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    1. Lots of lucids

      by , 12-26-2013 at 02:38 AM
      Santa sandman was a good man this year. After not having any lucids for a few months I get a bunch in one day so happy.The last two were during a nap a took after being awake for about 7 hours.

      Flying fun:
      I am kind of skate boarding down a street when I do a jump. I am high in the sky wondering how I am going to land without hurting myself. I get giddy and say to my self I am dreaming and drop the thing I was using to skate board with. At first I try to land, but remember about the advanced flying and fly into space. When I get there I expect to see the moon but all I see are colored orbs,I call these planets and dodge the first of them. Then I quickly make a game out of trying to collect everyone. I get excited having fun and soon wake

      No Gifts For Me
      I quickly fall back asleep and tell my self to do a rc. Getting out of the bed. I walk to the door and do a nose plug rc. I am happy I am having another lucid. I open the door and think about what I want to do now and remember the totm basic and set out to find a dc and ask for a gift. I walk down stars and stop at the front door for a minuet thinking about leaving to find a dc but think no one would be around. So I walk into the living room to find hubs on the couch. I ask him if I can open one of my gifts early. He tells me no he was never one of those people who stay up until midnight on Christmas eve to open one gift. I try to convince him to let me open one and soon wake with a cat on my chest.

      After about 30 minutes of petting my cat I am allowed to fall back asleep. Before I roll over in bed I tell my self to do a rc because I am dreaming. Of course I do the nose plug, but I can not quite get my fingers on my nose so I switch to the hand rc and count my fingers. At first there is only 5 but as I count the 3rd finger more start to show up. I get excited again but tell my self to calm down before I wake. When I exit the room again I try to remember another task. I deiced to try and get a gift from a dc again. As I am walking down the stairs I get excited again that I am dreaming in the new home. When I get to the bottom hubs calls out to me from the living room. I tell him not to worry about what I am doing because I am dreaming. I open the front door and walk out amazed to see I bunch of people camped out in the field. I love this and deiced to walk up to one and ask them for a gift. At first the male dc it confused then say oh yah I do have these to give you from a friend. He hands me three stacked round tins. The top one has what I assume is my name and look at the label, it says it is dark chocolate covered something. I try to open the tin but end up squishing it. I wonder if this is enough to say I complete the task and soon forget the totm. I turn to leave this group but get an idea. I turn back to the male dc I asked the gifts for. I ask him if he knows a person named U. He asks me why I am looking for him. I tell him no reason just wanted to meet him. I then ask if he knows M he gets up set about this a tries to dismiss me by walking away. I call after him what about A do you know her? Now most of the people in the camp are getting worried and trying to leave. I lost lucidity here. I follow the male dc I was talking to with another female dc by my side he calls over his shoulder to stop following him. I tell him not until her answers my questions and tells me where they are. We look to the side of this dirt mountain we are walking on to see some cars come racing to a stop. I get the dream knowledge these please are after me. So I turn and run telling the others to follow me I know a way out. Somehow I run into a building and find some stairs and start running down them as fast as I can. When I finally get to the bottom I exit out into an office lobby. I know this lobby from one of my other dreams. Before I can do anything else I wake.

      During my nap ---

      Trying For Points
      I am following a boy dc through the dream. Some relative is taking him on a road trip as they move somewhere I can not remember the name of the state. The male dc is driving really fast down a narrow windy road which has ice on it now. I am in the back seat hoping we do not slide off the road into a lake on the side. As I am thinking this I can feel the car start to slid more and more with each turn., soon we slid off the road. I brace my self before we hit the water, but we never do. I tell my self this isn't right and try to do the nose pinch rc but it does not quite work like most always so I switch to the finger rc. At first I am only seeing 5 fingers, but notice a 6th I have not been counting. As soon as I become lucid I think I wake, but it is a fa. I hear some strange noise in the background and in the dream I place it as my alarm going off to get up. I ignore it and try not to wake up moving to the door thinking about grabbing some more quick points for the comp, but all I can think about is interacting with a dc. I tell my self I will see hubs when I open the door for a dc to interact with. Hubs is there on the other side asking about the noise. I tell him it is my alarm in RL going off to wake me up and not to worry about it. I am trying to grab some quick points then I will wake up. I move fast to the front door and open it, but wake after stepping out into another fa. I pick up my phone and try to turn off the alarm, but it is on the screen for text messages. I look at them to see the words are upside down and backwards. I can read something about me texting with hubs about being sorry and stupid, but do not remember the exact syn text of it all. I walk out of the room and run into hubs and tell him thank you for turning off my alarm for me and I think I tell him about my dream but do not remember what else we talk about. I soon wake.

      Dream Partner
      I wake and roll over looking at the clock it is still 30 minutes before I have to get up so I lay back down. I move into the dream and tell my self to do a rc so I get up out of bed and look at my hands. I have about 8 fingers on my hand making it look like a fan. I get happy and shake my hand and look at it again now I have 3 fat fingers. I laugh to my self and move to the door of the room. I walk down a long hallway which ends in a square room by the front of the house. I see a woman of African decent standing with her back to a window looking outside onto a busy street. There is what looks to be stairs to her right, it could also just be a decoration of some sort though. I walk up to her and she says awe so you are my dreaming partner. I get upset about this and start to pound a small flower earring on the stair thing saying you can't be my dreaming partner I don't want you to be my dreaming partner. She asks why not. I look out the window and see a old Chinese man walking down the street and point to him saying that is why not. In my head I am thinking she will find him frightening as I think she is afraid of every thing. She gives me a weird look and say whats with her to a lady now standing behind me. She is an older Chinese looking woman, she beckons me over to her. At this point I lose lucidity. She tells me not to worry because I am a nephim. And I will survive as my whole line has and the dream launches into a brown black and white color to show a woman running down a mountain with an army chasing her. The scene is narrated and I am told she is the first and kept her name when married and made she all her descents did the same since we are a proud people. The dream soon fades and I wake.

