It lands in the palm of my hand. It is large, black and brown, and has large, expressive lips. I say hello and it says hello back. I am thrilled by the idea of taking to a flying fish, but I suddenly wake up before the conversation can go further.
    6. RC at Blumac's

      by , 06-21-2016 at 04:46 PM
      Bedtime: 11:00 pm
      WBTB: 3:30 am
      Technique: mantra (Is this a dream?), counting
      Notes: This dream occurred between 7 and 7:30 am, after multiple wake-ups throughout the morning

      I am working at Blumac's (a bar I worked at years ago). I committed to one night just for fun, but I realize the owner put me back on the schedule 4-5 days a week. I am worried I can't handle that kind of schedule anymore since I'm out of shape, and really might be too old for this now. I greet Michelle in the dressing room and realize she is older than me and looks amazing, so maybe I can do this for a little while to earn some extra money. I decide to stay, but I don't want to work Friday or Saturday nights, or double shifts. I ask one of the other girls if she would like my Friday shift and she agrees.

      I return for my second shift. I overhear the other girls talking about money, and realize that I handled my tips incorrectly the night before. I put my money in my makeup bag instead of giving it to the DJ, so I didn't pay the DJ or bouncer last night. I feel bad. I start digging through my bag to count my money and notice there is a lot more than I thought. Suddenly I realize in horror that I am looking through the wrong bag. I feel horribly embarrassed and worry that someone might think I'm trying to rob her. Thankfully no one sees me, so I sit down to relax again and sort through my clothes. I contemplate getting a trunk for my clothes again instead of dealing with this messy gym bag.

      I suddenly remember to look at the RC tattoo on my arm. I fully expect to see the word "Dream" written there, but when I look I see only a P and another partial letter. I stare at it, dumbfounded for a minute, then become fully lucid. I stand up, excited, and look around the room to see how stable the dream is. Everything is solid, and I move easily. I realize this is the highest level of lucidity I've had in over a year! I decide to glide instead of walk. I glide easily across the room and out the door. As I enter the next room, I notice things are hazy, like I am not wearing my contacts. I decide to keep moving, hoping things will clear up because I'm concerned about waking myself if I try to adjust the light. I decide to go outside, hoping the light will clear up naturally out there. I see a door to the patio and decide to walk right through the solid wood. It works! The dream is much clearer outside. The sky is blue and the weather is pleasant. I see a large brown dog across the yard. When it sees me it gets up and runs my direction. It appears to be very friendly and curious. I notice there is something odd about it's jaw, so I try to look closer.....then BEEEEEP! Damn alarm work me up!
    7. Creepy Medical Facility and a Glass Elevator

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:22 PM
      LUCID x 2
      WBTB + supplement (8 mg galantamine)

      I am at work, talking to L. She just did a strip tease for the guys in the SEC. I note how skinny she looks. I wonder how she can get away with doing this in the work place. HR would freak if they knew this was going on here. L doesn't seem well, and I learn she recently got a DUI. She tries to make it sound like we are alike, especially with the DUI. I tell her she is wrong, I never got a DUI. I see another woman, preparing to take a shower. I think it is my friend H.

      Irritated by my conversation with L, I feel myself lift up toward the ceiling. I start to spin, and realize I am dreaming. Excited, I float along the ceiling slowly, trying to maintain focus in the dream. I move toward a doorway, wanting to leave this dream scene. I exit through the door and start walking down the stairs. I am a little worried, because I have dreamed this kind of stairway before, and those dreams are often unpleasant. I remind myself to keep my fear in check. I exit through another door and find myself in a strange hall. It looks like some kind of medical facility. Far down the hall I see what appears to be tubes that may have people in them. I see a woman in the hall, maybe a nurse. She looks surprised and upset, and she says I can't be here. I try to reassure her. I look directly at her and tell her in a calm voice "It's OK, I am dreaming. This is a dream." She does not believe me. I wake up.

      Excited about my success with having an LD, I hold very still in bed, determined to immediately re-enter the dream state to try again. I imagine myself floating toward the ceiling and spinning like in my previous dream, and in just a few seconds I am dreaming again! I am in a large building, so I decide to go exploring. I become aware that my bladder is full and I really need to pee (LMAO), so I think hard about what I need to do to stabilize myself as long as possible. I tell myself that it is my dream body that is experiencing the physical sensation, not my physical body. I also clap my hands several times to try to ground myself in my dream body, which works well.