      I am really bummed I did not ask the DC (who told me she was my dreaming partner her name)
    2. Wild WILD

      by , 08-24-2012 at 05:31 AM
      Had on 8/22/12

      For about 10 minutes I feel the start of the WILD coming on. I fight it a little, but then let it wash over me. When I realize I am now in the dream I try to stabilize the dream by engaging all 5 senses. I am able to use all the senses, but sound.

      When I make it to the door of the room I do the slandered nose pinch RC just to make sure. When I exit out into the kitchen I walk to the stove where some potatoes are cooking like baked potatoes. I reach into the pot a pull a little off and stuff it into my mouth for taste.

      I then walk to the front door. When I exit the house I try to think about something to do. The only thing that I can think of is trying to pass my hand through something again. (As the last time I did this with my finger through my hand it made me ill in the dream. and I have wanted to try it with a solid object since.) I walk to one of the pillars holding up the overhang on the porch and try to pass my whole hand through it. I tell myself this should be easy as the pillar does not really exist. I am able to pass my hand through it, but I get poked by a splinter or something which hurts. After this I pull my hand back out and start to think about what to do next when I lose the dream and wake.
      memorable , lucid
    3. Two Lucids yea!

      by , 08-17-2012 at 05:05 AM

      I am at some plece I think is a college or mall walking with some DCs I do not know in RL. When we exit I tell them I will catch up with them as I have to use th restroom.

      When I get to the restroom I notice my fly has been down and my shorts have been unbuttoned the whole time. I shrug this off as I am not going to see any of the people I have passed again and try to find a stall to use. However every stall I open is disgusting looking.

      At this point another woman enters, I tell her how all the stalls are disgusting and how you would think men's rooms would look like this not the lady's rooms.

      It is at that moment I think to my self about this being a huge dream sign of mine so I do the nose pinch rc check and become lucid. I try to think of what I want to do but get distracted with changing my appearance in the mirror. I soon wake.


      I am walking around a library trying to find a book. I get upset because every time I think I know where I am at in the library and close to the book I am looking for I am lost. I remember saying something about how I never get lost and this always happened in my dreams no matter where I am. This makes me stop and do the nose plug RC.

      I get happy I am lucid and deiced to exit the library. I exit into another hallway. I deiced to try to make someone appear whom I always try to make appear. When I call out his name I turn around to him standing up from a chair that was empty before to tell me he was waiting for me to call as he knew I would. I ask him something I do not remember. Then he tells me something about a perfect level of being in the dream and being aware I am dreaming. I tell him that makes no sense since that is what being lucid is. We debate this for a few minutes, he l then tells me to see what he is talking about i have to walk down the hall away from him. I do this and somehow pick up a small dragon companion who is giving my more advice, but I can not remember what.

      I soon wake.
      lucid , memorable
    4. He never comes/RC made me sick

      by , 07-07-2012 at 07:23 PM
      I am in a warehouse type building wondering around looking for someone I think. While doing this I am becoming a little aware that I am dreaming. I turn a corner and try to walk down some steps when I am stopped by some male DC. He grabs me saying a lot of stuff I can not remember. He tries to get me to engage in fun adult things with him. At this point I am now lucid and move my hand to do the nose pinch RC.

      I try to move away for this DC telling him I am dreaming and I do not want him to bother me any longer, but he does not let go. I am able to get both my hands free and I think about summoning a blade to help me get away. I close my left fist and think about it. When I open my fist I see a syringe/blade type of thing there. I take this blade thing and jam it into the DCs arm. He lets me go and I take off running. However I stop about ten feet away and summon another blade and TK into the DCs mouth to make sure he will not be bothering me any longer in the dream.

      At this point I see and hear some other DCs in the warehouse. I do not want them to find me even though I know I am lucid so I make a hasty retreat to a door.

      When I exit the warehouse I am in a type of school girl uniform and I have lost more of my lucidy. I see a girl DC ahead of me. She stops when she notices me and calls out to me about being late. I start to follow her then remember I am dreaming and do another nose pinch RC.

      I follow the girl into a apartment/school type place and walk right out again on the other side of the building. I am now standing out side by a pond trying to figure out what I would like to do in the dream. I get the idea to call someone I have been looking for so I start to call out their name and ask them to talk with me and that is all I want.

      up on some hill a girl calls out to me saying this person will not becoming because I am not ready yet. I engage in conversation with her and try to climb up the hill only for it to be made of sand like always. I am trying to tell my self I can climb this hill because this is my dream and it does not really matter what it is made of I can still make it to the top. I get to the top but before I can make it over I start to fall back down into the water and I wake.

      I am leaving a hospital type place with hubs and following him to he car only to lose him in a crowd of people. I run to try to catch up with him. I get to a spot where the crowd starts to thin out buy some polls. I use this to try and launch my self further only to start flying.

      As I am trying to get back to the ground I am frustrated saying this usually works. Then I get the idea to do a RC so I do the nose pinch and become lucid. While sill floating in the air I try to think about what I really want to do. I then get the idea to try the finger through the hand RC as I have always wanted to try this. First I take my thumb and try to punch it through, but it only makes a stretched bump in my hand. I then get the idea to use my longest finer. I do this and when I am punching though I feel a little pain but pouch it out of my mind knowing this is a dream. When my finger breaks through the skin on the other side of my hand I am happy I have completed the RC but then I get sick and puke.

      I now have a nasty taste in my mouth and deiced to rinse my mouth out. to do this I deiced to fly back to the doors of the hospital. I land in front of them, they open, but I do not see a bathroom. I deiced to go up the stair saying one with be at the top. When I get to the top there is a bathroom there, but I wake before I get to it.
    5. DWA Fun

      by , 06-26-2012 at 05:40 PM
      From a WBTB I told my self I was going to have a lucid. The next thing I remember is walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror. As I was putting a bobby pin in place I told myself I was dreaming and to do a RC. At first I was not going to but I thought how bathrooms are a major DS for me. So I did a nose pinch check.

      While walking out of the house I stuck my hand behind my back and was trying to make something appear in it, but did not have any luck. When I got to the door I deiced to try and summon someone behind it saying their name out load I opened the door, but a kid stumbled in. At this point I start to lose the dream so I made my self settle down and stabilize the dream with slow breathing to bring my emotion meter back down. This brought me out of the whiteness back into the dream. At this point even though I was in the same spot as before the kid was a distant memory therefore he was not in the dream any more. I was happy about this and walked outside into daylight (my lds are almost always take place at night in the dream). I feel giddy and light hearted standing in the sun looking around. I stand in place for a minute dazzled then try to think of a task to do.

      The only thing which comes to mind is to visit the DWDVA so I say (my tongue feels very swollen and I can barely get the words out.) out load this is what I want to do. I see a flash and then start walking across the street as I know it is across the lake like always when I summon it. Getting across the street is a little had for me as I stumble on the other side still on the road. I start to panic a little as I can not get back up at there is a car coming. Then bam the lick hearted feeling hits me and I calm back down knowing this is a dream and I can control it.

      I get up and start walking again. When I get fully across the street I see three roads I can take. And it kind of looks like a western town with muddy roads and cowboys standing around. There was even a cow or two. I run up to a group of three cowboys and ask them which path to take. When I get to them I slip and am now laying in the mud. They all laugh at me but I shrug it off. I work around my still swollen tongue to ask them which path to take. (However before falling I seen a sign which led me to believe it was the middle path). They all look at me weird then say something stupid about not seeing a moon so they can not tell me which way to go. They then try to make an insulting joke, but I get up telling them how lame it was and how they could do better.

      When I get close to the shore I see the castle is on and island and not on the other side of the lake. This time I did not see a dock with a waiting boat so I tell myself no matter I will just walk there. I get to the edge of the lake and step in. I am not sure what I was expecting after telling my self I could walk on the water because it was solid and did not exist, but I fell right through into the water. I said no matter I will just swim, but there seemed to be a strong current around the island which made it imposable to swim through. After finding myself by the shore once again I called for mancoon to come in his boat.

      He does, or rather a mancoon but not the once I was expecting. I was expecting the owl I have run into by the dock before. What I got was kind of a stuffed beaver with a small wooden boat. After trying to get into the boat and failing I ask him if he could just swim me there while I was holding on to him. He said yes I guess because off we went. After swimming in circles for a sec I picked him out of the water to show him where to swim and the next thing I knew I was pulling my self onto the shore of the castle.

      I get excited I made it to the island and almost lose the dream. But I wrap my arm around a pillar I am sitting by. I just focus on the texture of it to stabilize the dream. It is smooth and cold to the touch. However this is not enough so I get the idea to drum my fingers on it making my nails clack on the stone for the audio sense. This woke really well and I find my self in the dream with it feeling more stable than before.

      I exit the water all the way and start to make my way to the entrance. While walking I notice some weapons showcased on the walls. They were on those cheesy wooden board cut and painted to look like shield flags. On one I noticed a name. It was something Toaster. This struck me as very odd and silly for a name of a sword, even more so if it was used to kill a dragon. I started giggling thinking about the name. When I finally got to the entrance the dream faded too fast for me to do anything about.
      lucid , memorable
    6. Flodding and LD fun

      by , 05-20-2012 at 05:40 PM
      I am with a boy and his family. At some type of kids play place. We leave and are on a shore showing the water rising. I make a comment about this being the place I was at before (I think in another dream). We are now in a play area at a park. Off in the distance I see a wave start to form I say something about getting on the toys since there is a high platform we can all stand on and be safe from the wave.

      The wave hits and we are under water. I help the boy swim to the surface. There is nothing but water and I can hardly see (do to almost losing the dream). I turn in the water to see some boats and stuff. I try to swim towards one, but I start to float into the sky. I start to get lucid at this point and try to hold onto the dream but cannot.

      I wake to a FA, I am bummed I woke. I then tell myself I do a RC just in case since I tend to have a lot of FA. I do the nose pinch Rc and I am happy to find I am still dreaming and lucid again. I get out of bed but hubs kind of stirs and sits up. I tell him to go back to bed. I then look to grab my pants by the bed but I grab a shirt instead. I spend a little time looking for the pants then abandon the idea not wanting to spend the whole dream looking for them. I briefly think about flying as a task, but deiced not to do it as I am in the house still. When I get to the bedroom door I do another RC for good measure while trying to think of my other tasks. The TK task pops into my head and I am happy and excited about trying this as I have never done it before.