      As I explore the dark hallways, I remember that my LD goal is to find an elevator. I turn a corner and see one at the end of the hallway. I want it to be a glass elevator so I can see the view outside. I press the button and hope for the best. The door opens and it is a glass elevator! I get in and press a button. It is very dark outside, and the dream is unclear. The elevator is not moving up or down, but sideways instead. I watch the scenery carefully, trying to will it to become clearer. I see city lights, and finally an ocean scene far in the distance. I want to get out to go see the ocean. I exit and start walking down a road. There are no DC anywhere. It looks like a very long walk to reach the shore but I am determined. I have to keep clapping my hands to stay focused. Along the way, I remember that I'd like to try eating something. I want some pasta since my gluten intolerance has made it impossible to enjoy real pasta for years now. I see a small Italian restaurant ahead. As I get closer, I see the doors are very small, and I don't think I will fit through them. I decide to keep walking rather than risk waking myself up by shoving myself through an impossible door. The last part of my walk is on a narrow dirt path, with some steep edges. There is a ravine on my right. I am very close now, and I see a nice building on the shore, which appears to be luxury apartments. I wake up before I reach it.

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    8. Sing the Light

      by , 07-24-2014 at 06:44 PM
      Technique: WBTB, mantra

      I am outside in a park. I am not present in the dream, however, just observing. I see a few kids running around and I have the awareness that they were just shoplifting. I see an old woman lurking in the trees. She seems curious about what the boys are doing, and I want to help her. I then become aware that I am dreaming, and watch my own body materialize into the dream. Once I am totally present in the dream, the dreamscape changes slightly (I can't really describe how…something to do with the texture or the light?????), and it feels like the old woman and I are in a separate layer of reality than the rest of the DC, yet we are still in the park.

      I introduce myself to the woman and we walk together for awhile. I see a huge tree that I am compelled to show to the woman. We approach the tree and we are both impressed by how gigantic the trunk is. As I look more closely, I see strange faces carved into the bark. They remind me of shamanic masks. I decide it would be very interesting if the faces were lit up so we can see them better. I put my hands on the tree and focus on summoning light. The faces begin to light up but not as much as I would like, so I push my will even harder. I suddenly get the idea to use my voice to raise the vibration. I begin to "sing" the light. As I do this, the entire dream lights up, and then there is a violent explosion of light and the dream scene changes!

      I am now in a house. It is very dark. I am aware that I am responsible for a baby, a little boy. I want to go explore. I decide I have to take the baby with me. I grab him in my arms then head for the door. I feel slightly afraid to go through the door for some reason, then remind myself that I don't want my fear to inadvertently summon something nasty behind the door. I go through the door safely. It is still night outside. I find a bicycle and get on, holding the baby very carefully in my arms. As I ride, I become aware of just how tiny the baby is. I can feel his warmth and heartbeat against my body, which is a very strange sensation. As I continue riding down the road, I turn a corner and see a breathtaking city view that I've seen in a previous dream. I stop to admire the view.
    9. A walk after a WILD trip through a tunnel!

      by , 07-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      I had this lucid dream back in February. It was my first WILD!

      I am practicing a relaxation exercise and mantra during a WBTB session. I feel slightly dizzy, then hear a roar in my ears. I then experience intense sensations of my body twisting and turning in space. I see darkness, but as I continue to hold into my awareness, I begin to see a vision of a tunnel. The physical sensations slowly translate into a feeling of shooting through the tunnel at hyperspeed! The feeling is almost overwhelming but I stay focused and conscious.

      The speed finally slows and I feel like I land on solid ground. It is pitch black. Slowly, the scene around me starts to materialize and I focus on my hands. I am wearing black gloves. It is night time, and cold here. I keep thinking I DID IT but remind myself to stay calm. I look around and see lights far off in the distance. It appears I am way outside of town. There is a creek or canal to my right, and a path ahead. I am in awe of what I just accomplished and what I am seeing, but I don’t feel the dream is very stable. I know I need to stay engaged with the dream to keep from waking up so I start walking. I then see a small hut ahead with lights on. I decide to follow the path to the hut to see who might be waiting for me.

      The dream then begins to collapse; everything goes fuzzy and gray. I recently read about LaBerge's spinning technique, so I decide to try it. I spin around as fast as I can. The scene fades to total darkness. When I stop spinning, my vision becomes clear again. I am in the same place, but now it is daytime and it feels like summer. The sky is incredibly blue! I admire a tree next to me and enjoy how bright the leaves are, as though they are alive. I look at several other plants along the path and notice some strange discoloration in the leaves. I wonder if the plants are malnourished. The dream then collapses and I wake up.
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