      I get to the living room to hear/see my mom yelling at some little boy. I try not to get involved knowing if I do I will lose the dream. She asks me where I am going when I get to the front door. I tell her to not worry about it and go back to what she was doing. I feel her leave. I open the front door and exit. I think about the points for interacting with a dc and if it would count and then think about wanting to fly again but remember TK was on my list first.

      As I am walking down the stairs I notice I am walking into a parking garage type of place. I get the feeling I am sot after by the cops because my mom called them. I try to put on the now panties while walking towards a car and notice I am now wearing the red shirt I picked up. I am now by a car looking at a cop car speeding towards where I am standing. A police cruiser pulls up and a man gets out. He asks if the car I am standing next to is mine. I tell him yes and to prove it I would unlock it. I then think to myself this was stupid since I donít have my keys. Then I call myself stupid since I am dreaming and mentally pop the lock open. He then tells me I have to go with him and now has his arms wrapped around me. I tell him I cannot and will not go with him while mildly resisting trying to get free. While doing this I fight with myself about turning this into a sex dream but I stay focused on my task. Finally stop walking and tell him as much as I would love to I can go no further with him since I was dreaming and I had a task I wanted to do.

      He just kind of laughs at me and says oh yah. At this point I am now free. I say oh yah and I will prove it. I walk towards a row of cars and put my hands out palm up. I then curl my fingers up a bit and start to raise my hand. When I do every car (about 30 or 40) raises with my hand. I get supper exited and turn back to the op asking him if he thought that was more than 20 cars. He is dumb founded and answers way more. I then spend the rest of the dream doing this with a large group of people and then with some dogs.


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    7. Cursed God Killer and Chatting with DCs

      by , 04-29-2012 at 09:18 PM
      Dream one - The first part of the dream is like me playing a HoG. Then it turns into me leading a group of people against some ruler with a lot of men. We get to one point where we can go no further due to a ravine in the floor. And if someone tried to jump it they would be met by a ton of arrows and the ruler’s men rushing at them as there would be bridges that extended. A person of my team deiced to sacrifice themselves so I can get across. When the ruler’s men go after him I am right behind running. I leap onto the bridges and make my way to the men on the other side slashing away with a sword as I go. Thanks to the chaos created the other people with me are able to follow. When it is just the ruler and a few men I go head to head with him. He shoots some kind of arrow at me which I am able to deflect. While asking him what it does he takes it from me and stabs me with it. I fall to the ground while someone stabs him with a sword. I am now in intense pain all over. It feels like my whole body is going to tear apart. The ruler is laughing saying something I cannot remember. He is going through the same convolutions I am going through. Just before he dies he says something about me being the only one who can kill the American gods and how I am cursed to live until I do. Some other people rush in at this point.

      The dream shifts. I am in a boat with some other woman when this huge serpent like creature creates huge waves and then jumps out of the water landing its tail on the boat. The other woman is taken under the water and I am left to fight the serpent. Somehow I get the other woman back, but the serpent retreats.
      The dream shifts again. I am not in a tent trying to relax for some reason. Then a male and two kids one girl one boy are in a tent by me. I get the feeling the dad likes me and somehow I like him too.
      The dream shifts to where we are all playing around in the tents. They are not joined to make some tubes with rooms on the end. I get a feeling I really like the dad and kids. Then the girl starts screaming and wriggling in pain. At this point we are under the covers on a bed in a room. The dad picks her up and rushers her out of the room. Before I can get off the bed the dad comes back saying sorry once (I can’t remember the time frame) she does this. I get the feeling the mean the tom, but I know it is different. I tell the dad I know why she does that and would he like me to tell him. He gets all quite but says yes. I go into the detail of the start of the dream and how she was cursed and such and that is why she has such pain once whenever.

      The dream shifts again. I am now the girl or at least the woman cursed to do away with the gods once more. I am minding my own business when I hear some guy talking about how he narrowly escaped being killed by some strange beasts which have taken over a town somewhere. I take interest in the conversation and ask the man what he is talking about. He tells me and tells me of a book which talks about something like this happening. I tell him what I know and how I am working with them or something like that to get things under control.

      The dream shifts again to me in this town even though I have been warned to stay away. The whole town has a eerie blue glow to it and light mist clung to the ground. It is also night; the dream is also like a game. I am shown a move in which a pack of wild dogs or wolves or something run behind a bush. Something happens and the dogs disappear in a big hole with the bush and a bunch of little bugs comes crawling out of the hole. I turn and start to run only to be told I cannot escape the town without lifting the curse it is under and killing the beast there. I am now down a road with some flower bushes nearby. Some guy comes riding up in a golf cart type of car and explains to me the only thing that keeps the mist at bay and will keep me safe. I am then told there is maybe only one of these bushes which blooms and will maybe have a bud on it which I can plant in a special spot. When I get to the bush I see a few blooms and a few buds. When I pick a flower to put in my hair an item menu opens up and show a quantity needed to make a fragrance out of the flowers to wear like perfume. When I close this window I am then shown where I need to plant the bud and how. It is a hole in the ground surrounded by a brass closer with teeth which will hole the bud in place while it blooms and grows into a bush. Over the hole is a glass dome with brass overlay. I then wake.

      Dream Two Lucid - The dream starts with hubs, mom and I at a game store. Mom is looking for something but I don’t remember. Hubs keeps on asking one guy for things as mom changes her mind on something. I deiced to ask this same man if they have any PSone memory cards. He saps at me saying he is busy and to go away. Something else happens but I do not remember.

      I wake to a FA. Somehow I think to tell myself I am still dreaming and do RC. So I manage to make myself do a hand check RC. At first this does not work but then I think to myself I know I am dreaming. So I shake my hand and see all the extra fingers and smile. This stabilizes the dream. I open the door to the room and walk to the front door. When I exit I see it is day light outside and get happy I am lucid again. I think about my tasks I want to complete, but I cannot think of anything besides conversing with a DC. I think about where I can find a large collection of them and remember an underground bar party spot from a dream before. Only problem this requires an elevator.

      I turn back to my door and think once I turn back around there will be a elevator in the same spot as last time between the two doors. Sure enough when I turn around there is an elevator. I do not get happy about this but merely marvel over me being able to make one appear. I push the down button the doors open and I get in. When they open at the end I do not see the bar I was looking for but there are a lot of DCs walking around. A male DC greats me and says something I cannot remember. I deiced this is as good as any DC so I follow him around asking him questions about the dream. I do not remember and of the conversation, and dream details from this point are a bit foggy, but I do remember something about merging and silver liquid in rooms and such.
      I wake to another FA where I am trying to make myself get up to write down this dream before forgetting.

    8. Fragments

      by , 04-19-2012 at 09:49 PM
      Fragment 1 - Hubs and I go to some resturant. We get sat in the back in some small half circle table. When the hostess leaves i think about sex, but some other people get sat almost on top of us. The dream continues but i forget it.

      Fragment 2 - I guess i am a party planner for my family who is throwing a company get together. It is in two rooms of the house. When i look around in the roon i am in everyone is asleep. I get kind of mad and go into my mothers side of the party and see they are all alseep as well. This gets me even more up set and i leave to go to my room. When i get to my room my mom shows up to ell at me for i am guessing leaving the party. I try to lock my door, but it is a sliding glass type of thing. There are more details but i forget them.

      Fragment 3 - the details are very fuzzy. I am trying to find a little girl who was kidnapped. She tries to make secrete phone calls to help us find her. The man wakes when one phone call is going on but the girl has a knife. The man is not interested in hurting the girl so he is busy talking to her when we get there. As wer are aresting him he is yelling about hiding the girl and proecting her. He says she was the one who killed someone because they were abusing her. We tell him it makes no sence what he is saying. The dream fades. Earlier in the dream i was at the mans location talking to him about something. He was the head of some kind of orignation. But it was in the beginning of the dream and half remembered.

      I had some other dreams, but the only other fragment I remember is something about cooing eggs right.
      dream fragment
    9. Dreams

      by , 04-19-2012 at 04:52 AM
      Night of the 17th:
      Fragment 1 - Me and hubs are at the dollar store for some reason. I deiced to buy a few platters and something else. When the lady rings me up it come to 1.24. I guess the lady asumes i dont have any change and thinks i am going to give her 2.00 but i tell her i have the .24. I end up giving her .25 and telling her to keep the penny. She looks as me funny and i tell her to giving it to someone who neds it next or to throw it on the ground and make it a luucky penny for someone else. When i get to the car i see a bag of stuff hubs bought. He tells me it is presents for my bday.

      Dream 1 - I am walking around a house at night with some girl. She has a camra which is also a xray type of thing letting us see through the walls. Every thing about this dream feels like a nighmare but it is not too scarry for me. We use the camra to look into the house we are by and see a pool of blood with a trail going into one of the other rooms. I tell her that is enough and not to follow it. We walk around the house when the feeling something is after us hits. If we do not get under cover we are going to be attacked. We try to get into the house but it is locked.

      As we are banging on the door trying to get it to open a midget comes running around the cornr of the house screaming in terror about something. I tell him we are scared as well but if we stick together we will be fine. At first i tell them we need to find somewhere to hide, but there is nowhere to do it. So i then deiced to use the house as a kind of wall and put the midget in the corrner of the house followed by the girl then me first so i can fight off what ever is coming. After about a minuet waiting in fear i deiced this might not be a good idea after all and tell them to follow me. We run towards some other housed that i can now see. When we get to the house it is now daylight and the ameatit threat of what ever is after us is gone. I ask the people of the house if we can stay there and hid out with them, but they say they have too many other children to proect. I decied since it is day light to run since i see a forest and mountains in the background. A woman warns me to stay away from the freeway otherwise the beast will bpick up our scent and be one us quick. With that in mind we start running again.

      About a mile down the road i stop and say screw this part of the dream and turn to the two dc i have in tow and ask them if they want to go flying. They say yes so i put the girl on my back and hold onto the midget. We all tak off into the air. Once above the clouds i am starting to get board with the dream and deiced to try to full fill my secend step task and fly into outer space, but i do not brake orbit before the dream fades and i wake.

      Night of the 18:
      Dream - I am trying to remember the fragment before this dream, so the dream starts off showing me hubs, but all the people are asian looking (we are not in rl) i make my way into some bathroom. While looking into the mirror i see a girls face behind me, but when i turn noone is there. I start to get mad then get pissed saying i know you are there and just because you refuse to show your self i will not be afraid of you. This time i turn around and the girl is there. She says something about needed help because some beast or something is after her. I grab her and run out of the bathroom. When i get to what i am guessing is the living room i try to get the dcs there to help me protect this girl. They just all sit/stand around looking at me like i am crazy. I give up and go outside. When i get out side this bid green lizard like thing attacks us (no not godzilla, more like a moss covered camono dragon ) I disspach tfhe monster with no problem. Now the people in the house and other out and about run up to me and say the beast i killed was a guardian or something and the girl is the evil on and the only way to kill her is to use the guardians blood since it is like acid. Do i pool up some of the blood and put the girl into it which is now like a small doll.
      lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    10. Eating Potatos

      by , 04-16-2012 at 01:19 AM
      It started with a FA from a dream I do not remember. At the start of the FA I remember being really mad thinking it was almost time to get up from my nap but I still did not remember my dreams nor did I have a lucid dream.

      I remember telling myself over and over as I was falling asleep in the FA that I wanted to have a lucid dream. When I fell asleep (in the dream) I remember stumbling through a gray fog type of thing still saying I wanted a lucid dream. It is a few minutes later when I find myself in the hallway that I do a RC. I do the nose pinch RC and can breath but I have started backing it up with another RC. For the backup check I look at the clock on the stove. It was all zeros then another number I do not remember.

      I get really excited as this is my first lucid in a long while. I remember my first step task to eat something. At first I do not want to try this task because last time I ate something I tried to eat my pillow in real life lol. But thinking it cannot be as bad as sucking on a drool spot again I reach into the pan on the stove with potatoes in it. I grabbed up a small one and bit down. To my surprise it tasted like a cooked potato although the taste was a bit muted. I then grabbed a carrot off the counter and ate that. It tasted like a cooked carrot that was cooked with a roast. It was very good.

      Having completed that task I deiced to go outside to explore. I get to the front door and remember the summoning task and deiced to see if I can summon someone to me. I really try to summon this person to be on the other side of the door but when I open it no one is there. I am not really surprised, but I am mad. I take a few stapes outside and deiced I will try to call this person on the phone and demand they show up. I walk back into the house grab the phone. As soon as I grab the phone I start to hear numbers being said in a kind of demonic raspy whisper. I know it is coming from the phone but I am not startled by this. I try to remember the numbers as they are said over and over again.

      As I am trying to remember the numbers the dream starts to fade and I wake. At first I could remember the first five numbers, but I could not write them down before forgetting them.
    11. August Fifth 2011 Finding Dreamviews Academy

      by , 08-05-2011 at 10:32 PM
      I had 3 WILDs after doing assort of WBTB when I had to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Before going back to bed I remember thinking about the task I wanted to complete and I wanted to have a LD after a long dry spell.

      Every time I woke up between these dreams I remember saying ďAnd I am backĒ and wiggling my finger a little (as a sort of RC without too much movement) before falling into the next WILD

      FIRST DREAM: Forgotten Tasks Mean Wanting Some Fun :
      I could not remember what task I wanted to get done so since hubby was in bed next to me I tried to get him to have sex.

      I stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands together and I also looked at my hands and arms. My I was surprised to find my scars were there and so was my tattoo with an added one on my left shoulder, but in the dream for some reason I thought it was completely normal to have and look for this second one. The black ink was faded blue color, however I remember thinking it looked cool like that.

      SECOND DREAM: Putty Skin:
      I was in bed with hubs again and he wanted to watch something with me but I thought about sex again. I could not do a proper nose pinch so I deiced to try the finger through hand thing, but I ended up twisting the skin between the thumb and first finger. My skin was like putty and I thought it was awesome and wanted to play with it a little more, but deiced not to get side tracked. I soon woke.

      THIRD DREAM: Thinking Of A Way To Complete My Task:
      I feel the wild come on get a little scared, but tell myself it is ok and not to try to force it. I try thinking about random stuff until I feel myself start to roll off the bed. At first I fight it, but then say I am moving into the dream so it is ok and if not this is going to hurt.

      I roll off the bed and find myself in the dream floating a few inches off the ground. Once I realize I am in the dream however I make contact with the ground. I rub my hands together to try to stabilize and think to look at my arms again only to be wearing my pink hooded sweat shirt. I think about taking it off but I do not want to lose the dream so I settle for pulling up the sleeves as much as I can. This seems to work and I head for the front door. It is an all glass door with condensation on it (nothing like RL of course, but I like to document when and how things are different.) I also see lilD (my cat) in the living room where it looks like he is splitting into another cat.

      When I open the door I hear mom cough, but I do not get side tracked and I leave the house. Once outside I see it has been raining and it feels like it is a mid fall night. I remember there was something I wanted to do but I forgot then it hit me and I said oh yah out loud. I take a moment to figure out how I will complete my task, I first think about walking and then think about flying, but I did not want to get side tracked with either of these ideas as I wanted to get to where I wanted as fast as I could without having to search it out. I come up with the idea to just announce to the dream world what I would like to do. So I cup my hands to my mouth and yell out I would like to visit the dreamworld dreamviews dream academy.

      My dream responds to show me a castle across the lake and I instantly know this is it. Again I think about how to get there. I think I could swim, but felt once more I could get sidetracked and then think about walking there only to say it is too far and I might wake before I get there. I then think since it is a lake why not a boat. After this thought, I see a rather run down dock with a boat sitting next to it. I get the dream knowledge this boat is waiting for me. While making my way to the boat I see another one coming in to dock. In this boat I see an owl and only think it was weird for a second then say well it is normal in a dream. I get to my boat to see another owl there (it looks like the owl in Manconís profile picture). I bow my head and say good sir or good mam owl will you please take me to the castle as I would like to see it. The owl bows its head and says yes in a kind of metallic whine. I move to get into the boat only to wake.
    12. July Sixth 2011

      by , 07-06-2011 at 05:36 PM
      Sailor Moon Hidden Objects:
      Broken sleep led to broken fragmented dreams most of the night. All I remember about these fragments is the theme of sailor moon and trying to find hidden objects.

      that's what I get for watching Sailor Moon before bed

      Games for Job:
      I remember another dream where I am talking to a manager at McDonald's trying to get a job. I tell him I am a little confused as to why he is talking to me about a job when I did not even fill out an application to get one. He tells me that is strange as one of the workers behind the counter holds up one with my name on it. I tell him my mom must have filled it out and turned it in for me. He and I seem to hit it off really well and I seem to think he is going to hire me. Before I get up to leave he asks me for a favor. I ask him what I could do for him and he says play a game with him. I find this odd he would ask me, but he says no one else will play it with him as he is a master at it, however he likes to play it for fun. I say sure of course and the dream shifts to the game screen. It looks like a bunch of colored blocks and I believe the object of the game is to move the rows and match several of the same colors together in a row. I remember him beating me but having fun playing against me and inviting me back to play with him any time I feel like it.

      Recall starts to fade or I wake for a few minutes, but I remember being in a park with my laptop and phone trying to do something, but I do not remember what. I start to walk away from them to see some old man start to pick up my laptop so I run back and yell at him that it is mine and he shouldn't go around touching other peoples stuff. He tells me not to get so worked up he just wanted to see what I was running on it or something.

      Recall fades again. I now find my self in my house talking to some woman when the topic of my phone comes up. I start to freak out getting the dream knowledge I left it at the park with my computer for some reason. I turn to see hub now standing beside me and ask if he will take me back to get them before someone takes them. He says he can not as he has some where to go. I then plead with the woman to take me back there as my phone is very important to me. Recall fades and I soon wake.

      Cat Blues Fragment:
      I am walking home from somewhere when I get to a cross walk and see a few men standing there. They push the button before I can of course but the light does not change, but they cross anyways. The last one looks back at me as if asking why I did not cross with them. Then someone to my left steps close to me and says they hope I was not thinking of crossing also on the red light. I tell them of course I am not thinking about it I am not that reckless. The light changes and I am now crossing the street and walk home I guess it is. It is in an apartment building. When I get to my door I see the landlady there who is cleaning part of the carpet. I look into the apartment to see cat poo in the corner. At this time I get the dream knowledge I had been gone for about three days and start to question her where my cat is. She said she got rid of him at this point I start to freak out on her telling her she had no right and I was only gone for three days. She tells me she has the right because I didn't notify her I would be gone for that long. I then scream to her because I didn't know about it and my mom had just died and I didn't have time to say anything.
      The dream continues for a tad bit longer then I wake.

      After getting such crappy sleep I try to steal a few more hours in the morning.

      Happily Forgetting Tasks Lucid:
      I fall into the dream instantly start to question whether I am awake or not. The nose pinch check gives me mixed results which help me believe I am dreaming. I don't want to move too much as I know it will make the dream fade so I try a few stabilizing things first, like rubbing my hands together, looking at my finders (my hand start blinking in and out lol) and trying to look at the details of the dream. Finally I just ask for more clarity. Hub rolls over a bit at this point and says "anything for you." the dream become clear and I can move around without fear of waking. I get up off the bed and move to the door while doing another nose pinch check. Hubs asks me what I am doing, but I just tell him nothing and to go back to sleep which he does! (so happy about this it is never happened before in a lucid.) I leave the room and encounter mom and dad DCs. They try to say hi and engage me in conversation, but I tell them I have to use the bathroom as I did not want to act like a fool if I really was not lucid and it was not yet fully planted I was. I go into the bathroom and do another nose pinch check this time there is no denying it I am lucid, but of course I still doubt it a little so I look into the mirror when dad dc enters saying he has to finish cleaning the pot before I can use it.

      In the mirror I expect to see a deformed me, but I did not. I was all happy about this and started to pose in the mirror. I then tell myself of course I am dreaming as my chest is much bigger in RL then it is now in the dream. I get really excited and even jump for joy then remember not to get all excited or I might wake up. I then think about the tasks this month and how I feel they are lame, but deiced to try them anyways. As I could not remember what the advanced task was in the dream I chose to try the basic one of playing an instrument. I know mom had a violin in her room so I exit the bath room and head to her room, but the dream starts to fade. I try to hold onto the dream, but I soon wake.

      Task Blues Lucid DEILD/FILD:
      When I wake I do not move at all and soon start to feel the vibrations of a WILD. Knowing it is hard for me to move past this stage I start to move my finger a little. Not sure what I was really thing thinking on moving my finger, but it seemed to help as I soon felt myself slip into the dream. (I guess paying attention to my finger moving helped me remain calm and patient)
      Once in the dream I do not even perform a check as I know I am already dreaming. I struggle with taking off my sleep mask as always but then ask what the point is I do not need to take it off to see. At that point I can see as clearly as the dream is at this point. As I am moving off the bed I say more clarity please and the dream becomes solid. I have to put my hand up to stop from hitting a now low bar on the bed. I slip behind it and move to the door and exit the room. Once out in the hallway I once more think about the advanced task, but cannot remember it again so I settle on the basic once more. I talk to mom's bedroom only to see here there getting ready to play her violin. I ask her if I can play it for a second, but she tells me no. Rather than use all my energy to get her to give it to me I make another one on the self behind her saying fine I will just play that one. I move to it, but the dream fades too fast for me to hold on to and I wake before I can touch it.

      When I wake I lay still again trying to fall back into a dream. I start to fee a weak WILD come on, but nothing happens and I soon get out of bed as I cannot fall back asleep.

      It is worth mentioning while trying to fall back asleep somewhere between or after the last three dreams I had a short lucid fragment where I opened a door in the house to an almost dark room with three people in there. I got all excited, but told them I did not need them right now and shut the door.


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    13. Bathrooms everywhere

      by , 07-02-2011 at 06:13 PM
      I am at my grandmaís house again in the dream. My mom, dad and I walk outside to the backyard. I make a comment about the deck not being there anymore and why did they take it down. Of course I do not get an answer as the mom and dad DCs are more melted into the bk at this point and just a thought in my head about them being there. I look around the yard and see some more DCs a ways up in the yard. I get really mad and run up to them to tell them to get out, but see there is a little mini golf course on the side of the house. I hate this idea because it is my grandmaís house and there are people in the yard that sound not be there even if it is open to the public.

      I deiced to go back into the house when I see two girls start walking though the yard where no public is allowed. I run up to them and yell they are not meant to be in that part of the yard, but they just laugh and continue to walk towards the house and the side door. Once to the door they walk into the house without pausing. I run in the house after them looking for some male dc I remember from the beginning of the dream and tell him to call the police because someone is in the house, I then run down the stairs after the girls. When I get down stairs I check every room I can, but only see bathrooms 4 bathrooms to be exact. The first two I do not think anything of it as it is a big house and a big down stairs, when I open the third door and see another one I question why they are all side by side. When I open the forth door and see another bathroom I stop and say wtf this makes not sense. I take a few steps and think about continuing on with the dream just shaking my head at the layout of the house, but then I stop and say you know what I bet this is a wtf Iím dreaming moment, so I do the nose pinch RC and sure enough I am dreaming.

      I am lucid for only a moment before the dream fades to white fuzzy mist and I feel myself start to wake. I get upset because I do not want to wake up and then remember something I read about trying to stabilize the dream by engaging all your sense. So I bring my right hand up to feel my face, while I try to make my left hand feel the wall. This works for only a moment so I think to myself about trying to force my dream eyes open again. I get them a little open, but only fall into a FA.

      The only thing I remember about the FA is telling hubby about the dream and how I was so close to becoming lucid and staying in the dream. I then slipped into another dream which I do not remember.
    14. Sliders Buble Style

      by , 02-11-2011 at 07:53 PM
      Two other people and I have invented a way to look and maybe travel into other dimensions/worlds. (They devise we used look like a cable splitter with two out ports and one in port.) We called this splitter our dialer.

      When on the dialer created a bubble like viewing screen in the room. It was on/in this bubble screen we saw the other dimensions. I cannot remember if it was randomly flipping though all the different possibilities or we were able to control it, but I saw a few of them before the picture stopped on a woman about my age in a room still on a couch. I guess I wanted to see if she could see and hear us so I tried to talk to her. It looked like she could see us, but not hear us. So while the other two were debating why no sound was passing through the bubble I put my head into it. They kind of freaked out and tried to pull me back, but when they saw I was ok and talking with the woman they stopped being worried.

      They girl and I seemed to get along quit well and made plans to pass note back and forth as none of us wanted to try to fully travel though the bubble yet without more testing. On one of the times the girl was trying to pass a note to me one of the other members of my group grabbed her hand and pulled her through. At first she was a little scared and then she was just mad and ran off. I followed her trying to find where she was hiding. Finally after saying I was sorry for what happened a few times and that this was never supposed to have happened, she let me see where she was hiding. She was huddled in a corner. I walked up to her telling her I understand how she must be feeling; I used words like scared, angry, and betrayed.

      After she understood I was really her friend and not happy myself about what happened she started asking about going home. I told her I was not sure if we could send her home because when she came through the dialer got bumped or something and was no longer displaying her home, but the dialer had a memory of up to the last two places it had displayed. She got upset at this saying how reckless we were and why did we not build a dialer that stored all of the different dimensions/worlds information in it so no one would get lost while traveling. I told her we simply did not know how to as this was all new to us and asked her if she knew how to build one like she was describing. She said yes she could, but she would have to return home to do this as she need stuff from there and she ready had something like that half built and was sure with us all working together we could do it.

      At this point I get the dream knowledge we can send her home, but not to the place she left, it would just be some random place on her world. She was displeased with this information, but happy to be able to go back to her world.

      I soon wake before returning her.
    15. In-Laws House

      by , 02-11-2011 at 07:51 PM
      I am at the in-laws house in the morning. Dad is gone for some reason (he works the night shift in RL so always there during the morning hours) and mom is still in bed. I find this odd because is look like she should be up getting ready for work by now or be late and she is never late.

      There are two mean with me, one of average height and build and one kind of tall and skinny. I do not know who they are and do not remember if I knew who they were in the dream or if they were just dream characters that were hanging around. I tell them they have to leave because mom is still asleep and I do not want the noise of us being there to wake her. They seem to resist this idea a little until I tell them something about her not liking me much in the first place and not wanting to make her mad we were in her house while she was sleeping.

      They seem to go with this idea and start walking towards the door. However they stop at the fridge. The skinny guy opens it and starts to take out these green fruits that look like long stars. I get upset at this and tell him to put them back but he just ignores me. It is not until the other man yells at skinny guy that skinny guys puts all but two of the fruits back in the fridge and walks to the door.

      When we finally get to the door skinny guy walks out first. The other guy shuts the door on him leaving both of us still inside the house. Skinny guy is not to happy about being shut out, but soon walks off. I tell the other guy that was a little rude, he simply tells me not really because skinny guy was always annoying and he should be used to it by now. For some reason I accept this and we stay inside by the door as now I am no longer afraid of waking mom.

      I wake at this point
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